The usefulness of the curd product and how much the curd is digested

Every day, the number of people who understand the danger of eating the food that daily falls on their table is growing. This is facilitated by the popularity of the sporting lifestyle that has flared up all over the world and the active promotion of proper nutrition.

What can I say, when the entire Network is literally filled with various articles and videos about diets. But the trouble is that some recommendations in this matter should be given by specialists: scientists, doctors, nutritionists. This is necessary in order to help people avoid those tips that, instead of improving their health, can do harm.

One of the few foods that are considered an integral part of a healthy diet is fermented milk. This article will focus on one of their most useful representatives. Do you know how much cottage cheese is digested, and what a huge set of advantages and useful properties it has?

how much cottage cheese is digested

In order to find answers to these questions, you need to understand the composition of the product itself.

What does cottage cheese consist of?

One of the most important components of this sour-milk miracle, thanks to which it is recommended to be used by literally everyone, from athletes to the elderly, is protein, or, in other words, protein. Eating only 100 grams of cottage cheese, you can deliver about 15-20 grams of high-quality protein to the body. Moreover, by analyzing its composition, scientists concluded that by consuming this product daily, a person will receive all the necessary essential amino acids.

It is used by all athletes.

To date, there is a special literature that claims that the use of cottage cheese as a source of proteins can fully satisfy the body's need for animal proteins. At the same time, researchers take into account how much cottage cheese is digested in time. After all, for the meat to be completely absorbed by the body, it takes several days. And this fact confuses many athletes. And that is why cottage cheese has become a favorite product for them, and especially for those involved in the gyms. Each athlete will tell you that it is necessary to eat any cottage cheese product during the day in order to saturate and restore the body in time after heavy loads.

curd product

There are quite a few carbohydrates in the cottage cheese - 3-5 grams, which allows it to be used with various low-carb diets.

But with fats, not everything is so simple. A lot of people, especially of mature age, are used to consuming a high-fat cottage cheese product. On the one hand, it is slightly tastier than fat-free, but still it is less healthy.

How much cottage cheese is digested?

Many modern nutritionists recommend eating cottage cheese without any fat. And athletes are prescribed to eat it in the evening before bedtime due to the fact that this product is digested and absorbed by the body quite slowly. And this is enough to saturate the body, for a complete physiological cycle. Data on how much cottage cheese is digested in the stomach varies slightly. Depending on the fat content of the product, this process may take a different time.

how much cottage cheese is digested in the stomach

For a more visual comparison of the rate of assimilation of cottage cheese and meat by the body, in the article we presented a table of digestion of food.

Cottage cheese

Meat (pork, beef)

It is digested for about 4-5 hours. It is completely absorbed in about 12 hours.

It is digested about 3-5 hours. Fatty meat can be digested for about 72 hours.

What is the use of cottage cheese?

You will not believe it, but in this dairy product there is a set of 6 vitamins and 14 minerals. Of course, the amount of nutrients varies with different methods of preparation of the product. But at the same time, few other goodies can boast such usefulness for the human body.

Diseases such as atherosclerosis, pancreatitis, various ailments of the liver and nervous system are now successfully treated with medications. But ordinary cottage cheese will also help in the fight against them.

Curd during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnant or lactating mothers are simply obliged to add cottage cheese to their diet because of the large set of various microelements in it that the child really needs. The complete absence of any contraindications to the product also plays a role.

digestion table

Due to how much cottage cheese is digested, it can be called a good source of nutrients that enter the body over a long period, which makes this fermented milk product indispensable for those who lead a healthy lifestyle or go in for sports.

And if you take into account those properties that alleviate the consequences or remove the symptoms of many diseases, then you can consider the use of this product a necessary element of proper nutrition.

And there is not much difference what you eat, a cottage cheese product or one hundred percent cottage cheese, their usefulness for the body will always be at a high level. Of course, you have to pay more for clean and high-quality cottage cheese, but such a purchase will be a good investment in your own health.


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