The harm and benefits of boiled water. Boiling water

Every sane person tries to monitor his body and maintain good health. Drinking is an integral and vital function. If a person can do without food for about five or seven days, then the lack of water will begin to negatively affect his well-being after 24 hours. This article will tell you about the harm and benefits of boiled water. You can find out which liquid is better to use and in what quantity. Also draw conclusions about the beneficial and harmful properties of boiled water. It is worthwhile to study in detail each factor that affects the state of drinking fluid.

the harm and benefits of boiled water

Boiled water: a general description of the substance

Before you find out what are the harm and benefits of boiled water, you need to say a few words about the processing of this raw material. Most often, the thermal effect on the liquid occurs in the kettle. Boiling can also be done in a pan. In this case, the temperature of the liquid should reach one hundred degrees. After bubbles and seething consistency appear on the surface of the water, we can say that the product has boiled.

Is it good or bad to drink boiled water?

The harm and benefits of boiled water have not yet been determined. Opinions of experts on this issue differ. This is also the case with consumers. Some people are absolutely convinced that only such a liquid can be consumed. Other personalities claim that raw water is much healthier. Let's try to figure this out. What are the harm and benefits of boiled water for the human body?

boiled water benefits and harms

Product benefits

Boiling water - benefit or harm? There are several points that prove that the treated liquid is beneficial to humans. Let's consider them in detail.

Purification from bacteria and harmful compounds

During thermal exposure, the liquid is subjected to high temperature treatment. As a result, all harmful bacteria and microorganisms that are completely unnecessary for the human body die. Also, when boiling, complex chemical compounds, for example, chlorine and its derivatives, are destroyed. In this case, salts and various impurities are formed, which a person separates from drinking fluid. This is what helps protect the body from harmful effects.

Improving Taste

After boiling, the product acquires a milder taste. This fact improves mood after taking another portion of the liquid. This condition is beneficial for the person and his body.

All people drink tea and coffee only after preliminary boiling. This is a generally accepted rule and is not subject to any discussion.

boiling water

Product harm

Is boiled water harmful? The benefits and harms of the product are undeniable. You already know that during heat treatment many pathogenic bacteria and harmful compounds disappear from the liquid. However, there is harm from such exposure. Consider the main points that speak of the futility of boiling water.

Loss of molecular structure

During exposure to high temperatures, the destruction of basic water molecules occurs . Many people say that boiled water is a dead liquid. Such a drink has absolutely no benefit. Surely everyone knows that the human body is more than 50 percent water. With regular use of dead fluid, the body loses beneficial compounds and ages faster.

when boiled water becomes harmful

The increase in salt

The health hazard of boiled water is that some of the liquid evaporates during processing. This leads to the fact that the amount of salts in the product increases. All this can be seen with the naked eye. Take a look at the dishes in which you boiled water. There is a white coating on the walls, which is also present in the liquid itself. Regularly using this drink, you fill the body with harmful salts and compounds.

As a result of such drinking, kidneys, bones, blood vessels and many other organs of a person can suffer greatly. Salts are very harmful for babies and expectant mothers. It is also not recommended to drink this liquid for older people who already have many diseases.

The presence of bacteria and viruses

No matter how much a person wants it, during the thermal treatment of water, there is no complete removal of viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Some microorganisms require prolonged boiling. Few people wait 10-20 minutes after the appearance of a seething surface. Most electric kettles completely shut off on their own. Because of this, a lot of bacteria remain in the drinking liquid, which are more harmful than evaporated ones.

Is boiled water harmful and harmful?

The formation of new compounds

All people think that after boiling, chlorine disappears from the liquid. However, this is not quite true. This compound undergoes heating and goes into a slightly different form. Trihalomethanes form in water. Also, the following components remain in the liquid after boiling: mercury, titrates, and iron salts.

The use of such substances is much more dangerous than ordinary chlorine itself.

When does boiled water become harmful?

A few hours after boiling, the liquid becomes not only useless, but also dangerous to health. In it there is a sedimentation of salts and an increase in the number of harmful compounds.

Repeated boiling of the liquid is also very dangerous. A similar treatment results in the precipitation of complex metals, which pose a great threat to human health. Scientists have proven that regular use of such water leads to bone destruction. Also, over time, immunity decreases, and a person often gets viral and bacterial infections.

Re-boiling water is most often done in the same container as before. The resulting plaque on the walls of the teapot or pan is again heated and reacts with decaying liquid molecules. All this is not only not useful, but can be very dangerous for humans.

health hazards of boiled water

How to protect yourself when drinking boiled water?

If you still prefer to drink heat-treated liquid, then you need to do this correctly. Observe the following conditions:

  • drink water immediately after boiling, do not wait until it has completely cooled;
  • after processing, pour the contents of the kettle into a separate container (preferably made of glass);
  • never store water in the dishes in which it was boiled;
  • regularly wash the kettle from scale and plaque;
  • do not drink liquid after 2-3 hours after boiling, but rather prepare a new portion;
  • periodically use crude purified liquid.

Summary and conclusion

So, now you know what boiled water is (the benefits and harms of the product are described above). Having concluded, we can say that crude liquid is less dangerous than thermally treated. So what kind of water do you drink? Processed or not?

It all depends on the region in which you live and the condition of the tap fluid. Find out what boiled water you have. The benefits and harms of this product can be checked in a special laboratory. Recently, cleaning filters have gained great popularity. They rid the liquid of harmful compounds and fill with beneficial properties. Drink only good water and always be healthy!


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