Germinated sunflower seeds: benefits and harms, composition, rules of use

The human body receives most of the substances necessary for healthy functioning from products. Therefore, it is very important to supplement your diet with sources of valuable elements. Incidentally, these include germinated sunflower seeds, the benefits and dangers of which are now discussed.


I would like to start with its discussion. Knowing the composition of a product, it is easier to judge its benefits and harms. Germinated sunflower seeds contain easily digestible organic compounds and many multivitamins.

They are not very high-calorie, and the presence of a large number of antioxidants makes this product recommended for cancer patients, as well as people who want to know what to eat in order to prevent cancer.

Substances found in germinated seeds can be distinguished in the following list:

  • Carbohydrates, proteins and about 50% fat.
  • Phosphorus, selenium, fluorine, iodine, potassium and magnesium.
  • Cellulose.
  • Vitamins of groups B, E and C.
  • Saturated fatty acids (oleic, linoleic and palmitic).

Well, the composition is impressive. One can guess that there will be no harm at all from the use of the product in question. The benefits of germinated sunflower seeds and the impact they exert on the body cannot be overestimated. However, this can already be discussed separately.

germinated sunflower seeds harm

General benefit

It is believed that seeds in this form have vegetable protein in the most convenient form for absorption by the human body. When used, the body receives immediately more than two dozen enzymes, amino acids and organic compounds.

Scientists say that in terms of variety of nutrients and composition, germinated seeds are almost 100 times more useful than the usual kitchen greens. So the stimulation of the absorption of vitamins and minerals is incomparable.

The systematic use of germinated sunflower seeds will give tangible benefits. Eating even small portions will help maintain and strengthen immunity, accelerate metabolic processes, and also add tone to the body.

Fatty acid

As mentioned above, they are contained in large quantities in germinated seeds. More than 80% of the composition is fatty acids. And here is what their benefits are:

  • Giving the body a tone.
  • Improving reproductive function.
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system.
  • The formation of cell membranes.
  • Improving the synthesis of hormones, tissue regulation.
  • Activation of testosterone production in men.
  • Improving the absorption of vitamins K, E, D and A.
  • Creating a fat layer that protects internal organs.
  • Normalization of the menstrual cycle in women.
  • Protecting the body from hypothermia.

If the human body lacks fatty acids, then it signals this with a deterioration in memory, chronic fatigue, weight gain and frequent colds.

what are the benefits of germinated sunflower seeds

Effect on the nervous system

Since we are talking about the benefits and harms of germinated sunflower seeds, we need to study the effect they exert on individual body systems. And it’s worth starting with a nervous one.

Even psychologists have proven that seeds have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. Firstly, they contain B vitamins and magnesium in large quantities. A deficiency of these substances negatively affects the state of health.

It is especially bad if the body lacks vitamin B1 (thiamine). After all, it is he who participates in the energy processes that occur in nerve cells, as well as in the regeneration of damaged nerve fibers.

Secondly, the process of eating seeds has a calming effect on the nervous system. Monotonous peeling of sprouts from the peel helps to relax, helps to distract. Tension and irritability are eliminated on their own.

Effects on the heart system

It has already been said above that the composition of the germinated sunflower seeds makes them extremely useful for blood vessels and the heart. Indeed, the combination of unsaturated fatty acids with vitamins B, E, C and A has a beneficial effect on the body.

Here is the effect that systematic use of germinated seeds can produce:

  • Decreased cholesterol intake
  • Increasing the elasticity and strength of the vascular walls.
  • A decrease in the concentration of low density lipoproteins in the blood.
  • Minimizing the risk of blood clots and cholesterol plaques.
  • Prevention of atherosclerosis, coronary disease and hypertension.

Plus, sprouted seeds contain large amounts of potassium and magnesium. And these substances contribute to the work of the conduction system of the heart, maintain normal blood pressure, and also improve the processes of neuromuscular transmission.

germinated sunflower seeds composition

Benefits for the digestive tract

Continuing to talk about the usefulness of germinated sunflower seeds, we need to discuss their effect on the gastrointestinal tract and the digestive system as a whole.

