Calorie boiled shrimp and their benefits

calorie boiled shrimp

Perhaps, it is shrimps that are considered the most widespread crustaceans that live in almost all seas. Well, some of their species are found even in fresh waters. Many people practice their method of cooking shrimp, but whatever it is, these crustaceans have become a favorite delicacy of many people around the world. They have an unusual pleasant taste and unique qualities.

The calorie content of boiled shrimp is very low. In addition, they are eaten not only as an independent dish, but also used in salads, a wide variety of recipes and additions. However, you always need to consider the way they are processed and prepared.

I must say that in general the nutritional value of these crustaceans is only a little more than 70 kcal. The calorie content of boiled shrimp is slightly higher - already 95 kcal. Well, then it goes on increasing. If this product is fried, then the figure will be 120 kcal, and if you add garlic, then 137 kcal. Shrimp-added salad will be low-calorie, although it outperforms simply boiled product (161 kcal) in terms of performance.

calorie boiled shrimp

The calorie content of boiled shrimp attracts many lovers of a healthy lifestyle and low-calorie nutrition. However, this is not the only point. This seafood contains unique trace elements vital for humans (iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium). If you combine its intake with vitamin E (for example, with olive oil), then this mixture will prevent cell aging, renew the skin and have a beneficial effect on the whole body. In addition, the use of shrimp helps maintain and regulate hormones, well-being, even immunity. For example, it is believed that a dish of this seafood is useful for colds and allergic reactions (except, of course, allergy to shrimp).

It was the low calorie boiled shrimp that turned this product into a dietary one, useful for maintaining normal weight and getting rid of extra pounds. With it, the body renews itself, rejuvenates and ages much more slowly. Shrimps are useful at any age and in any condition (doctors even recommend them for asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia).

shrimp cooking method

It should be noted that for the composition of shrimp, the water in which they live is very important. If it is dirty, with salts of heavy metals, then the use of the product will cause only negative consequences. That is why many companies pay special attention to the conditions in which these crustaceans live and breed. And you also need to know how to choose the shrimp, because the benefit or harm of food depends on the right choice. First of all, the product must be fresh. Fresh shrimp do not smell, springy, with a translucent shell and uniform color, and their antennae are whole, not broken off. If you want to buy frozen shrimp, then you should pay attention to their size, appearance (for example, there should be no black spots).

The calorie content of shrimps, boiled or any other, depends on the method of cooking and additives in the dish. You can simply boil the product, add to the salad, soup or sushi, fry. The only thing worth considering is that in order to preserve the useful qualities of the product, the rules of preparation must be followed, and strictly. So, when cooking, shrimp should be lowered only in boiling water and cook only a couple of minutes. And it is better to fry them in a pan with a thick bottom and in a large amount of oil. The whole process takes a maximum of five minutes.


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