Proper nutrition for weight loss. Menu Tips

Friends, the issue of excess weight has recently been very relevant. For example, according to Trust for America's Health, 2/3 of Americans are overweight. And our statistics claim that over half of Russian citizens suffer from excess weight.

Before talking about a balanced diet for weight loss, a menu for a slim figure and offering certain tips, we’ll list a number of reasons leading to overweight or even obesity.

  • Fast food, which is used "on the run" due to lack of time;
  • Psychological aspect: low-calorie, but high-calorie foods are cheaper than healthy foods;
  • Office work, lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle.

Something needs to be done, right? You do not need to do anything, you just need to know and follow certain rules. You need proper nutrition for weight loss, a menu with the addition of healthy foods.

The energy value of the food consumed must be consistent with energy consumption. For example, after eating a portion of sausages, we get a certain number of kilocalories. In order to use them up, you need a walk or a run.

Approximately the same amount of calories adds one cake, but does not bring any benefits to the body. No, we do not call for a complete rejection of sweets, but we will have to take care to remember about proper nutrition for weight loss. The menu, including even a couple of extra pieces of bread “looking at night”, during the year adds a couple of extra kilograms of weight to your body.

How to eat to "lose" excess weight?

If we maintain proper nutrition for weight loss, the menu must include dietary fiber. They contain pectin and fiber, which stimulate the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, while they do not have calories. Contains dietary fiber in rice, wheat, barley, oats. Also in nuts, in sunflower seeds, peanuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

In these very fibers there is no calorie content, they are not absorbed, while improving the absorption of food. Creating a feeling of satiety, dietary fiber allows you to avoid overeating.

Do not overeat!

Without reducing your daily food intake, losing weight will not work. At least for a start it is worth trying to completely refuse any food four hours before bedtime. Do it all at ease. If you attach extreme importance to the process, the body can resist. Do not lose heart if it does not work out the first time. When it starts to work, then start to reduce portions and take one piece of bread less.

You can also practice fractional nutrition for weight loss, that is, eat more often, but little by little. With this approach, in the daytime, small meals are taken every three hours. This technique of nutrition allows us to accelerate the metabolism in our body, to facilitate the process of assimilation of the body food of the nutrients contained in it.

With fractional nutrition, fat deposits are burned more intensively. The conclusion suggests itself, right?

See how over time this procedure will become an exciting experience, and excess weight will begin to recede.

Goodies for losing weight

  • Sea kale contains the optimal amount of iodine, removes toxins from the body and has a saturation effect;
  • Cocoa butter stimulates fat burning. Chocolate is suitable only bitter, without fillers;
  • Calcium intake during overeating will inhibit absorption.


Starvation is not helpful, especially without consulting a doctor. Proper nutrition for weight loss is useful, the menu of which should contain the necessary vitamins and more than one hundred names of micro and macro elements daily. With insufficient amounts of vitamins, the attraction to fatty foods increases.

Be healthy, slim and happy!


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