Calorie Potato Cake

What could be tastier than Potato cake? It is so sweet, tender, chocolate! How can this heavenly dish harm our figure? It turns out that maybe not small. After all, if you want to be truly beautiful and slim, you need to limit yourself in many ways, to be higher than your weaknesses and passions. Especially a passion for sweets and desserts.

The fact is that calorie content is of great importance. Cake "Potato" has a very high rate, despite the fact that the size of these sweets is usually very small. And this fact is incredibly sad for the sweet tooth who want to lose weight. However, nothing can be done. “How many calories are there in the Potato cake?” The poor people will sadly ask, and we will answer - this is a terrible figure of 310 kilocalories. Perhaps the numbers do not scare you, then we will give for comparison: in fatty pork 350 calories. Do you understand now? Do you deny yourself pork and eat flour sweets? Then the result you will not wait for a long time!

However, some nutritionists recommend eating the cake for medicinal purposes. If there is not enough animal fat in the diet, then Potato will serve as a worthy substitute for it. We already talked about this when we compared products and their calories. Cake "Potato" has the calorie content of fatty pork. At the same time, strangely enough, it contains many useful vitamins and minerals.

The products from which the dish is prepared affect its calorie content. Potato cake, as a rule, consists of crackers or cookies, sugar, cognac, nuts, milk, butter and cocoa. Judge for yourself how high-calorie foods are: for example, 650 calories in walnuts, 324 calories in milk condensed with sugar, 661 calories in butter, about 327 in liquor or cognac, and 489 in cookies. As you can see, all these products are separate incredibly high-calorie, and together they form a tasty, but harmful to the figure mixture, which creates the total calorie content of the cake.

By the way, everything can be eaten, if not abused. Dietitologists note that "Potato" is not the biggest evil for our figure. Evil is our uncontrolled behavior and overeating. And if we restrain ourselves, then nothing terrible will happen. Nutritionists even allow you to eat one “Potato” cake a day, if you really want to.

They believe that one cake does not affect the figure. However, in this case, you need to limit yourself to other flour products on this day.

If you just maintain a figure, then you can afford to eat this cake, but it is strictly forbidden to those who follow a diet for weight loss. To lose weight, you will have to forget about sweets for a while: not only about "Potato", but also about everyone else.

By the way, in case you are not losing weight, the Potato cake can even be very useful. Judge for yourself: in the nuts that are used to make the Potato cake, there is potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, as well as a large amount of protein. The oil also has a full set of vitamins, but also a lot of fats with cholesterol, which is quite harmful for any organism. Milk contains protein, and various beneficial trace elements. In cocoa - so much needed PP and B.

Despite the fact that this dessert is still quite rich in nutrients compared to other sweet dishes, it can not be considered fully useful. Its use should be limited to both sick and healthy. Especially it harms the figure (carefully - calorie content! Cake "Potato", as you remember, contains 310 kilocalories), so if you decide to lose weight, then forget about the ban on this dessert and other flour dishes, too. Children are not recommended to eat such cakes up to ten years.

It is strictly forbidden to eat "Potato" for diabetics, people with atherosclerosis, as well as people with diseases of the stomach and liver.

By the way, the Potato cake contains 6 grams of protein, as much as 15 grams of fat and 36 grams of carbohydrates.


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