Diet after gallbladder removal is just a kind of healthy diet

The most common cause of cholecystectomy (surgery to remove the gallbladder) are, of course, manifestations of gallstone disease. In second place is the inflammatory process, especially in the form of calculous cholecystitis, when there is a real threat of rupture of the gallbladder and various developmental pathologies in the form of excesses. After such surgical intervention, a person is quite capable of leading a full-fledged active lifestyle, but under one condition - the diet should be carefully observed after removal of the gallbladder. The fact is that this body has certain functions in the body, and when removed, they must be compensated. This is intended to contribute to the diet when removing the gallbladder.

First of all, normally in the gallbladder bile accumulates and concentrates, which is secreted when food (chyme) enters the lumen of the duodenum for digestion. If the gall bladder is absent, then bile does not accumulate, but flows freely into the intestine. Therefore, the diet after removal includes mandatory fractional, 6 meals a day in small portions of food, so that it, evenly entering the body, is also uniformly digested by the constantly released bile. Compliance with this rule will avoid any possible complications in the future.

The menu itself after removal of the gallbladder should also be radically revised. Fatty, fried, spicy foods, spices and marinades, smoked meats, as well as cold drinks, ice cream and dry food should be excluded. All this, in addition to disrupting digestion and diarrhea (diarrhea), can lead to spasm of the bile ducts and cause sharp and extremely unpleasant pain.

There is a special diet after removing the gallbladder and in medicine it is known as table No. 5. It is very diverse, so no special tragedy should arise in case of forced gastronomic restrictions. It includes soups based on broth from lean meats (beef, veal) or poultry (chicken, but not broilers) or just pure vegetarian soups with cereals. From the second courses you can eat steamed meat dishes, stewed or baked - rolls, souffl├ęs, steam cutlets, meatballs, cereals and casseroles. Very useful in terms of meeting the necessary needs for easily digestible protein and trace elements non-fat fish, preferably marine. You can use it in any form, except fried. Side dishes from boiled vegetables and cereals (preferably coarse) not only pleasantly diversify the menu after removing the gallbladder, but also help to reduce increased body weight, if there is such a problem.

At its core, a diet after removing the gallbladder is not just some kind of dietary restriction, but a full-fledged healthy diet, which, incidentally, would be nice to observe for many people who have not had such an operation. Therefore, recipes after removing the gallbladder include not just some specific special cooking dishes, but in general all steamed, boiled and baked dishes, as well as the maximum number of salads made from fresh herbs and vegetables.

As for the terms during which the diet should be followed after removal of the gallbladder, then there are certain rules developed by nutritionists. The first 2-3 months after surgery, a more rigorous diet based on mashed dishes and cereals is needed, then the diet is gradually expanded with the introduction of new products, mainly the steam cooking method. In the future, it is recommended that any relief on the menu after removal of the gallbladder be agreed with the attending dietitian.


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