Anticholesterol diet

Many people know that high cholesterol in the blood leads to the development of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, to reduce the likelihood of developing a stroke and heart attack, it is necessary to adhere to an anticholesterol diet.

The main principle of the anticholesterol diet is to limit the intake of animal fats, since they are the cause of the appearance of cholesterol plaques. Proper and regular adherence to the rules that the anticholesterol diet provides is the key to successful weight loss, because at the same time, the risk of developing heart and vascular diseases is reduced by reducing blood cholesterol by 10-12%.

This diet is mainly used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, therefore, when it is followed, you do not need to starve. The only condition is to review the nutrition system and make some adjustments to the diet.

Anti-cholesterol diet: basic rules

When observing the anticholesterol diet , the following rules must be strictly observed:

  • meat in the diet should be only lean, that is, without fat;
  • it is necessary to completely exclude meat semi-finished products from the diet - sausages, sausages, lard and similar products;
  • butter should be replaced with olive.

There are foods that lower high cholesterol. Anti-cholesterol diet includes all kinds of berries and fruits, which after cooking become “jelly-like”, low-fat dairy products (cheese fat content should not exceed 30%), boiled chicken eggs, but not more than 3 pieces per week. Also in this category are the fruits of the legume family - beans, peas, lentils, finished products that do not include coconut and butter and fish meat.

Diet Approved Foods

The list of the above products is general, so now we will consider specific products that work to lower cholesterol. The diet allows:

  • dairy products: not fatty kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, cottage cheese, Ayran;
  • vegetables: cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes, beets, carrots and potatoes;
  • fruits: kiwi, peach, apricots, grapes;
  • berries: watermelon, melon, strawberries, different currants;
  • greens and herbs: parsley, dill, green salad, chicory, spinach;
  • citrus fruits: grapefruit, lemon;
  • vegetable and fish soups;
  • peas, beans, lentils.

For drinking, you can use green tea, vegetable and fruit juices (preferably freshly prepared), not too sweet compote or decoction of dried fruits, as well as red wine (cahors or dessert wines).

Foods that the cholesterol diet restricts

The category of "limited" foods includes:

  • seafood;
  • baked lean meat;
  • pasta;
  • bakery products;
  • dark chocolate, sugar, mousse and jelly;
  • sunflower oil;
  • skim milk products.

Diet-Prohibited Products

However, there are products whose use is strictly prohibited. These include:

  • fatty meat, especially goose, duck or pork;
  • fat in any form;
  • oily fish, especially river fish;
  • fatty dairy products, especially milk, homemade cottage cheese, sour cream;
  • margarine, butter, mayonnaise;
  • instant soups and cereals;
  • roast potatoes;
  • semi-finished products (dumplings, dumplings, pancakes and similar products);
  • sweets, especially white and milk chocolate.

If you strictly follow the rules and recommendations provided by the anti-cholesterol diet, then after a short time the result will be noticeable - a reduced indicator of cholesterol in the blood and, as a result, good health. Also, to increase the effectiveness of this diet, physical activity is required: walking in the fresh air, running, cycling, swimming.


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