Pomelo. Calorie content is small, and the benefits are huge

Pomelo, pompelmus, Chinese grapefruit - all these are different names for one citrus plant. Its homeland is Southeast Asia, but these days Tahiti, India, the USA, southern China and Japan also boast the cultivation of this fruit. A pomelo fruit attracts attention with its large size: its average diameter is 30 cm, and pomelo giants can weigh about 10 kg. The round, pear-shaped or flattened fruits with a pale green or yellow peel have a light, pinkish, sometimes even bright red flesh inside, which has a sweet and sour taste.

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However, they love this fruit not only for their pleasant taste - the medicinal properties of the broomstick really have a positive effect on human health. By the way, the choice of fruit should be treated with special attention, because only a fresh and fragrant fruit has much-needed properties.

What is the benefit of a pomelo and who should more often indulge in this fruit?

To begin with, like any citrus fruit, the pomelo contains a significant amount of ascorbic acid, which provides significant support to the body at any time, and especially during the cold season.

Vitamin A, vitamins of group B, valuable minerals, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and sodium improve the overall tonus of a person and, accordingly, increase his efficiency and uplift his mood.

Pomelo, whose calorie content is about 28-36 kcal / 100g - just a godsend for those who want to lose weight. Mono-diet or fasting days with the inclusion of this product will benefit the body. In addition, the pomelo is very tasty. In addition, it contains a special enzyme that can break down fats and reduce the content of sugar and starch. Addiction to obesity is another reason to try pomelo. Its calorie content is low, which means that you can and should eat fruit.

Suffer from insomnia, diabetes? Does the throat hurt and the stomach bother?

healing properties of pomelo

Pomelo is useful in a variety of diseases, including atherosclerosis and bronchial asthma. It is worth noting that the benefit will bring not only the use of the pulp of the fetus. Inhaling the essential oils contained in the peel, you can facilitate nasal breathing and even reduce fever.

Bioflavonoids, which are rich in peel, inhibit the development of cancer cells. Another most valuable property is a decrease in cholesterol and, as a result, the normalization of the heart and cardiovascular system. And the pectin contained in this fruit will help tidy up blood pressure.

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The pleasant sweetness of the pomelo, whose calorific value is low, makes it an original component of a variety of dishes. It can be not only fruit desserts. A gourmet appetizer of salmon fillet, pomelo pulp and spinach will decorate any table. Shrimp in combination with fresh celery and pomelo make a delicious salad. From peel make candied fruits, as well as sweet soups. Garnish the ice cream with a slice of pomelo - the calorie content of the dessert will decrease. Residents of Thailand and the Philippines eat a broom, after dipping it in a mixture of salt, black pepper, chili and sugar. Amazing combination, agree?

Having bought a fragrant fruit pomelo for yourself and loved ones, you will get not only a delicious fruit. Good mood and good health will enter your home with it.

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