How to calculate calories for weight loss correctly

Today, quite a lot of people try to lose weight and use various methods for this. All kinds of diets, exercise and calorie counting - all this must be known in order to try to get rid of unnecessary weight.

calculate calories for weight loss

One of the current methods of losing weight is the usual calculation of calories needed for a losing weight person. With the help of such mathematical calculations, you can also keep your weight on the desired figure, and if you wish, even get better without harm to health.

How to count

In order to lose weight, everyone should know how to calculate calories for weight loss correctly. To do this, you need to divide the desired body weight by a standard coefficient of 0.453, and multiply the result by 14 if the calculations are for a woman, or 15 if for a man. Everything is simple. The result of simple calculations is the number of calories that a person should consume during the day.

calorie calculation

Wanting to calculate calories for weight loss, each person must understand for themselves that their consumption should be less than consumption. So, a man working in an office spends about 2800 kcal throughout the day, a woman a little less - 2200. When calculating the approximate calorie intake per day, you need to take into account consumption and not consume more than expected.

Empty calories

Wanting to correctly calculate calories for weight loss, everyone should know that there is such a thing as "empty calories." This means that these substances are absorbed by the body, without any additional benefits. So, for example, in a glass of freshly squeezed orange fresh, you can count, in addition to 112 calories, a daily dose of vitamin C, as well as other trace elements important for the body. A similar glass of ordinary orange soda has about 120 kcal, but all these substances are empty, because do not carry any more beneficial load on the body. Similar may be examples of ordinary chicken broth and broth made from chicken cube, etc.

how to calculate calories for weight loss
Hidden Calories

When figuring out how to correctly calculate calories for losing weight, you should also consider hidden calories. There are similar ones in products, the composition of which a person does not know thoroughly. For example, no one but the restaurant staff knows the calorie content of one or another dish. It is also impossible to correctly calculate the number of these elements in an ordinary hot dog, bought in a stall, or cookies, eaten during breaks at work. Therefore, quick snacks are considered harmful, and in medicine this is even called "food licentiousness." By the way, such a phenomenon is strictly condemned by nutritionists.

Final numbers

Correctly calculate calories for weight loss for any person is not difficult. Detailed calorie tables of all products are easy to find if desired, depending on this you can also plan your diet. A plus is that if you wish, you can not give up your favorite dishes. But lovers of sweet or starchy foods will have to reduce their diet very much, because these foods are most saturated with calories. The most useful are fresh and boiled vegetables and fruits. Here they can satisfy your hunger and not gain excess weight.


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