Proper weight loss snacks

With snacks we try to get rid of hunger. But this must be done rationally and with benefit to the body. What are the right snacks for weight loss without compromising on body shape and health? You will learn about this by reading this article.

Fractional nutrition

Many diets often use fractional nutrition (5-6 times a day) in small portions. With such a nutrition system, the body does not feel hunger and does not put anything in reserve. Therefore, there is a smooth process of losing weight without stress for the body.

If, in addition to the main meals, you make small correct snacks (about 3 times a day), then you will get rid of excesses much faster and become noticeably slimmer. With frequent meals, metabolism improves, blood glucose and cholesterol levels normalize.

Time for a snack. What time is better to eat and what

Usually a snack is arranged between main meals or when you realize that you are hungry and hungry. But it happens that a person works hard and sometimes forgets about food, then it would be worthwhile to set up a reminder for yourself in gadgets if possible (computer or phone).

proper snacking

The most proper snacks are lunch and afternoon snack. So, an approximate meal plan taking into account snacks:

6: 30-9: 30 - main breakfast

11:00 - lunch

13: 00-14: 00 - lunch

15: 30-17: 00 - afternoon tea

18: 30-19: 30 - dinner

21:00 - second dinner

As a result, with such 6 meals a day, the total amount eaten will be less than with 3 meals a day. At first, it will be difficult to get used to this mode and configure yourself. But gradually, just such a schedule will become a good habit and help you eat right. Snacks on proper nutrition will help you lose weight, you need not to be lazy and adhere to this regimen regularly.

The main basics of the diet:

  • Food containing animal protein must be included.
  • Sweets (fruits, honey, dark chocolate) can be added a little bit to the diet in the morning, after lunch - only unsweetened foods.

good snacking options

Further in our article there will be several options for snacks for proper nutrition.


It has long been proven by nutritionists that if you do not have breakfast, then there is a fairly high risk of overeating during the day. This fact is worth taking note of for those who want to lose weight. In the morning there is an accelerated metabolism. Therefore, all food is well absorbed, and excess weight gain does not occur. Breakfast should be hearty. This is necessary so that during the next 3-4 hours you do not feel hunger. The lunch menu depends on how tightly you had breakfast the first time. If it was high-calorie and nutritious, then it will be enough to eat fruit. It can be an apple, kiwi, citrus. But bananas and grapes can be eaten only occasionally and a little. Since they contain a lot of sugar and calories. Fruits should be fresh and environmentally friendly (without nitrates and pesticides). The norm of one snack is one large fruit or a handful of chopped, a maximum of 3 can be eaten.

good nutrition snacks

If you decide to eat dried fruits, then you need to remember that their calorie content is the same as that of fresh fruit. To obtain the desired volume, dried fruits need to be poured with boiling water and wait until they swell. Candied fruits are dried fruits in sugar. They are much more caloric than ordinary dried fruits. They are almost equal to refined sugar, therefore, as a snack on proper nutrition are not considered. If for breakfast there was only a cup of tea or coffee, then in the second breakfast you can eat something more substantial. For example, eat curd soufflé, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs. You can eat porridge: buckwheat, oat, barley.

Lunch options

The right snacks for weight loss can be as follows:

proper weight loss snacks

  • baked apple stuffed with cottage cheese, sprinkled with honey;
  • pear, kiwi or berries (150 gr.) with unsweetened yogurt (100 gr.);
  • dried apricots (100 gr.), cashew nuts (100 gr.);
  • 100 g cocktail milk, 100 gr. berries and 50 gr. cottage cheese;
  • 20 gr. dark chocolate with green tea;
  • curd pudding with a little honey.

High tea

Toward evening, an afternoon snack awaits you. If the work schedule does not allow you to be home early, then have the right evening snacks at work at the end of the day. This will help you not to feel a feeling of severe hunger, and then not break down and eat large portions. For an afternoon snack, the most suitable products are: yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir. Calcium contained in them is absorbed better by the body in the afternoon.

You need to know that sour-milk products are consumed slowly to saturate. Kefir is better to eat with a spoon.

Snacks on PP

Snack options with proper nutrition:

  • avocado salad with feta cheese (50 gr.);
  • vegetable salad with olive oil;
  • kefir (150 gr.) and grain bread;
  • greens (parsley, dill, salad) with cottage cheese and kefir (300 gr.)
  • tomato salad with beans with sunflower oil (200 gr.)

2nd dinner (approximately 4 hours before bedtime)

Should be light, protein:

  • kefir or ryazhenka - 200 gr.;
  • sugar-free drinking yogurt;
  • hard boiled egg;
  • omelet from 2 eggs.

Snacks on the run

Not all people have the opportunity to have a snack. Many do it on the run. It is important to remember that snacking on junk food is prohibited. So it harms your body and figure. If you have to quickly have a bite to eat, then make your choice in favor of cereal bread, yogurt, fruit and nut mixes. These are all slow carbohydrates. So they are suitable even for those who follow a diet for weight loss. Even a sandwich is permissible, but “correct”. On a piece of cereal bread or bran bread, put a small slice of boiled veal or chicken breast and a little fresh greens on top.

Snacks at work. What should they be? What will be useful to use

Many are used to having snacks at work with cookies, sweets or pastries from the buffet. You should know that such tasty, but not healthy foods that contain a large amount of carbohydrates. They cause fluctuations in blood glucose, which leads to reduced performance.

Proper snacks at work contribute to energy and effective mental activity. Therefore, you should refuse harmful snacks and try to think in advance what you will take with you. For convenience, there are special containers for food.

snacking on proper nutrition for weight loss

It is recommended to take small breaks for tea drinking every hour. Herbal or green tea will help to fool the stomach, it gives a feeling of fullness. It is also good to drink plenty of water to make it tastier - you can add mint or lemon to it.

If the portion is too large, the body begins to digest it intensely, spending a lot of energy. Brain activity decreases, there is a feeling of drowsiness. Then labor efficiency drops. Therefore, it will be more useful to eat pre-cooked homemade food.

right snacking options

What are the options for the right snack at work? Now consider:

1. Fruits (apple, banana, pear). It is enough to wash or clean them, they are useful and convenient for transportation.

2. Kefir or other fermented milk product without additives and sugar.

proper snacking at work

3. Dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes, raisins, dates), and nuts (walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts). This mixture is nutritious and healthy.

4. Ready-made cereal or fruit bars appeared on sale . But they should not be carried away. Since they contain a preservative.

5. A small amount of dark chocolate with green tea will be a delicious addition to any product.

Snack ideally

Snacks on proper nutrition for weight loss should imply the presence of vegetables in the diet. Fresh vegetables go well with many foods. Therefore, they can be consumed after any meal (lunch or dinner).

They are well absorbed and non-nutritive. You can peel and chop peppers and cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes. And now the crispy and healthy snack is ready.


Now consider the rules of healthy snacks:

  • you can’t rush;

  • Do not eat on the go;

  • be sure to observe hygiene: wash your hands before eating, or use wet wipes;

  • you should leave the work to be done at the computer, otherwise the food will be poorly digested, and the efficiency of affairs will decrease;
  • before a snack, it is recommended to drink a glass of clean water, this will help you eat less than you consumed on an empty stomach.

Little conclusion

Summing up, it turns out that the right snack for people who follow a diet for weight loss and just maintain a healthy lifestyle - a necessary moment in nutrition. You cannot ignore them. Otherwise, there is a risk of gaining excess weight and growing fat. Snacking at work is not an easy task. But if you correctly configure and organize yourself, then everything is doable. Observing the proper diet and snacks, you are guaranteed excellent health and well-being. We wish you a good mood!


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