Urethritis in women: treatment with folk remedies, traditional treatment, recovery, disease prevention and recommendations of doctors

In the article, we consider the treatment of urethritis in women with folk remedies.

The signs of this pathology deserve especially close attention. For diagnosis and timely treatment, you need to see a doctor. Despite the fact that in women urethritis is not as pronounced as in men, it is necessary to visit a specialist who will prescribe a treatment course and help eliminate unpleasant pathology.

So, consider the symptoms and treatment of urethritis in women.

urethritis in women treatment with folk remedies


There are types of diseases such as infectious and non-infectious. The disease develops due to the influence of various factors.

Female non-infectious urethritis most often occurs for the following reasons:

  • damage to the mechanical nature of the urethral mucosa with stones during urolithiasis;
  • traumatic damage to the urethra with a cystoscope during examination of the bladder, the use of a catheter for urine output;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • allergy;
  • pathology of the reproductive system;
  • stagnation of blood in the veins in the pelvis.

The factors listed above lead to inflammation. Treatment depends on the causes of urethritis in women.

The disease in some cases occurs due to radiation therapy and defloration. Such factors are recommended to consider when contacting a specialist.

Infectious pathogens often negatively affect the urethra. Bacteria are often sexually transmitted, specific pathogenic flora. The following pathogens can lead to the appearance of urethritis: genital warts, gonococci, herpes viruses, Trichomonas, mycoplasmas, chlamydia.

All of these pathogenic microorganisms adversely affect the urethra and its condition in women.

I must say that gonorrhea urethritis is a specific type, therefore, they can be treated only in the skin-venereal clinic. Other varieties of the inflammation process suggest a visit to the local GP. Initially, in any case, it will be necessary to conduct an examination and take tests to determine the origin of the urethritis, in connection with which it is advisable to first contact the therapist and follow his instructions.

urethritis in women symptoms and treatment

Provocative factors

The following factors can also lead to the development of female urethritis:

  • possible genital injuries;
  • hypothermia of the patient's body;
  • significant weakening of the immune system after a serious illness or stress;
  • severe dietary restrictions; deficiency of vitamins and nutrients;
  • craving for alcohol;
  • chronic inflammation;
  • diseases of the urinary system;
  • menopause and pregnancy;
  • violation of intimate hygiene by the patient.

Symptoms and treatment of urethritis in women are of interest to many.

Symptoms of the disease

Often women experience blurry symptoms of the disease. Men are forced to experience pronounced symptoms. This is due to differences in the structure of the genitourinary system. Men have a narrow and long urethra, which is why some inflammatory processes develop more acutely and actively.

The main signs of female urethritis:

  • uncomfortable feeling when urinating;
  • discharge containing pus;
  • external redness of the genitals;
  • itching in the area of ​​intimate organs during menstruation.

Such symptoms are especially pronounced. At the same time, chronic urethritis can bother a woman even when the disease is not acute. The main symptom is not very severe pain in the lower abdomen, manifested during menstruation and sexual contact.

Urethritis in women is often distinguished by the absence of obvious manifestations, and therefore the diagnosis is complicated.

urethritis cystitis in women treatment

The chronic type of the disease is usually caused by improper and untimely treatment, or even its absence. Twenty days after the onset of inflammation, untreated urethritis develops into chronic. The main symptoms of the disease completely disappear, however, with sexual intercourse, hypothermia, severe emotional arousal or alcohol abuse reappear.

Experts say that urethritis can be transmitted sexually, that is, every woman should take a responsible approach to health.

Treating urethritis in women at home can be very effective. About it below.

The specifics of the survey

Medical diagnostics is a must. During the examination, hyperemia of the external opening of the urethra or adjacent tissues, discharge and pain on palpation can be determined. Such signs require a mandatory comprehensive examination.

The practice of doctors and reviews of women indicate the need for such a diagnosis:

  • extended urine analysis according to Nichiporenko;
  • general examination of blood and urine;
  • analysis of urine for the absence or presence of potentially dangerous bacteria to identify the pathogen;
  • PCR to analyze biomaterial;
  • test for bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics;
  • analysis of urine for tuberculous mycobacteria, however, the result in this case can be obtained only after 10-12 weeks.

The diagnostic methods listed above are the most significant. In some cases, urethroscopy is necessary.

An adequate assessment of the genitourinary system will require an ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

Treatment of chronic urethritis in women is often difficult.

folk remedies for urethritis in women

Recovery as a primary goal

The process of combating inflammation reactions in the body occurs in three main directions:

  • Structural restoration of the walls of the urination channel. The status of this manipulation increases after it becomes clear as a result of the study that all pathogens are destroyed and the disease caused irreversible consequences in the urethral cells.
  • Recovery of vaginal microflora. Re-infection of the urination channel with pathogenic microorganisms will occur until the woman's initial vaginal microflora is restored. For this purpose, she is prescribed eubiotics that contain active bifidumbacteria and lactobacilli.
  • Immune recovery. After an antibacterial course, the patient’s immunity status decreases. To restore resistance to disease, a woman is prescribed multivitamins and immunomodulators.

Treatment of urethritis in women with folk remedies can be carried out in combination with traditional therapy.

Traditional treatment

Symptoms of female urethritis and quick treatment at home is one of the most frequently asked questions. If such a diagnosis has been made, what should I look for?

