What fruits can I eat with a stomach ulcer: a list of allowed, a positive effect on the work of the stomach and an approximate menu for an ulcer

What fruits can I eat with a stomach ulcer? Which are completely contraindicated? Everything that we ingest nourishes us with energy. This is especially true for vegetables, fruits and berries in the summer season. In the summer and in the fall we must be saturated with vitamins for the whole winter. But what about someone who has ulcers, and some foods, such as grapes, cause severe pain?

So, we will figure out which fruits and berries are useful for the mucosa at a certain level of acidity, and which will bring a new aggravation closer?

Causes of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer

Inattentive attitude to one's diet, frequent smoking, the habit of eating too hot and fried at night and cold hot dogs with mustard during the day are all unfavorable factors that lead to stomach problems. In particular, to gastritis, and then to an ulcer. Helicobacter bacteria aggravate mucosal inflammation. But most often they are not the root cause of the disease, because in the stomach in completely healthy people who never complain of pain, they also find the bacterium. But it does not harm them.

how does an ulcer form

The ulcer is already being treated in a hospital. Pain with ulceration of the protective mucous membrane is very stylish. The patient is practically unable to work. After a course of treatment in a hospital, a person is sent home. But first they inform about the need to observe special nutritional rules.

A diet called Table No. 1 is prescribed - sparing nutrition for stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers. Particular attention in this diet is given to fresh fruits and vegetables. However, they must also be used wisely.

Low and high acidity of the stomach

Fruits and vegetables with a stomach ulcer should be eaten chopped. Each fruit has its own set of useful components. For some patients, useful, for others - not very. Those who have atrophic gastritis with low acidity have their own diet, for patients with frequent diarrhea, a different diet. And for those who have increased acidity - the third.

What fruits can I eat with a stomach ulcer, given acidity? That’s what we’ll discuss.

Table number 1 with an ulcer. Nutrition rules

The nutritional rules should be followed strictly. You can not treat an ulcer inattentively. There is a high risk that sores will develop into stomach cancer. The gastric mucosa is completely renewed in a few days. Therefore, if you take up the treatment well, then the stomach can be cured.

But the daily menu has a huge impact. Many fruits with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer are not recommended to eat. Others, on the contrary, due to their composition, are a therapeutic agent for inflamed mucosa.

epigastric pain

How to eat? Firstly, it is important not to drink after eating at least half an hour. It is better to eat 5-6 times a day, in small portions, so as not to overload your stomach. A diet needs to be selected nutritious, so that it contains a lot of micronutrients, but less fat. All food must be properly processed, and moderately warmed up. The amount of salt is best reduced in the diet. The best diet for an ulcer patient is diet No. 1, where there is a place for healthy cereals, soups, vegetables and fruits, but there is no place for fried and fatty foods.

In our article we will discuss the benefits and harms of the gastric and duodenal mucosa of the most popular and most beloved fruits.

Is it possible fruit with a stomach ulcer

Nutrition is selected individually for each patient complaining of pain in the stomach. If after analysis it is clearly established that the patient has not just inflammation, but already has ulcers, then many fruits will be contraindicated before wound healing.

If there is a stomach ulcer, fruits can be eaten only by those that do not contain irritating mucous acid. Some fruits are considered relatively safe for the mucosa. Others are highly undesirable, while still others are oranges, for example, completely banned.

oatmeal with gastritis

The patient will need to study in detail his illness: what acidity, where is the ulcer located, is it one, or several of them; and then you need to study the composition of the products. It is important to constantly evaluate your condition after eating - does the stomach eat what is eaten, or does it cause excruciating conditions - belching, pain, fermentation, bursting, other?

Now it’s clear - fruits with gastric ulcer and gastritis need to be selected individually.

Healthy fruits and berries for the mucosa

We discuss all the nuances of the proper use of fruits. Fruits with a stomach ulcer are at least some kind of. Why does the body get vitamins? After all, the main diet in a period of acute pain is frayed soups and cereals. What fruits can I eat with a stomach ulcer? What is the true stomach benefit of some fruits? Will be useful:

  • quince;
  • plums
  • bananas
  • apples
  • avocado;
  • pears
  • persimmon.

Persimmon, like banana, is a very positive fruit in terms of an almost complete absence of acids. But it contains iron, carotene, and other elements that improve the general condition.

These fruits do not injure the stomach, as they do not contain acid. Sweet fruits saturate the body with useful substances, but do not destroy the mucosa with their acids.

