Proper body drying for girls

The athletic figure was a subject of admiration even in antiquity. Athletic appearance was the privilege of only wealthy people. Now everyone can have a beautiful figure. To form a good muscle relief, you need not only to swing, but also to eat properly. For this, a special diet for bodybuilders is developed.

Body drying for girls is the same as for men. The essence of this method of losing weight is to get rid of fat mass as quickly as possible. Mostly athletes and bodybuilders use it to prepare for competitions.

Drying the body is a rather exhausting set of measures. It is useful in moderation, since too long a diet can lead to various malfunctions in the body. Therefore, drying for girls should be carried out under the supervision of an experienced trainer, since such a diet in itself is a great stress for the body, and if it has not yet been prepared for it, it can end in failure. A person simply does not withstand food restrictions and eats up. And such leaps in nutrition are harmful to the digestive tract.

Body drying for girls should be carried out within 1.5-2 weeks. She is like a certain stage in fitness classes. So, during the year, just one drying is enough to keep yourself in great shape. In this case, it is necessary to systematically engage in sports exercises.

Drying the body for women implies the consumption of the following products: be sure to include proteins, such as cottage cheese, in the diet. In its molecular-protein structure, it is most adapted to human assimilation. Curd, in addition, has a high energy value, which is important for serious physical exertion. This product can be used as the main product during fasting days. But it is worth considering that at one meal the body can not absorb more than 150 grams of this product.

Body drying for girls also occurs with the consumption of protein-containing products such as chicken breast, boiled eggs, and any low-fat fish fillet. You can’t eat fried, smoked, fatty, salty, canned foods during the diet. Any jams and pickles are also prohibited. Boiled or steamed food is recommended.

In rare cases, you can eat a grill as a concession. The main emphasis should be placed on products containing a large percentage of fiber. These include vegetables, herbs. In order for all useful substances to remain in these products, it is necessary to consume them only in fresh form. But in the last stages of drying it is necessary to gradually remove vegetables and greens from the diet. They are advisable only at the beginning of the diet.

Body drying for girls takes place in the following sequence. Professionals usually allocate about 3 months for this serious stage. First you need to consume cooked foods, a small amount of cereals, vegetables. Then the transition to protein and fruit. In this case, the frequency of meals increases significantly. Perhaps the consumption of sweets, but not more than once every 2 weeks. They are a catalyst for metabolism.

In the morning you need to eat carbohydrates. Proteins are acceptable after dinner. Some products need to be cooked only with oil, so it is recommended to use olive or flaxseed during drying. The hard stage of the diet is the last 2-3 weeks. So, proteins should be ingested in a limited amount (not more than 5% of body weight). Do not forget about carbohydrates, their consumption is reduced to 80 grams per day. The dehydration stage should not exceed 4 days. At this time, close monitoring of the state of the body is necessary.

During drying, a person can lose up to 7 kg of fat mass. But do not chase large numbers, since this method is aimed at getting rid of fatty tissues. For example, if you started to lose more than one kilogram of total weight in a week, then perhaps it is already reduced due to loss of muscle mass. In this case, pay more attention to cardio, add jogging and increase your walking time.


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