The harm and beneficial properties of sauerkraut

Probably almost everyone in our country loves sauerkraut . Cabbage is one of the oldest vegetables. Until the ninth century, it was completely unknown in the Slavic territories and, brought by the Greeks to the Black Sea, quickly became one of the favorite treats of our ancestors.

Useful properties of sauerkraut

Sauerkraut with cranberries is of particular value . This dish is not only a storehouse of vitamins, but also a great appetizer that almost everyone likes.

The first to appreciate the beneficial properties of sauerkraut were Chinese. Actually, they also came up with her sour. And they used it not only as food, but also as medicine. However, they salted Beijing and Chinese cabbage. Later the process of fermentation was adopted by many peoples, and each of them had its own secrets and some features in the recipes.

Some fermented heads of cabbage as a whole, and for good reason: the vitamin composition in it is active about twice as long as in finely chopped. In general, sauerkraut has useful properties from six months to 8 months from the time of harvesting.

sauerkraut useful properties

Useful properties of sauerkraut

  • Removes excess cholesterol. Using this product often, you can forget about trips to doctors and numerous medications.
  • Rejuvenates the entire body both from the inside and outside. At the same time, simple masks from sauerkraut will help to make the skin more toned, soft and velvety. It only needs to be applied to the face for half an hour.
  • Prevents the appearance of malignant tumors.
  • Improves men's health.
  • The useful properties of sauerkraut come in handy in the spring. Vitamin deficiency makes our body lethargic and susceptible to colds. Useful microelements contained in sauerkraut will perfectly help to fill up the necessary level of vitamins.
  • This product is indispensable for people who have bowel problems. Firstly, it is an excellent remedy for constipation. Secondly, it helps to restore and maintain the microflora of both the intestines and the stomach. Thirdly, it improves intestinal motility.
  • This dish is an excellent remedy for nausea and other symptoms of toxicosis. Recommended for women during pregnancy.
  • It helps to improve appetite.
  • The beneficial properties of sauerkraut help fight diabetes by lowering your blood sugar.
  • Improves a metabolism. This property means that it contributes not only to the good functioning of the entire digestive system, but also to weight loss!
  • Finally, sauerkraut is a well-known and effective anti-hangover. It helps both the vegetable itself and the juice from it (brine).

sauerkraut with cranberries
It’s great that so many positive qualities have such a tasty product as sauerkraut. However, due to the fact that this dish contributes to the increased production of gastric juice, it is contraindicated for those who have an increased acidity. In addition, it has a lot of salt, which prevents the normal excretion of water from the body. Sauerkraut can also harm the pancreas.

As you can see, any product has useful properties, and not very. Therefore, the main thing is to comply with all measures.


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