Diet for high cholesterol: what to exclude, what to add

Medications can lower cholesterol. But you can do this with proper nutrition.

high cholesterol diet

Each person should have fats on the menu, but their consumption must be limited. A diet with high cholesterol involves the rejection of fatty meat - pork, goose meat and duck. It is better to include foods such as nuts, fish, vegetable oils in the diet , as the unsaturated fats contained in them balance the various fractions of cholesterol in the direction of its useful form.

A diet to lower cholesterol is simple. It is recommended to use vegetable oil without additional heat treatment, adding it to salads, cereals and other dishes. It is preferable to use linseed, soybean, olive, cottonseed oil.

Sea fish is rich in useful microelements. It has a lot of phosphorus and iodine. Essential omega-fatty acids regulate cholesterol. Nutritionists recommend eating marine fish twice a week.

diet for high cholesterol table

Dietary fiber is beneficial for the body. There are a lot of it in green leafy vegetables - cabbage, greens, lettuce. Recommended for daily use of more than 35 g of fiber. Absolutely provide the body with fiber-rich diet with high cholesterol, which includes oat, rice, or millet porridge for breakfast, soup, bran and fruit for lunch, and a light salad and legumes for dinner.

An excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids are nuts. Although it is fatty food, their daily use in small quantities is welcome. For a day you can eat 30 grams of various nuts. It is 18 pcs. cashews, 20 - almonds, 5-6 - walnuts, 8 - Brazilian.

Fruits, vegetables and juices also offer a diet for high cholesterol. A table of five-day use of juices is given below. They are drunk twice between meals.

1 day - 100 g of tomato juice and as much celery
2 day - 50 g of cucumber juice, 50 g of pumpkin juice, 100 g of tomato juice with pulp
3 day - 50 g of celery juice, 50 g of apple with pulp and 100 g of grapefruit
4 day - 100 g of pomegranate juice, 100 g of apple
5 day - 100 g celery, 100 g grapefruit juice

Yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, milk, kefir, cheese cannot be excluded from the menu. Only give preference to low-fat and low-fat dairy products.

Inclusion in the diet of products for the preparation of which used margarine or other cooking fats is not welcome . These include cakes, cakes, cookies, muffins, chocolate and other pastries.

diet to lower cholesterol

A diet with high cholesterol is used as a preventative measure. It is proposed to exclude the use of fried potatoes, chops, chicken. It is better to bake a lean variety of meat, poultry or fish in the oven or cook for a couple. Vegetable oil must be added to the finished dish. It would be good to refuse canned, smoked and salted products. A little useful in sausage, sausages, brisket. Mayonnaise, fat sour cream, desserts and ice cream are not welcome.

Large numbers of eggs should not be abused yet. Two pieces are enough for a whole week.

If high blood cholesterol levels are detected, cooking methods should be strictly monitored, if possible excluding animal fats from the diet. The diet used for high cholesterol is one of the best helpers in solving health problems.


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