Legs hurt after childbirth: causes and treatment methods. Foot massage

In the article we will talk about why my legs hurt after giving birth. We will consider the possible causes, as well as talk about what kind of pain happens and how to deal with it. We also learn about whether to see a doctor and in which case medical care is simply necessary.

What does pregnancy have to do with it?

The fact is that the bearing and birth of a child is a rather difficult test for the female body. This is a strong load, after which the girl must recover. Most of the female representatives who have become mothers are well aware of what it means to feel overwhelmed.

The fact is that in addition to stress, the body feels physical discomfort. Very often there are internal tears and sprains that continue to torment the young mother for some time after she gave birth. For many women, it’s quite difficult to move at first, so they try to walk as little as possible. Very often, the legs hurt after childbirth, but few people know what the root causes are, what problems may arise in the future, and how to rid yourself of the disease.

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The causes of pain in the legs lie in the fact that during the baby’s exit from the mother’s body, she sprains the spine, pelvic muscles and ligaments in the pubic area. Initially, all these sprains are given to the lower back, but gradually the pain "moves" to the legs. However, it is aching in nature and entails general weakness. Attention should be paid to this symptom, as it may indicate that varicose veins begin. This is a very common ailment that occurs in young mothers due to the fact that during pregnancy, the volume of blood increases, which presses on the veins, expanding them.

Moreover, if a woman has a weak vascular system, which cannot provide a sufficiently rapid outflow of blood, this leads to stagnation in the legs. Against this background, the general blood flow slows down, which can contribute to the occurrence of various deviations. So, let's say you have varicose veins, but then what to do? Firstly, you need to see a doctor and carry out all his appointments, and secondly, you need to understand that most women have pains in their legs and feet after childbirth, and use special stockings that can relieve unpleasant sensations. At the same time, they should be worn in the morning, while the legs have not yet swollen.

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Other deviations

We have already figured out the reasons why the calves of women’s legs hurt, and now let's talk about what we can do for our legs so that they are healthy and strong. If you do not respond to problems, then you can very quickly earn thrombophlebitis. That is why it is worth using special creams that partially relieve swelling and facilitate the treatment of varicose veins.


Many mothers complain of night cramps. This problem is due to the fact that the body lacks calcium. A similar deviation is called restless legs syndrome. Against this background, the body lacks iron and anemia. Convulsions most often torment women at night.

In this case, do not self-medicate, because the true reason you still can not establish. It is better to immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary drugs to restore the balance of vitamins that are not enough in your body. After a course of treatment, you will forever forget about cramps.

Also, problems with the legs after childbirth can occur due to the fact that the woman carried a very large fetus. In other words, every day I had to live with a load of 10-15 kg, which naturally affected the legs.

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Symptoms of a musculoskeletal system

When a woman’s calf pains, this in any case indicates a violation of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, in order to effectively deal with any ailments, it is necessary to recognize them at an early stage. Suppose a woman has severely sore legs. What to do with this, she decides only after she feels discomfort. In fact, it was necessary to pay attention to the condition of their legs immediately after childbirth. In this case, it would be much easier to find out why the legs hurt. Alarms:

  • Feeling of heaviness.
  • Increased fatigue.
  • The emergence of spider veins.
  • Redness of the legs.
  • Itching
  • Swelling.
  • Aching pain.
  • Rare cramps.
  • Lomota.
  • Inability to actively bend the knees.
  • Fever in some parts of the legs.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor. He will help determine why the legs hurt, and if the cause is clear, he will prescribe a course of treatment. If you fail to establish a specific cause, you will have to take care of the health of your legs. To do this, you need to practice foot massage, as well as take care of them in other ways, which we will talk about below.


This is another reason when my legs hurt after giving birth. While a woman is in the hospital, such phenomena are monitored and treated, but if the pain continues even after discharge from the hospital, then you must make an appointment with a doctor. Phlebitis is an inflammation of the walls of a vein. It can be acute or chronic. The reasons for its development are many, and the last place among them is occupied by labor.