Their regular use in small quantities has the following effects:

  • Normalization of acid-base balance. In seedlings, as already mentioned, the optimal content of carbohydrates, fats and proteins for this.
  • Stimulation of digestion.
  • Cleansing the bile ducts.
  • Improving liver function.
  • Weakening appetite (contributes to weight loss).
  • Acceleration of detoxification and a decrease in the amount of cholesterol (this is due to the high fiber content in the seedlings).

However, there are seedlings for weight loss need to be used with caution. They can not be called low-calorie - there are a lot of fats in the composition. Therefore, the number of seedlings used must be strictly limited. We must eat them to satisfy hunger, as a snack, and then the process of losing weight will not be harmful.

germinated sunflower seeds for cancer

For the female body

Germinated sunflower seeds will certainly not do any harm to girls. On the contrary, they can only be expected to benefit! After all, they are rich in "beauty vitamins", which include C, E and A. They play a crucial role in maintaining a well-groomed and healthy state of hair, skin and nails.

Here's what happens to the female body with regular use of seeds:

  • The occurrence of age-related changes slows down.
  • The tone and texture of the skin improves, fine wrinkles are reduced.
  • Brown spots disappear.
  • The inflammation is eliminated.
  • Damaged dermal cells are restored.
  • The water balance is normalized, dry skin becomes much more pleasant and softer.
  • Elasticity is restored.
  • The face relief is leveled.
  • Increases skin resistance to negative external influences.
  • Epithelial cells are restored and strengthened.
  • Stimulated hair growth.
  • Curls become more elastic, shiny, voluminous and strong.
  • The sebaceous glands are normalized.

In order for the beneficial properties of germinated sunflower seeds to show themselves to the maximum, it is worth using them not only as food, but also make cosmetics from them. You can grind them, for example, and prepare a face scrub, a mask. It is worth trying to squeeze the juice from the sprouts and rub them into the scalp, spread over the strands and on the tips, or rub your face like a tonic.

sunflower seeds

Sprouts against cancer

Very often, the product in question is started to be taken by people fighting malignant tumors. Do germinated sunflower seeds really help against cancer?

Phytotherapists claim that this plant, rich in valuable substances, is able to withstand malignant neoplasms. Enough ½ cup per day for the product to take effect.

But what is the mechanism itself? So, free radicals regularly appear in the human body. And the DNA of cell nuclei suffers greatly from them. Particles that are damaged cease to participate fully in the normal functioning of the body. But they continue to divide, and eventually accumulate in the form of mutations. As a result, cancerous tissues form.

The body in such situations needs to get rid of free radicals. And vitamin E and selenium are capable of helping with this. And these are those substances that are present in sufficient quantities in germinated seeds. It has been proven that they neutralize radicals and promote DNA repair.

For medicinal purposes, it is worth using all the terrestrial parts of the sunflower. Sprouts are the most popular choice. Herbalists believe that they absorb the maximum of useful components from the earth.

the benefits of germinated sunflower seeds

Harm and contraindications

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that germinated sunflower grains, when used correctly, bring only benefit. However, any product, even one that has the most valuable composition, can be harmful.

Sprouts are contraindicated for use by people who are allergic to seeds or can not tolerate gluten. Also, do not take them for children under 12 years of age. Otherwise, there is a risk of provoking a persistent negative reaction to any substance that is part of the seeds.

It is also worth remembering that the fiber available in the sprouts actively affects the digestive tract. And if a person suffers from some kind of acute illness, then the seedlings will provoke constipation, worsen peristalsis and patency. So during periods of illness, you do not need to eat them.

beneficial properties of germinated sunflower seeds

How to take seeds?

And this question needs to be answered. In general, ideally, it is worth discussing the feasibility of eating seedlings with a nutritionist. But so few do. And therefore, the standard recommendation: you need to start with small portions. The body must get used to the new product. If you immediately eat a plate of seeds, then you can provoke rejection.

Also, you do not need to combine seedlings with dairy products. Otherwise, there is a risk of severe gas formation. If you do not want to chew them just like that, then it is better to add the seedlings in the salad to the vegetables. Grain will not only benefit the dish, but also make it tastier and more aromatic.

But the most important thing is to observe the measure. A day is enough half a glass of sprouted seeds. And sometimes it’s worth taking short breaks - replacing the sprouts with some other source of similar substances.


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