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Nowadays, diabetes mellitus is a fairly common disease in which the carbohydrate metabolism in the body is disturbed. The main reasons for its occurrence can be called an unbalanced diet, frequent consumption of fatty foods, overeating and heredity. In such patients, incomplete absorption of carbohydrates occurs, as a result of which, there is an excess of sugar in the blood. Fortunately, this disease can be controlled and a special diet for diabetes will help keep the body in balance.

It is worth noting that the main burden of responsibility for the treatment and prevention of diabetes lies with the patient himself, since it is he who can provide himself with proper nutrition and the right regimen of the day. The doctor can only help identify the disease with the help of tests and make the necessary diet.

The diet for diabetes is slightly different from conventional diets for weight loss, as it aims to establish a clear diet (4-5 times a day and in small portions) and to control the intake of carbohydrates. There are two types of carbohydrates: digestible and non-digestible. The former must be strictly controlled, and in some cases completely excluded. The calorie content of the products should be low, especially if the patient is overweight, but the amount of vitamins should be full.

Consider which foods with diabetes are considered useful and which are prohibited.

Let's start with the denial. Prohibited foods for diabetes are foods that contain large amounts of sugar, which is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing diabetes. These include: sugar, grapes, raisins, sweets, jam. There are also sugar sweeteners (xylitol, sorbitol, saccharin), but they are not recommended to be taken alone, only after permission or appointment of a doctor. Strictly control fried, spicy, salty and smoked foods, alcoholic beverages and preservation. Products that contain a large amount of fat and carbohydrates (ice cream, cakes, chocolate) are also absolutely contraindicated. But a complete rejection of fats is not recommended, as they favorably affect the insular apparatus, and consume in the amount of 90-100 g per day. It is advisable to use vegetable fats, but some animal origin can be used.

Diet for diabetes includes a large number of healthy and tasty foods that may well replace harmful sugar. The main source of "slow carbohydrates" are vegetables. They have low energy value and enough sugar. It is useful to use white and cauliflower, zucchini, blue, fresh cucumbers. Also, onions, parsley and dill will give an amazing taste and decorate dishes.

In some cases, it is allowed to consume fructose and honey as an additional source of sugar, but before that it is better to consult your doctor.

When eating bread, it is better to choose the one that contains the minimum amount of carbohydrates.

Fruits and berries (apples, black currants), greens, vegetables, rosehip broth and natural juices will help to supply the body with the necessary vitamins. But the doctor can also introduce additional vitamins (retinol, folic acid, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, etc.).

Foods such as lean beef, soaked herring and cottage cheese compensate for the lack of protein. The amount of fluid consumed is not limited, so as not to lead to dehydration.

As you can see, the diet for diabetes is quite diverse and tasty. With the right combination of products, you can not only avoid this disease, but also keep yourself in good shape. Do not despair and take care of yourself. Remember, your health is up to you!

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