Tea to increase lactation: a review of ready-made drinks, features of use, effectiveness, reviews

In the article, we will consider which tea to increase lactation is better to choose.

To increase milk production, a woman should take care of her own nutrition. The diet should include drinks that contribute to an increase in lactation - they are indispensable for the formation of milk. Teas that increase lactation are selected according to the criteria of benefit for a woman, an infant, and influence on the fullness of the mammary gland.

The first three months are not recommended to include a plentiful drink in the diet. The child at this time learns to empty the chest for a certain time. A woman should not think that she has less milk if the baby is removed from the breast faster than before. If a woman feels that milk is not enough, and the baby at the same time begins to worry about hunger, it is worth taking certain measures. You can adjust the productivity of the mammary glands by drinking tea to increase lactation. This method allows not only to solve the problem, but also to maintain the health of the woman and her child.

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Determining the need for lactogonous tea

An ideal option is considered to be a situation where the child’s need for milk and its production coincide. Strive for such a situation advised by specialists in breastfeeding. To determine the balance, do not weigh the baby before and after feeding, trying to measure the amount of milk consumed. This method is useless. More effective will be monitoring the baby:

  1. A wet diaper test should be performed. It is necessary to refuse the use of diapers for a day and calculate how many times the child urinated. If less than 20 times, then milk is not enough for him.
  2. It is worth paying attention to the result of monthly weighing. A sign of malnutrition is considered underweight.
  3. If the child has pale skin, weak activity, dry lips, that is, his condition is alarming, then there is a possibility that he is not eating enough.
tea to increase lactation

Use drinks that increase lactation should only be if there is a need for this.

If these signs are absent, the baby sucks well, is calm, alert, then lactogonous teas are not recommended. They can provoke hyperlactation, and this is fraught with the occurrence of stagnation of milk in the mammary gland and digestion in the child.

Situations where increased lactation is beneficial

You should start using tea to increase lactation in situations where breastfeeding was interrupted due to the fact that the mother was sick, or for other reasons milk production was reduced. To restore the productivity of the mammary glands, the use of drinks is necessary. In this case, the usefulness of such funds is undeniable.

Also, the natural production of breast milk may be impaired due to mixed feeding and unjustified use of supplementary foods. Milk production in such cases can be restored using means that affect lactation.

It is worth noting that relaxation can occur without the introduction of heavy drinking in the diet. To do this, completely empty the chest, often put the baby. This approach contributes to the resumption of milk production.

Lactation drinks bring certain benefits, positively affecting the health of the baby and his mother:

  1. The composition of homemade and prepared drinks includes herbal ingredients that positively affect lactation and strengthen the immune system.
  2. Milk at 9/10 consists of water. In this regard, the use of fluid allows you to naturally increase its production.
  3. Use teas should be warm. This contributes to the production of oxytocin, which affects the speed of production of breast milk.

What is tea to increase lactation?

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Varieties of Lactogon Teas

To solve the problem of insufficient milk production, you can use drinks prepared by yourself, or prepared teas.

The following types of lactogon teas are:

  1. Herbal teas (teas based on herbal preparations). These include: “Lactavit”, “Lactafitol”, “Grandmother’s basket”.
  2. Ready-made teas based on plant extracts are Humana, Bebivita, and Hipp.
  3. Herbal teas for increasing lactation with the addition of milk powder - “Milky Way”.

There are a lot of lactogon drinks, a woman should be guided in such a variety. You can do this by familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of the most popular brands, their effects on the body of a woman and her child.

"Grandma’s basket"

This teas to increase breast milk lactation consists of seeds and herbs. Its main components are cumin, lemon balm, nettle, fennel, anise, rose hips.

The collection is characterized by a relaxing, calming effect. Such an effect is beneficial for the mother. The composition of the drink was developed at the Institute of Nutrition RAS. It is intended for use by a nursing woman, as a result of which the child eliminates colic, improves digestive processes. Each of the components is safe for the baby and allowed to him.

Melissa for a nursing woman acts as a central nervous system stabilizer, nettle grass and rosehips are a source of vitamins K, C, B. This allows you to maintain the hemoglobin concentration in the blood at the required level in the postpartum period, and strengthen the immune system. All ingredients in the aggregate affect lactation, increasing it. Breastfeeding counselors point out the benefits of this drink.

teas to increase breast milk lactation

It is worth noting that the "Grandmother's basket" can be used by pregnant women to eliminate milk deficiency in the first time after the birth of the baby.

The positive aspects of the drink are:

  1. Cost. The drink is available to every woman.
  2. Useful throughout the lactation period.
  3. It eliminates the digestive problems of the baby.
  4. It is a balanced dietary supplement for a nursing woman.
  5. It has a pleasant taste, aroma, natural composition.

People in the comments often ask: "What tea helped you to increase lactation?". The answers, as a rule, are different for everyone.

