Pleasant with useful: cocktails with ginger for weight loss

Translated from Sanskrit, "ginger" means nothing more than "a remedy for all ailments." Over the centuries, Indian Ayurveda have used the healing properties of this tropical root to treat absolutely all diseases, from rheumatism to dementia. And in fact, any other product can hardly boast of such a unique set of vitamins and microelements. Essential oils not only give it a piquant taste, but also purify the blood, improve memory, burn fats. The latter property is especially attractive for those who want to lose weight. All kinds of dishes, salads, teas, cocktails with ginger for weight loss have become part of the famous diets.

slimming ginger cocktails

Until recently, we looked with surprise at this bizarre root on supermarket shelves. And today, many have already tasted ginger. Spicy, spicy and juicy, it is no longer perceived as an addition to sushi in Japanese restaurants, but as a quite worthy component of our plant menu. So, we prepare teas and cocktails with ginger for weight loss - and, consequently, we lose weight!

fat burning cocktail with ginger

To begin with, the inclusion of this spicy-spicy product in the diet does not always and not immediately happen for the sole purpose: to lose those extra pounds. Those who already habitually hold the treasured spine in the refrigerator grab it at the first sign of a cold, cough. Added to hot tea, it has excellent bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties. It makes you feel worse than the usual raspberry tea (without detracting from the dignity of your favorite berry). If you add a spoonful of honey, a slice of lemon to the same tea, or cut an apple into it, you will have both medicine and a fat-burning cocktail with ginger!

cocktail lemon ginger

As soon as we started talking about losing weight, we will get acquainted with a couple of recipes for delicious and effective drinks with this oriental root. Oh, how much time was wasted, until we knew about the wonderful effect of ginger! But the miracle is that this product powerfully enhances metabolism, removing all unnecessary products from the body, including excess fat. And the problem of obesity, in fact, is not that a person eats a lot, but that his metabolic processes go badly.

So, teas and smoothies with ginger for weight loss. We have already talked about one drink, however, in connection with colds. But the fact is that ginger, being in any dish or drink, whether fresh or in the form of seasoning, actively burns fat. If you take the habit of adding several thin slices of this spice to the tea each time (ten to fifteen grams), then the extra fat does not threaten you. But real ginger tea is brewed like this: two tablespoons with a top of grated ginger, finely chopped half of a lemon are poured with boiling water (1.5 l), covered with a lid and steamed under a towel. A little later, 5-6 tablespoons of honey are added. You can drink it in an hour.

Such a cocktail is very tasty and effective: lemon, ginger (100 g), fresh from six carrots, a tablespoon of grated celery, mix two glasses of mineral water in a blender, pour into a beautiful glass and garnish with a sprig of mint on top. Awesome feeling!

slimming ginger cocktails

Sometimes cocktails with ginger for weight loss combine the incompatible - as it seems to us. So, if you add half a teaspoon of ground ginger and cinnamon to a glass of kefir, mix, let stand for 15 minutes and drink half an hour before meals, and so three times a day for a whole week - you really lose weight.

However, one should not forget about contraindications. Since ginger is a hot product, it is better to forget about ulcers, allergies, and cores. And at night it is undesirable to take it - it too raises the tone.


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