Sauerkraut juice. The benefits of sauerkraut and its juice for men and women, medicinal properties

Sauerkraut juice in alternative medicine is used to treat and prevent a variety of diseases. Each of us from childhood knows that this is a very effective remedy for worms and other parasites. But it turns out that sauerkraut pickle is no less useful for overweight people, as well as for gastritis, pancreatitis and other health problems. So all the same, what is the use of sauerkraut juice? Interesting? Read on.

Cooking Sauerkraut

sauerkraut juice
It is known that the above product has incredible useful abilities. Cooking sauerkraut does not require special skills:

  1. Chop a few heads of vegetable (2-3) on a coarse grater.
  2. Cut carrots in an amount of 2 pieces into thin strips (you can grate).
  3. Grate the cabbage with carrots in a large enameled bowl, while adding 1 tablespoon of boiled salt. Then add 1 tablespoon of sugar.
  4. Put the resulting mixture into jars and close the capron lid.
  5. Ready cabbage will be only about the 4th day.

cooking sauerkraut
Juice is prepared even easier: ready-made sauerkraut is squeezed. The resulting brine is filtered.

Sauerkraut juice: benefits?

The above drink has a number of unique healing properties:

  • stabilizes the work of gastric secretory function;
  • prevents constipation;
  • lowers blood cholesterol;
  • enhances urination;
  • promotes washing of the gallbladder from stones and other formations;
  • cleanses the body of harmful substances;
  • prevents the aging of the body.

What is useful sauerkraut juice? Indications for use are as follows:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • problems with the digestive tract (gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer, high acidity and others);
  • hemorrhoids;
  • skin diseases (acne, eczema, freckles, spots);
  • problems with the heart and its system;
  • obesity;
  • pancreatitis
  • helminthic invasion;
  • liver disease
  • kidney problems
  • tuberculosis;
  • oncology;
  • bronchitis;
  • sore throat;
  • cold;
  • stomatitis;
  • tonsillitis.

It should be noted that sauerkraut juice perfectly treats colds and viral diseases. This is an excellent expectorant. Russian healers say that pickled cabbage brine is a natural antiseptic, because it has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria and germs. Alternative medicine offers the following recipe for a reliable alternative cough medicine: take the above drink in equal proportions, as well as the juice of lemon and still black radish. Such a mixture improves the body's resistance to viruses quite well, reduces throat swelling, prevents the development of the inflammatory process, and quickly cures tracheitis or bronchitis.

How to cure gastritis with pickled cabbage brine?

what is useful sauerkraut juice
It should be noted that the above tool is very useful for all organs of the digestive tract. The value of pickled cabbage brine is that it contains substances such as iodine, sulfur and chlorine. The last two components in the compound are able to cleanse the gastric mucosa. But there is a certain precaution: you need to use sauerkraut juice, in which salt was not added.

The consequence of excessive accumulation of toxic substances in the body are such signs that appear after taking the above drink:

  • excessive amounts of gas are formed;
  • discomfort in the digestive tract.

In order to prevent the above consequences, you must first clean the intestines with a glass of carrot juice, which you need to drink daily two weeks before the start of the therapy with pickled cabbage brine.

This drink is recommended to make fresh every time before use. Although experts note that it is remarkably stored in glassware in the refrigerator, but not more than 48 hours.

Sauerkraut juice for gastritis, intestinal atony, gastroduodenitis, colitis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis is even very useful. Russian healers recommend using it as follows: for example, with low acidity, you need to drink half a glass of the above drink before meals twice a day.

Pancreatitis and pickled cabbage pickle

sauerkraut juice for pancreatitis
Pancreatic inflammation is an alternative medicine advised to treat with a brine from the above product. Russian pancreas recommend using sauerkraut juice for pancreatitis as follows.

Use the brine from the above product in the form of heat in the third part of the glass about 3 times a day. The course of therapy is 7 days. Then it is important to take a break for the same time. Depending on the patient’s well-being, repeat the course of therapy 3-4 times.

How to lose weight with pickled cabbage brine?

sauerkraut juice
Alternative medicine considers the above drink the best remedy for excess weight. It turns out that sauerkraut juice has the following effect on a losing weight person:

  • stabilizes fat metabolism;
  • removes excess water from the body;
  • activates muscle growth;
  • stabilizes water-salt metabolism.

Russian healers advise a person with extra pounds to use this mixture daily: take the same amount of brine and tomato juice, mix thoroughly. Use the product three times a day after meals in a glass. The course of ridding the body of excessive weight is from 1 to 2 months.

The use of sauerkraut juice in cosmetology

sauerkraut juice for gastritis
Sauerkraut, in addition to being an effective treatment for gastrointestinal diseases, helps to cope with other problems with human health. And here the question arises: is sauerkraut juice useful for facial skin? The answer is simple: of course, yes!

Natural acids that are formed in this product during the fermentation process significantly reduce the fat content of the skin, as well as narrow the pores well. Sauerkraut juice is also an effective remedy against a variety of age spots on the skin and perfectly eliminates freckles.

Russian healers advise to apply this brine as follows to whiten the skin and improve its condition as follows: daily wipe face areas of the face with it before washing. In this case, the juice from sauerkraut plays the role of a tonic, and also increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin. After a couple of minutes, the above tool is recommended to be washed off.

Acid compresses can also be used to cleanse the skin. This method involves the following steps: apply sauerkraut juice for 15 minutes with a cotton swab, cover with a film on top and leave for a quarter of an hour. Then it is shown to wash off with tepid water. The procedure is carried out once a week.

An important tip: if the cabbage is fermented with vinegar, then using its juice to cleanse the skin is strictly not recommended.

The use of pickled cabbage brine for the treatment of helminthic invasion

Is sauerkraut juice healthy?
The above drink is an excellent remedy for parasites that "settle" in the liver, intestines and other organs of a person. Russian medicine men advise the following course of therapy for helminthic invasion:

  • with liver damage with lamblia, you need to use half a glass of juice from the above product half an hour before eating;
  • if worms are found in the intestine, it is recommended to go on a special diet (eat mainly sauerkraut for two or three days).


Sauerkraut juice is not recommended for people with the following health problems:

  • increased acidity of the stomach;
  • exacerbation of peptic ulcer.

In addition, this product is also not recommended for older people and children.

Pickled cabbage brine is a real storehouse of vitamins and other beneficial substances. Proper use of it can bring tremendous benefits to the human body. But it should be noted that the above drink has several contraindications. Therefore, before starting treatment, you need to get advice from a doctor.


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