Iron rich foods

Iron is one of the most important trace elements for the body. It is iron that affects the work of our entire body. It plays an important role in the synthesis of hormones in the thyroid gland. If the child does not have enough iron, this can lead to serious speech impairment, as well as slow the development of motor skills.

Iron is found in almost all vegetables and fruits, as well as in meat and grains that we consume daily. But the amount that we get with these products is not enough for the body to work properly.
What foods rich in iron can be added to your diet to get the right amount of mineral? These are peas and other legumes, beef, pumpkin seeds, liver, heart, kidneys, lemon balm, dried fruits, oysters, sardines, spinach, artichokes, algae.

Iron is also found in eggs, but it is not the best product to replenish it in the body. The fact is that eggs are a source of poorly digestible iron. Therefore, if you are a fan of eggs, then add vitamin C to your menu. It will help double the amount of iron that the body can absorb. Such products include: dill, parsley, rosehip infusion, orange, tangerine and lemon juices. But the effect of eggs is such that if you eat other products rich in iron with them, then it is practically not absorbed from them by the body. Therefore, you need to increase the dosage of vitamin C to 500 mg. Iron is also poorly absorbed in older people, in connection with this they need to eat more products with vitamin C or consult a doctor so that he prescribes the right dosage of hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid also helps the body absorb iron. But it must be taken according to the doctor’s recommendations.

The most affordable foods rich in iron: poultry, meat, fish, liver. They combine iron with animal protein, which helps the mineral to absorb well. There is also a lot of iron in sprouted wheat, which is especially recommended for increasing strength and immunity.

Which foods have more iron? This is, above all, molasses. It is formed in the production of sugar and is a by-product. Veal liver contains 12 mg of iron per 100 mg of product, and beef liver contains 7 mg. Rock salt deposits exist containing at least 450 mg of this element. A large amount of iron is found in plum juice, as well as in nuts, raisins, dried apricots, sunflower seeds and pumpkin. There is a lot of it in black bread, bran buns and wholemeal bread.
Iron is not completely absorbed by the body. So, the body takes only 5% of the mineral from vegetables and bread, and not more than 20% from animal products. But if you combine them with plant products, then the percentage of assimilation will be three times more. Iron-rich foods also need to be combined with vitamins. For example, onions are a whole pantry of various vitamins. And you can also combine these products with greens, cabbage and salad vegetables, rich in vitamin C and B12.

Which foods contain a lot of iron, we found out. But there is grass, which in its content, as well as other minerals and vitamins, significantly exceeds all of the above products. This is nettle. In folk medicine, it is this herb that is recommended for anemia. Folk healers recommend a course of treatment for anemia with fresh squeezed nettle juice. The plant must be harvested before flowering. Then rinse and process through a juicer. Take the juice you need 1 time per day for 3 tablespoons. Although this liquid is not very palatable, it is useful. You can improve the taste with honey. Juice must be stored in the refrigerator. It is suitable for use under such storage conditions for several days.

In order for the body to have an adequate level of iron, eat varied, including the above foods in the diet.


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