"Milky Way"

Prepare and consume this drink according to the following instructions:

  1. Dilute one scoop in half a glass of base. The basis can be purified water, juice, kefir.
  2. Divide the resulting drink into 2 servings.
  3. Take 4 servings per day.

As a result of drinking a drink, the influx of milk increases, the diet of a lactating woman is enriched with microelements and vitamins. This drink is recommended for women who are breastfeeding if they do not have enough milk or it has low nutritional value. Experts about this tool respond positively, recommend continuing to take until the end of lactation.


It is a lactogon tea of ​​domestic production, its use allows to increase the volume of breast milk by 45%. The composition of "Lactafitol" is similar to "Grandmother's basket", with only one difference - it does not have wild rose.

Drinking a drink is recommended in half a glass twice a day, brewing 1 sachet per glass. Lactafitol has a less diuretic effect than Grandma’s basket. In this regard, its use is allowed before bedtime. Duration of use - 1 month.

Tea to increase lactation Humana is considered very effective.

milk tea to increase lactation


This drink is available in the form of granules. It includes rooibos, fenugreek, raspberries, fennel, galega, verbena, hibiscus, fennel, sugar. It should be prepared using 1.5 tsp. granules and half a glass of water.

You can use the product if there is no allergy to its components.

Experts say that sensitive people may experience intolerance to rooibos, raspberries, galega. This applies not only to the mother, but also to the newborn. In this regard, lactogonous drink should be used only after consulting a pediatrician. In addition, women who suffer from diabetes should refuse to drink.

According to reviews, tea to increase lactation Hipp is most popular.


This drink has a Swiss origin, loose form. It includes anise, fennel, nettle, caraway seeds, galega, lemon balm. In addition, dextrose flavorings and maltodextrin are present in the beverage.

Drink a drink should be 2 cups per day. To prepare it, it should be dissolved in a glass of water 4 tsp. powder.

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The reviews on Hipp are mostly positive, women like its herbal aroma and sweet taste. Specialists, in turn, pay attention to the fact that the drink can provoke allergic reactions, since it contains flavorings.


This tool is a bioadditive of domestic production. It contains caraway seeds, anise, nettle, fennel. Flavors and sugar in the drink are absent; it is hypoallergenic.

To make tea, you should dilute two packages of the product in a glass of hot water and insist 15 minutes. Drinking the product is recommended for 2 doses in conjunction with eating.

Doctors recommend taking Lactavit for a month, and then take a break. After this, the course can be repeated.

Reviews of teas for increasing lactation are presented below.


This drink is characterized by a refreshing and lactogon effect. Tea is useful for those who are trying to lose weight in the postpartum period. It does not contain artificial sweeteners.

Tea is allowed to be consumed in the last weeks of pregnancy, immediately after delivery and until the end of breastfeeding. You can drink it hot or cold, up to 6 cups should be consumed per day.

tea to increase lactation humana

Other lactogon drinks

"Bio Lactomama" is a product manufactured by the company "Evalar", which is based on Altai herbs. The drink is able to stimulate lactation, have a positive effect on the digestive processes of the newborn. To make tea, you should brew 1 packet of the product in a glass of boiling water. Tea should be consumed twice a day in a cup. The safety and benefits of the drink for the newborn are due to the fact that the raw materials in its composition are environmentally friendly. Tea is allowed throughout the lactation period.

Also, lactogonous effect has yellow Egyptian tea based on helba seeds. It should be boiled, not brewed. After that, it is important to insist it for 10 minutes. The influx of milk will increase if you use yellow tea with milk. It is worth noting that the drink can provoke an allergic reaction, so it is recommended to use it only after performing a sensitivity test. Helba is considered a very strong lactogen, therefore, its long-term use is not recommended. Doctors advise drinking tea for two weeks in order to relax, and then take a two-week break. If necessary, the course can be repeated.

Green tea is also not less effective for increasing lactation with oregano. It is recommended to use two glasses a day. At one time, you should drink half a cup. You can enhance the effect if you drink milk tea to increase lactation.

On the basis of green tea, you can also prepare a Kalmyk lactation drink. The recipe is as follows:

  1. Tiled green tea should be boiled for 20 minutes, until the tea leaves float to the surface.
  2. Add butter, cream.
  3. Salt the resulting broth, add a little pepper.
  4. Boil another 15 minutes.
  5. Add bay leaf, nutmeg.

Such tea allows you to increase the production of breast milk, get rid of excess weight, maintain strength after childbirth.

green tea to increase lactation

Reviews about teas to increase lactation

Women speak positively about almost all lactogonous drinks, since almost all of them have a natural composition and effectively affect not only the production of breast milk, but also the digestion of the baby. Which tea to increase lactation is better? According to reviews, these are Hipp and Humana.

Natural lactogon drinks are a safe and inexpensive way to extend the lactation period.

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