Fruits and vegetables. How to cook

It is important to process all vegetables and fruits with a disease such as an ulcer. A large amount of fiber to the stomach is problematic to process.

Fruits and vegetables must be specially processed when consumed. Apples, for example, should be grated, baked pumpkin in the oven, avocado and quince are best cut into small pieces. If there is a period of exacerbation, the more you need to be careful. Then the peel of the fruit is peeled and mashed, as for a one-year-old child. You can cook smoothies, juices, fruit compotes to make the diet more diverse.

It is better to make jelly from quince, since the product is too tart in its raw form. Any jelly, from various fruits, will be an excellent food for a patient with an inflamed gastric mucosa. They perfectly saturate and envelop the walls of the stomach at the same time, they feel much better after such a meal. But in this case, all vitamins, trace elements are lost.

Still, raw fruits also need to be consumed little by little. Fiber per day requires 30-50 g for each person. You can get it from brown bread, but bread will not give many micronutrients.

What fruits should not be eaten

It is absolutely known that fruits containing acid only harm with erosive damage to the mucous membrane. Only sweet fruits are recommended.

The list of prohibited sweets is as follows:

  • Garnet;
  • orange;
  • grapefruit;
  • peach;
  • kiwi;
  • pineapples
  • melons
  • figs.

The listed products are best left on the store shelf. Citrus fruits are contraindicated for any acidity: both high and low. It is also forbidden to eat melon, even when the patient feels rather well. This fruit is not as easily digested as it seems.

Useful berries for an ulcer

What else can I eat during the remission period? You can expand your diet at this time. Fruits and berries with a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer can be eaten raw, but chopped on a blender is much better.

What berries are healthy? In the summer, berries such as raspberries, strawberries, black currants are very useful. But red currants and gooseberries are too sour. They do not need to be eaten raw. It is better to be careful with cherries and cherries. Watermelons are possible only in the period of stable remission - no more than 2 cloves per day.

The benefits of bananas for gastritis and ulcers

Still, what kind of fruit can I eat with a stomach ulcer? The most useful for ulcers are ripe sweet bananas. They are recommended by doctors and with chronic gastritis, and with an ulcer. They have the ability to heal the mucous membrane. Therefore, one banana should be eaten 30 minutes before dinner (but not in the morning on an empty stomach). These tropical fruits contain sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, a lot of potassium. Among the vitamins - B1, B2, B9, vitamin A and C.

bananas for gastritis

Bananas regulate the acid-base balance in the body, help in the work of the intestines, raise the level of the hormone of happiness and improve the functioning of the heart. In addition, bananas improve the functioning of the nervous system. You can eat them fresh and in the form of mashed potatoes. For people with low acidity - this is generally an indispensable product - they need to eat 2-3 fruits a day. But with high acidity - it is better not more than 1 per day. And only after eating.

It will be very good for the stomach if you cook with a blender a banana-berry or banana-mint cocktail.

Apples and pears for ulcers

No less healthy than bananas are our regular apples. The fiber they contain is called pectin. Such fiber does not harm the stomach. And as soon as the aggravation passes, you can and should immediately begin to eat apples, mashed as mashed potatoes at the beginning. And then, if the remission lasts a long time, eat whole apples.

apples and gastritis

Apples are eaten with carrots and sour cream. You can make fruit drinks, jelly and bake in the oven. But there is one rule. It is better to eat apples of sweet varieties raw. Sour green apples will still injure the mucous membrane with their irritating effect.

Apples are especially needed for those with bleeding ulcers. Who hemoglobin is lost with blood. After all, as you know, apples more than other fruits raise the level of hemoglobin. But it is not necessary to improve blood with pomegranate, since pomegranate contains a lot of vitamin C.

Pears are also completely safe for the stomach. They also have a huge amount of vitamins: there is vitamin A, PP (nicotinic acid), K, and riboflavin - vitamin B2. This is a great way to get the necessary complex of vitamins and minerals without fear of complications. However, with dried pears, you need to be careful and monitor your health.

Is it possible grapes

We explained which fruits can be eaten with a stomach ulcer, and which cannot. Grapes are a prohibited product. Both dark and light varieties are contraindicated. Although it is extremely beneficial for the body, it is better for ulcer patients to find all its beneficial elements in other foods or supplements.

It is known that grape berries cause unpleasant symptoms - bloating, heartburn, colic. Grapes cause fermentation, getting into an acidic environment, and this is very harmful and painful for those suffering from pain in the stomach. