Vinaigrette: calorie content of this dish, benefits and recipe

We all love salads, but most of them are very high-calorie and fatty, so they are cooked exclusively on holidays. Today we will focus on a light, nutritious and inexpensive cold snack called Vinaigrette. The calorie content of this dish, compared with other salads seasoned with mayonnaise or sour cream, is low: on average, 130 kcal per 100 g of product. Depending on the amount of added oil, its calorie content increases.

Despite the fact that the vinaigrette consists of fairly simple and inexpensive ingredients, it does not lose its attractiveness and taste. Many love him and even cook for special events. This is a full-fledged salad, which can be served as a cold snack or side dish for meat delicacies. The word "vinaigrette" comes from the French "vinagrette" - a sauce made from mustard, olive oil and vinegar.

Such a spicy dressing for vegetables was used in pre-revolutionary Russia. The name of the salad appeared during the reign of Catherine II. Once for lunch this dish was served to her, she tried it and said in disgust: “Fie, it's hot!” It’s since then that cold appetizer acquired the name “Vinaigrette”. Calorie content of vegetable salad, according to nutritionists, is insignificant, it can not affect body weight. Provided, of course, if you reduce the amount of eaten fatty and flour products. A lack of protein does not help build muscle.

According to dietitians, vinaigrette is a salad that is indicated for people with vitamin deficiency (the dish contains a large amount of coarse fiber, a complex of vitamins and minerals). With this salad, you can diversify your diet by eating 150 g of product per day, you will not only saturate the body, but also can replenish the missing complex of minerals. Beetroot snack is allowed to be used for minor violations in the work of the gallbladder, pancreas, liver, functional constipation. A dish is not recommended in the presence of diabetes and gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Children from the age of five can start giving light vinaigrette. The calorie content of the product is small, but it brings tremendous benefits. Cold snacks can be prepared on fasting and fasting days. Most importantly, all the components that make up it are cheap and affordable for any budget.

To prepare it, we need the following set of products:

Boiled vegetables: large beets, potatoes (5 pcs), sauerkraut (200 gr), beans (100 gr), onions, carrots, green peas (2 tablespoons), vegetable or olive oil.

We cut all the vegetables listed in small cubes (except for beans and peas). Sprinkle the chopped onion a little with salt and mix so that it gives healthy juice. Mix the ingredients with sauerkraut (you can cook it yourself). Sprinkle with greens and peas on top - it turned out to be a healthy, vitamin vegetable salad. The calorie content of such a dish will be low if you add a small amount of oil, and instead of potatoes use a sour apple.

For lovers of dishes, you can sharpen a special sauce, which will make the salad more piquant and nutritious. Ingredients: a small spoonful of mustard, 50 grams of vinegar 6% (can be apple), vegetable oil (20 grams), to taste salt, sugar, pepper. Thoroughly mix the listed components and season with the resulting sauce vinaigrette. Calorie content with this dressing is increasing.

Conclusion: more often cook vinaigrette, because the benefits of it, as we have found, are very many. Instead of sauerkraut, you can use salted mushrooms, add light-salted cucumbers. In any interpretation, it turns out delicious and beautiful. Do not forget the basic rule - you need to cook with your soul, then any dish will turn out with a bang!


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