Does it matter how many calories in sauerkraut

There are a number of cabbage based diets. The reasons for this are many. The first, of course, is the low-calorie product. The second is the content of fiber, vitamins and trace elements. The third is the ability to cook a vegetable in different ways.

how many calories in sauerkraut

Not only in Russia, but also in many other countries, the basis of the vegetable diet is made up of different varieties of cabbage. For example, in Korea, from time immemorial, they have been making kimchi (pickled Beijing cabbage). In Siberia and the Far East, it leads among vegetables harvested for the winter. Is it possible to talk about Germany without remembering its fried sausages with sauerkraut? This is a classic of German cuisine.

When choosing products for fasting days, the question of how many calories comes to the forefront of a person. There is only 19 in sauerkraut, and this is an opportunity to survive a diet without hunger. It has a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, allowing you not to earn vitamin deficiency, limiting yourself in nutrition.

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In addition, how many calories are in sauerkraut, a person watching his figure will undoubtedly be pleased with the fact that the vegetable is rich in fiber. In his power to improve digestion and normalize the intestinal microflora. Moreover, it will beneficially affect the immune system as a whole.

You will not be very interested in how many calories in sauerkraut, if you know that it can normalize the metabolic processes of your body, gently cleanse the intestines, and most importantly - increase stress resistance. The only thing worth considering is contraindications for those who suffer from gastric ulcer. Due to fermentation, lactic acid is released in the product, which can harm the body. She has no other contraindications.

How many calories in sauerkraut depends on the method of preparation. For example, in frozen - 18, and in boiled - only 16, in fried calories will reach 34 per 100 g. Agree that even the most high-calorie option, in comparison with other vegetables, has much more advantages. Consequently, you can easily eat a cabbage when you feel hungry, which will protect you from “breakdowns” and allow you to follow a diet to the end.

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White cabbage is considered ideal for dietary nutrition. Its composition is completely free of fats, the nutritional value of products prepared on its basis, is able to satisfy the body's need for such trace elements as potassium and vitamin C. It is tasty both in boiled and in fried form. Stew cabbage, bake, sour and pickle. It is incredibly tasty fresh and stuffed. The fantasy of cooks is endless when it comes to cabbage.

Also, based on it, more than one calorie diet has been created , allowing people who are overweight to lose weight without experiencing a terrible feeling of hunger. There is a mono-diet. There is low-calorie, enriched in fiber, the diet of which, in addition to cabbage, includes oranges and apples. The famous diet based on cabbage soup, which allowed many to say goodbye to extra pounds.

Lose weight with pleasure and benefit. Be healthy.


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