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If the doctor has not found an inflammatory process, then you should contact a kinesiologist or chiropractor. Manual therapy will allow you to quickly restore joints and muscles, and also to establish the work of the whole organism. It is a special impact with the hands that harmonizes the work of muscles and joints. A chiropractor will act on diseased areas through healthy muscles, helping the body restore mobility, correct position of the composition and vertebrae, and improve its function.

Separately, it is growing to consider kinesitherapy, which is physiotherapy. It is aimed at strengthening the musculoskeletal system. This is a great option for young mothers, since the exercises are quite simple and do not require special labor costs. At the same time, they use the spine, thus strengthening the entire body.

Swelling and how to avoid them

In the body of any woman at the end of pregnancy, excess fluid accumulates. This is the answer to the question of why leg joints hurt after childbirth. The most interesting thing is that there is nothing wrong with the accumulation of fluid. This is a natural process that is necessary for the normal course of the birth itself. The condition of a woman is normalized after the birth of the baby, if she has a healthy vascular system. If there are problems in this area, various pathological conditions may occur. Sometimes the situation is very aggravated, which leads to weight gain, and this gives an additional load on the legs. Of course, first of all, all the elements of the musculoskeletal system suffer, and pains occur in the knees and joints. Suppose you have severely sore legs. What to do in such a situation? First you need to remember simple rules:

  • Do not drink plenty of fluids at night.
  • Wear underwear that reduces stress on the body.
  • Eliminate salt from your diet, as it retains fluid in the body.
  • When your legs are horizontal, lay them on any elevation to improve blood circulation.

Preventive exercises

Let's say your legs hurt after giving birth. What to do in this case, if the doctor has not revealed any pathologies? Naturally, there are violations, but, most likely, they are not significant enough to begin treatment. In this case, pain can occur due to the transferred physical stress, which means that they are temporary. Moreover, if your legs begin to hurt after childbirth, then you are able to help yourself. To do this, you should perform simple exercises that will relax the limbs.

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Always stretch your legs when you go to rest. After 10 minutes of such rest, do the exercise. Lower your feet to the floor and begin to put pressure on it with your fingers. After that, bend your leg at the knee and continue to exercise. At this point, you will feel a slight tension in the foot. Hold your position for 5-10 seconds. Then repeat with the second leg. Just enough to do three approaches per day.

The second exercise is also very simple. Every time you sit down or lie down, try to stretch your fingers as far as possible. It is enough to do this exercise every day, spending 3 minutes on it.


Make a foot bath of sea salt several times a week. This will relax the feet, relieve fatigue and ease discomfort. After the bath, it is imperative to do a light relaxing massage. A bath with the addition of sea salt, sodium chloride, a slice of lemon and mint leaves has very good reviews.

Recommended weekly scrub the surface of the legs. For this, it is not necessary to buy ready-made products, you can make a scrub yourself. Combine sugar, lemon, and almond oil until a scrub is found. Remember that after the procedure, you should definitely moisten your limbs.

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Simple fitness

If you have a tennis ball, be sure to use it for physical activity. Sit in a comfortable position and barefoot roll the ball on the floor in different directions. Repeat the exercises about 12 times. This is the simplest massage that can bring great benefits to your feet. By the way, if you can’t have a tennis ball, you can use a container of water.

Also try to walk barefoot as often as possible, this is an excellent prevention of any diseases, as well as excellent hardening for the feet. Get a special rug consisting of small needles that stimulate blood flow. This is a very simple and effective way to keep your feet in good shape.

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Professional Services

If possible, then visit a professional massage therapist as often as possible, and do not neglect spa treatments. Remember that a young mother needs to recover in order to become a strong young woman again and a reliable support for her baby.

Summing up the article, we note that discomfort in the legs after childbirth is quite normal. Another question is how long it lasts and how you fight it. Remember that after childbirth, many women have sore legs. But the most important thing is a timely appeal to the doctor. Also, do not neglect foot massage and other basic procedures that will help relieve fatigue and relax your feet after a long day. Remember that your health largely depends on you. Such trifles as massage and baths, with daily use, can very quickly return strong healthy legs.

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