Saykov diet: method description, results, reviews

The Saykov diet is a practical and healthy weight loss technique. Not only the figure becomes ideal, but health also improves, and the complexion acquires a healthy shade. The results are not long in coming.

The basics of Dmitry Saykov's diet

Low Fat Kefir

Dr. Saykov for a long time developed a special technique, thanks to which everyone can rid his body of harmful substances, and, consequently, of extra pounds.

The patient should have a low-calorie diet. The main product is kefir. The diet of Dr. Saykov excludes all fatty foods, monosaccharides, disaccharides.

The first stage is 7 days. After this period, a break for the same period follows. Then again, 7 days of the Saikov diet. This alternation should be repeated until the desired effect is achieved.

As for kefir, and why was this product chosen as the main one? In addition to its availability, the fermented milk ingredient of the Saikov diet has a lot of useful properties for the body:

  1. Natural probiotic.
  2. Tidies up the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Helps intestinal function.
  4. Restores a healthy complexion.
  5. Tidies nails and skin.
  6. It removes accumulated harmful substances.

The diet of Dr. Saykov can be called complex. Following all the instructions, you can put in order not only the body, but also the soul. Indeed, excess weight may appear not because of food, but, for example, because of a genetic predisposition, mental state, vital activity, etc.

A proper diet should include a healthy menu, exercise, and plenty of drinking. Also, each patient should be able to avoid stressful situations.

Dmitry recommends walking, various dances, yoga, jogging and all that like sports loads.

Dietary rules by Dr. Saykov

Vegetables and fruits

The basic rules of the Saikov diet include:

  1. The diet should be fractional. Food is divided into five or six meals with an interval of two to three hours. One serving is small.
  2. Of the drinks, the best options will be green or any other tea from herbs, compote from rose hips. The amount of clean water must be reduced to 0.5 liters.
  3. In no case should you eat before bedtime. Dinner is held at 18:00. After that, it is allowed to drink herbal teas or kefir with 0-1% fat.
  4. It is important to start the diet on a fasting day. This will completely clear the gastrointestinal tract and prepare for a new diet.
  5. Decoctions of herbs are best drunk half an hour or an hour before meals. Enough 50 ml of such a drink.
  6. Every day it is worthwhile to mechanically cleanse the intestines. For this, enemas or laxatives are used.
  7. The diet menu should overlap with sports activities. It is also good to take a contrast shower, do massages.
  8. No meal should be skipped.

The benefits of the diet of Dmitry Saykov

Saykov diet results

There are a number of benefits of the Saikov diet. Reviews of many patients confirm this:

  1. Subject to all the rules, extra pounds go away pretty quickly. A good way for those who are going on vacation.
  2. A competent diet does no harm to the human body.
  3. Metabolism, digestion, and gastrointestinal tract normalize.
  4. The body quickly gets used to fractional nutrition. Disruptions are practically excluded. Night hunger disappears.
  5. General health improves.
  6. There is a withdrawal of fluid from the body, swelling passes.
  7. Not an expensive type of diet.

Diet by Dmitry Saykov


Dmitry Saykov developed two types of his diet. The first is scheduled for a week, and the second for two weeks. Both the menu and the amount of servings are under strict regulation. The first place in the diet is occupied by plant foods and proteins.

The doctor also indicated the ingredients that should be excluded from the usual menu:

  1. Fatty meat with fish.
  2. All offal.
  3. Spicy, fried and smoked food.
  4. Any dressing (mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces).
  5. The usual food additives are sugar, sweeteners, salt, seasonings, soda, yeast, starch, etc.
  6. Baking and bread.
  7. Pasta, porridge.
  8. Confectionery, desserts.
  9. All conservation, salinity.
  10. Semi-finished products.
  11. Sweet and alcoholic drinks.
  12. Fast food.

Dr. Saikov's weekly diet

Skim cheese

This diet option will allow you to quickly achieve the desired result. It is important that everything happens without harm to the body. The positive aspects of the Saikov diet will appear in a few days, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations steadily.

Every day you need to eat low-fat kefir, the amount of which is half a liter. This volume is divided into five receptions.

The breakfast is the same throughout the week - it is unsweetened natural coffee.

On the first day, only baked potato with peel is used. The total volume is 400 g. It must be distributed throughout the day. Be sure to drink herbal broth half an hour before taking potatoes.

On the second day, use cottage cheese in an amount of 400 g.

On the third, fifth and seventh days, you need to eat 400 g of berries with fruits.

On the fourth day - 400 g of chicken.

The sixth day is unloading. Allowed only morning coffee and 1.5 liters of drinking water for the whole day.

If everything is observed, the result will be from 3 to 5 kg, this is guaranteed by Dr. Saikov himself. Diet reviews also confirm this fact.

Two-week diet of Dmitry Saykov diet

Mineral water

The principle of this diet is slightly different from the previous one. It is designed for those who need to lose more kilograms.

First, the number of meals should be six, no less, no more. The gap between them is two hours. Based on the fact that you need dinner at 18:00, therefore, breakfast is consumed at 8:00.

On all days of the diet, except for the sixth and twelfth, be sure to drink low-fat kefir in three glasses. There is enough water in the amount of liters per day.

This menu is also composed for seven days, the next seven days the food is exactly the same:

  1. A liter of mineral water without gas, 300 g of any dried fruit, 600 ml of fat-free kefir. Everything is divided into six receptions.
  2. A liter of mineral water without gas, 400 g of baked potatoes and 600 ml of kefir.
  3. Water and kefir in the same amount plus ten apples.
  4. 1 kg of chicken breast, kefir with water in the same way as in previous days.
  5. Low-fat cottage cheese (1 kg), 600 ml of kefir, mineral water.
  6. Two liters of mineral water without gas.
  7. A pound of berries with fruits, 600 ml of kefir, a liter of water.

If you need to get rid of excess weight in a short time - this is the Saikov diet, the reviews and results of which in most cases are positive. This two-week diet will lose up to eight kilograms.

The rational way out of the diet

The way out of the Saikov diet

To avoid repeated weight gain, it is worth going out of this diet correctly. Firstly, in no case should you eat at night, and overflow of the stomach should also be excluded.

After a diet for about a month, you should not allow yourself to eat fatty foods. It is better to eat already familiar foods. You should stop your choice on fish, lean meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood, etc.

Alcohol, fast food and convenience foods are prohibited. This must be clarified once and for all.

To maintain weight in the achieved framework, you must follow these rules:

  1. It is better to leave the food still fractional, that is, the number of meals can vary from four to six times.
  2. For a healthy metabolism, it is necessary to drink healthy fluid more often.
  3. You cannot quit your chosen sport.
  4. Fresh fat-free kefir is not removed from the daily diet.
  5. Vegetables and fruits are a source of fiber, which the body needs to function properly.
  6. Half an hour before a meal, it is very useful to drink some water or any decoction of herbs.
  7. It is better to refuse nutritional supplements, especially sugar. Instead, you can use a substitute.

Contraindications to the diet of Dmitry Saykov

Like all methods of losing weight, this diet also has its contraindications. The obvious disadvantages include:

  1. Inability to use on workdays. Not every person will be able to snack at work every two hours. So for them, the diet is relevant only during the holidays.
  2. It’s hard to get used to such a meager diet. Some patients complain of severe weakness and even dizziness.
  3. With such a diet, an additional intake of vitamin complexes is necessarily required, since the immune system suffers greatly.
  4. Permanent enemas can knock down the digestive tract.
  5. Rapid weight loss leads to stretch marks on the skin.

In the absence of contraindications, the results of the Saykov diet will not be long in coming.


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