In the treatment of cystitis and urethritis in women, drugs of a different spectrum of influence are used. Strong antibacterial drugs are prescribed without fail. The main goal is the elimination of pathogenic bacteria. It should be noted that with symptoms of urethritis, treatment of a woman with drugs is mandatory.

Washing and bathing also play a significant role. In the treatment of urethritis in women at home, such procedures are often close to the methods of traditional medicine, but sometimes they use liquid medications.

Doctors also prescribe tampons and suppositories using medicinal components, such as anti-inflammatory herbs. Such drugs are created specifically for the treatment of women. They suggest the elimination of the inflammatory process and pathogenic bacteria.

alternative treatment of urethritis in women

Antihistamines are successfully used for medicinal purposes.

Sometimes urethritis accompanies chlamydia. In this case, "Azithromycin" and "Doxycycline" are suitable.

An additional method is needed if there are not enough anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. To enhance the immune system against infections and restore microflora in the future, it is desirable to take vitamins B, PP, immunostimulants and antioxidants.

All of the above treatments are important and traditional.

It is necessary to note this point: chronic urethritis almost always needs long-term treatment and requires patience. With this form, antibiotics are mandatory (for example, “Levomycetin” or “Gentamicin”), taking into account medical recommendations.

It is recommended that the treatment course be started as early as possible in order to achieve effective results. The duration of treatment is set individually, as a result of which it can vary from several days to several weeks.

Experts say that with signs of female urethritis, treatment with drugs and suppositories may be insufficient. Often necessary to take such measures:

  • sufficient fluid intake: natural juice or boiled water;
  • adherence to a diet that necessarily excludes spicy and salty foods, emphasis on nutrients and vitamins;
  • taking diuretics to clear the urinary tract infection.
urethritis with menopause in women treatment

Treatment is mandatory, it is advisable to carry out as prescribed by the doctor. When the treatment course is completed, you need to take tests again and make sure that your health is restored.

Lack of therapy will cause a number of complications. Patients will experience inflammation of the bladder, pyelonephritis and narrowing of the urethra.

Treatment of urethritis in women with folk remedies

If a woman has symptoms of urethritis, how can treatment be carried out using traditional medicine? First of all, it should be noted that they can only complement the main treatment. The use of folk remedies for urethritis in women requires regularity and the choice of the best formulation, since a gradual and mild effect on the woman's body is noted.

Fresh cranberry juice is one of the most healthy. The berry has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it is recommended for urethritis.

Thirty grams of blackcurrant leaves need to be chopped and pour boiling water over it. Infuse the broth for an hour, strain and drink three times a day. It is allowed to eat berries in addition. The body of the woman receives the necessary vitamins that will help fight inflammation. The duration of the course is any.

What else is used in the alternative treatment of urethritis in women? Parsley (80 grams) is poured with milk. The mixture must be put in the oven and wait for the milk to melt. Then strain the product and take a tablespoon every hour. For the day you need to drink the whole mixture.

You can take two tablespoons of cornflower flower baskets. Pour them with a glass of boiling water, insist an hour, strain. The prepared product is divided into four parts and drunk throughout the day.

Urethritis in a woman needs treatment. If you consult a doctor in a timely manner, a positive result will be guaranteed to be achieved.

Features of therapy during menopause

Treatment of urethritis with menopause in women is determined depending on the type of pathology. If sexually transmitted infections have been identified in the body, then the treatment should be comprehensive. In this case, you need to not only get rid of the disease, but also determine the cause of its occurrence.

Specialists without fail prescribe antibacterial drugs to the patient:

  • Abaktal;
  • Norfloxacin;
  • "Pefloxacin";
  • "Azithromycin";
  • Amoxiclav.

In the treatment of urethritis in women, close attention is paid to healing procedures, which include urethral rinsing with potassium permanganate, decoction of oak bark, chamomile and calendula, vaginal baths, warming applications and herbal tampons.

Often in the treatment of urethritis, the following drugs are prescribed:

  • Miramistin;
  • "Suprastin";
  • "Chlorophyllipt" in oil;
  • Claritin
  • Tavegil
  • "Chlorhexidine."

If the disease is provoked by chlamydia, which are in the body, then the patient is prescribed Azithromycin, Doxycycline, or Unidox Solutab.

In the treatment of urethritis, the use of antibiotics, antifungal and antihistamines will not be enough, so doctors prescribe drugs that help restore the microflora of the intimate organs, and also improve the immune system:

  • Timalin;
  • Gepon;
  • Anaferon;
  • Lavomax
  • Cycloferon.

In addition, vitamins of the PP, C and B groups can be prescribed.

To clear the urethra from infections and bacteria, you need to take diuretics every few days.

treatment of urethritis in women at home

Disease Prevention and Doctors Recommendations

Specialists give women a number of the following recommendations:

  • visit a specialist when the first symptoms of the disease appear;
  • completely empty the bladder during urination;
  • observe personal hygiene standards;
  • try to exclude sexual contact without protection.

Of course, only a doctor should deal with the treatment of such a disease. Using the methods of traditional medicine, and even at home, is allowed only after the approval of the treating specialist.

Reviews on the treatment of urethritis in women

Patients claim that due to timely contact to a medical institution, they were able to achieve a positive result. At the same time, they successfully cope with the pathology allowed them an integrated approach, that is, both traditional methods of treatment and folk.

We examined how treatment with folk remedies for urethritis in women goes.

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