Diet for the brain: a list of products

The most amazing and unexplored organ is the human brain. According to studies, this body has its own "whims", the failure of which may adversely affect its work. Today there is such a thing as a diet for the brain, which ensures its full activity.

diet for the brain

It has long been proven that our intellectual abilities and memory depend on the characteristics of nutrition. Improper nutrition of a pregnant woman, an unbalanced diet of a small child have a very negative effect on mental abilities. No less important is what we eat throughout life.

Key recommendations

It is very important to ensure proper nutrition of the brain, because even while we are resting, it continues to work. This is especially true during a period of increased mental stress. Low-calorie diets can lead to poor memory. Experts who study the capabilities of the brain recommend, during periods when the hard work of our main organ is necessary, eat in such a way that the calorie content of breakfast is 35% of the daily calorie intake, lunch and dinner - 25%. The remaining 15% are snacks.

There is an opinion that sugar and sweets are necessary for the brain to work during intense mental work. This statement is true, since glucose, which enters the body, stimulates brain activity.

green tea

By eating bread or cereal for breakfast, we provide the brain with the glucose it needs. The effect of the use of sugar in its pure form is felt almost immediately, but is short-lived. To prevent a rapid increase in blood sugar, the body produces insulin. As a result, after a short-term increase in strength, working capacity, mental activity sharply decrease, a person feels weakness.

Improves the ability of the brain to eat with beans, rice, nuts, bread or granola. Due to the presence of polysaccharides or complex sugar compounds in these products, the sensation of a surge of strength and freshness will last much longer. The reviews of many people suggest that after such a breakfast, a person's activity and performance increase.

For health, our body also needs fats. But with excessive use of them, the body metabolizes sugar more slowly. Foods high in fat will inhibit mental performance.

To maintain clarity of thinking, the body needs a protein, due to which the brain energy increases, the processes of thinking are activated, and reactions improve. Therefore, the diet of schoolchildren should include proteins of animal or vegetable origin.

The brain and memory also need vitamins and minerals. If necessary, multivitamin complexes can be added to the diet. For the normal course of brain processes, the following trace elements and compounds are needed:

- Bor. Its source is grapes, apples, pears, broccoli.

- Zinc. Helps to improve memory and increase concentration. Contained in products such as sea fish, turkey meat, legumes, bread.

- Iron. It enters the body from dried fruits, green vegetables, low-fat meat, liver, beans. Thanks to iron, concentration and memory are improved.

- Magnesium. Provides good functioning of the nervous system. Its source is bananas, peanuts, skim milk.

- Calcium. Thanks to him, the nervous system functions normally. Calcium contains dairy products, oranges and dried apricots.

- Potassium. Good for the nervous system, like magnesium. To provide the body with potassium, you need to eat oranges, dairy products and dried apricots.

- Vitamin B1. An active participant in the processes of the release of chemical substances that affect memory from nerve cells. Source - nuts, wheat bran, lean meat and cereals.

- Vitamin B2. Helps improve memory. To enrich the body with this vitamin, you should pay attention to low-fat dairy products, products from wholemeal flour.

- Vitamin B9. Contained in citrus fruits, bread, beans, honey. Helps to create and maintain new cells in a healthy state.

- Vitamin B12. Increases efficiency, improves memory, helps to reduce the symptoms of senile dementia. The main source is meat.

- Vitamin C. Promotes Intellectual Ability. Sources - fresh fruits and vegetables.

Products for the full functioning of the brain

Everything that is necessary for the normal functioning of our brain is already present in food. A diet for the brain, judging by the opinions of many people, helps to improve memory, increase mental acuity and improve mood. What foods should be added to your diet?


With dehydration, the concentration of attention decreases , irritability increases. Scientists have found that it is more difficult for people who are thirsty to cope with logical tasks.


Nuts are a source of protein that supplies the brain with energy and prevents premature aging. In addition, they contain lecithin, in the absence of which the development of multiple sclerosis and other diseases of the nervous system is possible. It is useful for students and schoolchildren to use hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts.

coffee and chocolate


A sufficient amount of greens in the diet allows you to maintain clarity of mind until old age. Spinach, dill, parsley, basil, cilantro and other herbs contain folic acid, vitamins E and K, antioxidants. Thanks to this composition, the use of greens protects against dementia, prevents strokes, and prevents the development of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.


Fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that can break down harmful enzymes, regulate blood cholesterol and improve blood vessels. This ensures the normal functioning of the heart and brain.

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts

Broccoli is a source of vitamin K and boron, which positively affect brain activity. The use of Brussels sprouts helps to increase concentration.

for brain work


Chicken egg yolk is a source of choline, due to which many brain functions develop, and the ability to understand, understand, study, perceive and process information increases. Eggs must be present in the children's diet.

Green tea

Green tea is a real elixir that improves memory, improves mood and attention. It contains catechins antioxidants that protect brain cells from aging. The use of this drink helps to reduce bad cholesterol, normalize blood pressure, and reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Green tea is so healthy that it is even used during the treatment of multiple sclerosis.


Cocoa beans contain flavanol. This antioxidant helps improve cerebral circulation, prevents oxidative processes that provoke senile dementia. A cup of cocoa per day improves brain function and prevents the development of sclerosis.

for brain and memory


It contains substances that stimulate the brain. Long-term use of garlic improves memory, prevents age-related changes in the brain.

The apples

They contain quercetin, which is able to protect brain cells from damage. Most of it is contained in the peel. The use of apples and apple juice allows you to maintain clarity of mind until old age, protects against memory loss and decreased intelligence.


Tomatoes contain lycopene. It eliminates free radicals that damage brain cells and provoke the development of dementia. Melatonin, which is found in tomatoes, inhibits the aging of brain cells.

Coffee and chocolate

Scientists have found that caffeine enhances attention and short-term memory, improves reactions, and increases activity. The use of chocolate is useful for increased mental stress. Glucose and flavonols, which are found in chocolate, help improve memory, speed up reactions and speed of thinking.

brain abilities

Coffee and chocolate help get rid of depression, as they stimulate the production of endorphin. Thanks to this, you can even get rid of a very bad mood. This is evidenced by the reviews of fans of these products.

Red wine

A small amount of wine favorably affects the processes of thinking, the coherence of speech, increases the concentration of attention. Fermented grape juice contains antioxidants that inhibit brain aging.

How to help the brain

Like any other organ, our brain sometimes needs help. It is best in this case to give him a break. This will help a dream or a change of occupation from mental to physical.

In the event that this is impossible, and it is necessary to activate brain activity right now, a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice, a few any nuts or pieces of chocolate will help. Overeating is undesirable, otherwise the brain may switch to regulate the processes of digestion of food.

Harmful products

In order for the diet to benefit the brain, foods harmful to brain activity must be avoided.

The use of alcohol harms the normal functioning of the brain. There is a spasm of blood vessels, and then the destruction of brain cells.

Do not overload food. Excess salt leads to moisture retention in the body, because of this, blood pressure rises, which can lead to hemorrhagic stroke.

Fatty meat is also of little use. Its use leads to an increase in cholesterol, which provokes the development of cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Many chemicals harmful to the brain are found in carbonated sugary drinks, crackers, sausages and other long-term storage products.

brain stimulation

In order for the work of all brain structures to be coordinated and not to malfunction, it is necessary to eat fully. Sitting on the next rigid diet, think about how this will affect the work of our main body. After all, he is responsible for the coordinated work of the whole organism. A diet for the brain should include all the necessary products for its normal activity.


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