Dried peaches: name, benefits and harms, calories

Peach is considered not only very tasty, but also quite useful fruit. Its refreshing, juicy and nutritious flesh is perfectly absorbed by the human body. More recently, on the shelves you could find only fresh or canned fruits. But even today, dried peach is sold in markets and stores. You will learn the name of this product by reading this article.

dried peaches

What is included in these dried fruits?

The dried fruit, known as the “sear”, contains about 15% sugar, as well as a small amount of protein and fat. In addition, they are considered an excellent source of organic acids, including chlorogenic, tartaric, malic and citric.

As for the vitamin composition, dried peaches contain beta-carotene, thiamine, vitamins E, B and PP. Coloring agents such as cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and lycopene are also present in them. In addition to all this, these dried fruits are rich in minerals. They include a large amount of phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium.

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Dried peaches: benefits and harms

These dried fruits are valued for their antioxidant properties, due to which they are used as a prophylactic against cancer. Also, doctors often recommend adding them to the diet of people who have problems with the heart and nervous system. It is proved that these fruits have a beneficial effect on male potency.

In addition, dried peach, the calorie content of one hundred grams of which is 254 kcal, is indispensable for low hemoglobin and for constipation in children. Regular use of these dried fruits improves blood composition, normalization of the gall bladder and gastrointestinal tract.

Despite all the benefits of this product, it should not be consumed by people with diabetes. In addition, excessive consumption of dried peaches can cause an allergic reaction, as well as problems with the vascular and digestive systems.

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Recommendations for the selection and storage of these dried fruits

Basically, dried peaches, the benefits of which are obvious to any average consumer, are sold in the markets. When choosing this product, you must pay attention to the presence of aroma. The absence of a characteristic pleasant odor may indicate a violation of the rules for storing fruits. In addition, quality dried fruits should not be wet in appearance. Experts recommend abandoning the purchase of such peaches, as there is an increased likelihood that they would be watered with an unknown liquid. A quality product must be dry, clean and without a whitish coating.

The beneficial properties of dried peaches can be preserved for two years. It is extremely important to follow certain recommendations. Keep this product preferably in sealed glass or plastic containers, hidden in a dark place.

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What fruits are suitable for drying?

In order for dried peaches to preserve as many valuable vitamins and minerals as possible, you need to not only strictly observe the technology for their preparation, but also choose the right raw material. It should be understood that for these purposes it is impossible to use overripe, unripe, damaged and too soft fruits, since during the drying process they will begin to deteriorate and lose their properties. It is advisable to make preparations from ripe sweet and sour varieties with pink or pale yellow flesh.

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How to dry peaches at home?

Having selected the desired fruits, you can begin to sort them. It is advisable to immediately separate small, medium and large peaches, since the drying temperature will depend on their size. Large fruits are recommended to be cut in half beforehand. As for the small fruits, they can be dried whole. Washed and prepared peaches should be laid out in a thin even layer on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and sent to the oven. Drying peaches is recommended at a temperature of 65 degrees. From time to time they should be removed from the oven to turn over.

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Alternative way

Many modern housewives have long refused to use the oven to make dried peaches. They cannot be harvested with bones, since they spoil faster. This technique involves the processing of fruits with a solution of caustic soda. This allows you to significantly facilitate the process of peeling. The fruits are dipped in a container with a solution and boiled for ten seconds. After this time, it is necessary to wait for the fruit to cool completely, cut them in half along the groove, gently release from the skin and fumigate with sulfur.

Peaches that have undergone such processing must be laid out on trays and left for four days. That is how much time is required for the complete weathering of sulfur dioxide, which had time to dissolve in the cell sap. After this, the fruits can be sent for drying, not forgetting to periodically turn them over. After a few days, the fruit is poured on one tray, on which they remain until full condition. Dried peaches are considered fully prepared when their moisture content is less than 18%.

dried peaches benefit and harm

Useful Combinations

Immediately make a reservation that a dried peach, whose name you already know, stands out from other analogues in its unique refined taste. Due to the fact that many vitamins are stored in it, it is often used in cooking. Basically, fruit drinks and fruit drinks are prepared from these dried fruits. However, some gourmets add them to meat dishes. In addition, these fruits are used for the preparation of fruit salads, desserts, pies, cakes and muffins.

Paradoxically, this rather high- calorie product with a high glycemic index is often used in weight loss programs. Dried peaches can be consumed not only as a snack, but also as an independent dish. Nutritionists recommend eating no more than five pieces daily. The composition of these dried fruits contains a fairly large amount of sugar, so it is often used as a sweetener added to all kinds of cereals.

Pilaf Recipe with Dried Peaches

To prepare this tasty and healthy dish you will need:

  • one and a half glasses of long-grain rice;
  • two tablespoons of oil;
  • a glass of prunes;
  • a quarter of a lemon;
  • two tablespoons of water;
  • a glass of dried peaches;
  • salt and sugar to taste;
  • half a glass of raisins.

First you need to boil in salted water until half cooked rice. While he is standing on the stove, you can rinse the dried fruits and pour them with boiling water. After half an hour, it is necessary to drain the water, in which there were peaches, prunes and raisins, cut them into small pieces and add to a bowl of rice. Oil, water, sugar and lemon slices freed from stones are sent there. Then the pan is placed in the oven and left there until the dishes are ready.

Use in cosmetology and medicine

On the basis of dried peaches, all kinds of lotions and scrubs are produced. At home, they make decoctions that contribute to the rejuvenation, lightening and cleansing of the skin.

These dried fruits are also used in medicine. Many doctors recommend using them to people who have recently undergone surgical operations. It is believed that dried peach fruits contribute to the strengthening and speedy recovery of a weakened and depleted organism. These fruits contain a large amount of potassium, so they should become part of the diet of those who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases, including angina pectoris and arrhythmia.

In winter, they can be used to strengthen the immune system. Dried peaches are indicated for anemia and problems associated with impaired intestinal motility. A decoction or infusion prepared from them helps to get rid of heaviness in the stomach.

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