Asparagus, how is it useful?

Asparagus is a vegetable, which in turn is a traditional symbol of spring Germany along with nightingale singing, fragrant lilies of the valley and graceful lilacs. It would seem that what is so special about this somewhat strange fruit? In fact, this question is mainly asked by residents of Russia, because we began to use asparagus as food rather recently. While this fruit has been decorating the tables of high-ranking figures of Europe, Egypt and Greece since historical times. In addition, the benefits of asparagus have begun to be appreciated ever since.

But before we get down to the topic of the article “Asparagus, what is it useful for?”, It is necessary to characterize this plant.

What is asparagus? This is a perennial plant that belongs to the lily family is no coincidence, because it looks like germinating hyacinth. It is customary to eat green sprouts of this vegetable in food. But before you get such shoots, a lot of time passes. First, small sprouts are germinated from the seeds , after which they are transplanted into the ground. A year after planting, asparagus is transplanted to a designated place. And only two years after planting, you can harvest the first crop of this plant, and asparagus sprouts are harvested mainly from April to May.

Asparagus is, of course, a source of healthy nutrition, because it includes not only fiber, but vitamins and minerals. For information, in one hundred grams of this amazing vegetable there are: 4.6 g of protein, 0.2 g of fat, 6 g of carbohydrates, vitamins of groups A, B, C, E and K, as well as vitamins and minerals necessary for the full existence of a person (potassium, manganese , copper, selenium).

People who are especially watching their figure ask themselves this question: asparagus, how is it useful in terms of weight correction? So, 100 g of this plant has only 38 kilocalories, in addition, asparagus is quickly and easily absorbed, saturating the body with a daily fraction of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the benefits of asparagus from a dietary point of view can be discussed for quite some time, but all thoughts will certainly come down to the benefits of this product.

In addition to the dietary benefits of asparagus, it is an undoubted delicacy. Culinary dishes using this vegetable have been served on holiday tables for several centuries.

Asparagus combines excellent taste and benefits. Asparagus, how is it useful and attractive? The benefits of asparagus do not end only in the culinary tastes and dietary benefits.

The coumarin, which is part of asparagus, has a beneficial effect on the normal functioning of the heart system, strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Also due to this substance, poor blood coagulation is prevented . Vitamin E, which is also found in asparagus, can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

The green shoots of this plant are a source of beauty and youth. Firstly, due to its rich composition, asparagus is a symbol of longevity and beauty. Secondly, with the help of this plant you can actively fight acne on the skin. To do this, you need to brew a decoction of young shoots or asparagus roots and use it as a lotion for problem areas of the skin.

Exploring the benefits of this product, you can stumble upon one of the most popular queries in search web pages: asparagus, what is beneficial or harmful for pregnant women? This plant is absolutely harmless to expectant mothers. In contrast, green asparagus should be eaten daily by pregnant women, because they contain folic acid. In turn, folate (folic acid) is prescribed to ladies who are in an interesting position, as a mandatory vitamin.

In addition to all of the above, asparagus is a powerful aphrodisiac, i.e. a substance that enhances sexual desire. A decoction of the young shoots of this plant is an excellent tool for male strength and male health. A daily intake of such a decoction not only fights impotence, but also solves a number of problems related to men's health.

So, all of the above should be summed up. To argue on the topic: asparagus is good and harm, it makes no sense, because Asparagus is a unique plant with a rich content of beneficial components.


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