Can the liver be breastfed: features of use and recommendations

All nursing mothers try to make their diet so as not to harm the baby. There are even a number of certain products that do not cause trouble for a child, but there are others that lead to indigestion and other illnesses. The question of whether the liver can be breastfed is of interest to many mothers, and doctors advise using only beef liver. In addition to beef, there are other types of liver, the benefits and dangers of which will be discussed.

Nutritional properties

The liver is a valuable ingredient that contains almost all the important vitamins and elements for normal life. To improve hemoglobin, an element such as ferritin, which is located in the beef liver, is needed. In addition, any liver has a number of useful properties:

  1. A large amount of vitamin B, which allows you to achieve the full development of the baby.
  2. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system.
  3. Vitamin A allows normal development of vision, skin and hair.
  4. Folic acid promotes the development of nerve cells.
  5. Calcium strengthens bones, and zinc allows the skeleton to form, and also contributes to the rapid healing of wounds.
  6. Iron supports and improves hemoglobin.
  7. In one serving of the liver, the child and mother will be able to get the proper amount of amino acids.

Compared to meat, the liver is digested much faster. Therefore, the answer to the question whether it is possible to eat the liver during breastfeeding is obvious and positive, but there are certain risk factors. The fact is that not all people can eat this or that liver.

Can the liver be breastfed

Benefit and harm

Due to the low calorie content of the offal, it can be used during diets. In addition, the animal product will alleviate some of the symptoms of the disease. The ingredient is recommended for mothers, because it does not cause allergies.

Can I eat the liver while breastfeeding

Despite the great value and benefit of the liver, it also has disadvantages. One of them is cholesterol, which is quite a lot in offal. Cholesterol itself can contribute to the appearance of certain diseases, including:

  1. Atherosclerosis.
  2. Stroke.
  3. Heart attack

It is equally important that before cooking it is important to use only fresh product. If the liver has a changed color, and there are spots or mucus on the surface, then it is better to refrain from cooking, and even more so from further use.

Introduction to Diet

Due to the large amount of benefit from the offal, the answer to the question is whether the liver can be breastfed, positive, moreover, the ingredient can be used already in the first month of feeding the baby. There is a certain proportion of doctors who advise eating a product from the first days of a child’s birth. Others recommend to abstain and start eating only from 2-3 weeks.

There is no definite answer when a liver should be introduced into the diet. Each person is individual, and although after an offal an allergic reaction does not occur, but not all children can perceive it normally. Some babies may suffer from indigestion, while others may experience allergies. Therefore, when introducing a new ingredient, it is worthwhile to monitor the child and be vigilant.

With the introduction of the liver, it is not recommended to add anything new to the mother’s usual food. This rule must be taken into account for 2 days. The first trick should include a very small portion, literally 2-3 pieces. If the baby responds normally, then the liver can be entered into the menu. It is useful to use the by-product 2-3 times a week, and if you eat daily, it is better to not exceed 1 serving.

The best cooking methods for HS

The liver is prepared in different ways, and it can be used as a complement to different dishes. In addition, the ingredient is quickly prepared, and this is important when the child is very small.

It is recommended to use only braised or boiled liver when feeding. Cooking with this method preserves nutrients. It is forbidden to use a fried dish, since it does not benefit either the mother or the baby.

Before proceeding with the preparation, it is better to first soak the liver in a small amount of milk, this allows you to remove the bitterness, especially if beef or pork offal is used.

The liver of different animals has its own characteristics, both in cooking and in use, so you need to familiarize yourself with each type in detail.

Beef liver

Is it possible to beef liver while breastfeeding? Of course yes, and this is the most popular by-product of mothers who gave birth. In this ingredient, the amount of protein and fat is perfectly combined, due to which the dish turns out to be dietary. There is a lot of selenium in such a liver, which protects against malignant tumors and diseases of blood vessels and the heart.

Can beef liver with breastfeeding

In cooking, there are many recipes for making such an ingredient. It can be used for salads, pastes, casseroles and rolls. But especially tasty and healthy offal in stew under sour cream. A stew can be made with apples, plums, or herbs. Even 100 g of food can enrich the body with useful substances for the whole day.

Poultry liver

Can I have chicken livers while breastfeeding? The answer is also positive, due to the high content of folic acid, the ingredient is recommended to be used during gestation and after childbirth. Chicken liver allows you to have a good effect on lactation and on the normal formation and development of the child. Due to the large amount of vitamin B4, the brain, reaction and memory develop excellently. Answering the question whether chicken liver can be breastfed and how to cook it better, it should be noted that it is best to make pastes.

Is it possible to breastfeed chicken

An equally useful dish will be cooking with vegetables, for this you need to put vegetables and offal in a pot and send to bake in the oven. The dish will be easily absorbed by the body and improve the digestive process. For postpartum recovery, it is recommended to use dishes based on the liver 1-2 times a week.

The question often arises, is it possible to have turkey liver during breastfeeding? This ingredient is very similar in its useful and nutritious properties to chicken offal, so it can also be included in the diet. Of course, turkey liver is a little more expensive, but the taste is many times more tender.

Can turkey liver be breastfed

Pork liver

Pork offal has a bitter taste, so many people don’t like this ingredient. But if it is cooked correctly, the bitterness will go away. To do this, soak the ingredient for a couple of hours in milk or water, changing the liquid twice.

A pork dish is also good for mother and baby, because it contains all the amino acids that are needed, as well as a lot of copper, iron and phosphorus. For those with anemia or diabetes, pork liver is the perfect companion. It is recommended to cook pastes, pancakes and liver cakes. For nursing mothers, such an offal can be introduced into the diet only when the baby is 3 months old. Until this time, it is better to use other types of liver.

Cod liver

Can the liver cod with breastfeeding? In principle, it is possible, but it should be introduced into the diet by analogy with pork offal. In addition, after 3 months of a child’s life, such an ingredient even needs to be introduced into the diet, since there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in it. This is a treasure for the mother and her child, but there are a lot of fats in such a liver, so you need to consume the dish in limited quantities.

Can Cod Liver Breastfeed

Doctors do not recommend using the ingredient in its pure form, it is better to eat it with bread or as an additive to other dishes. The product is easily absorbed by the child and does not cause side effects.

Rabbit liver

Is it possible for a rabbit’s liver to be breastfed, because it’s also an offal, and the meat itself is very healthy? With this ingredient, you need to be careful, because it is from the rabbit liver that the allergy most often occurs in children. Although, on the other hand, it is useful, one serving can enrich the body with amino acids for a whole day.

Can a rabbit’s liver be breastfed

The product is introduced into the diet, as well as pork or cod, not earlier than at the age of 3 months. Preparing dishes based on offal is easy and best initially soaked for about an hour, and then stew in sour cream and with the addition of vegetables.


Having figured out whether the liver can be breastfed, you should know some recommendations and rules:

  1. After childbirth, only chicken and veal offal can be included in the diet.
  2. A month after giving birth, you can gradually change the offal.
  3. The first time you eat the liver is better before lunch on a full stomach in a very small dose.
  4. A single serving should increase over time to 150 grams, and a week in general, you can eat 400 grams of liver.
  5. It is better to use homemade offal and not buy them in stores.


Finally, it should be noted that the liver of different animals is allowed and recommended for breastfeeding. And using all the tips and rules presented in the article, you can correctly enter the ingredient in the diet and not be afraid for the child. Therefore, the question of whether the liver can be breastfed, disappears by itself, because it is not only possible, but you also need to eat such dishes. The main thing is to observe the measure in everything and control the behavior and reaction of the baby.


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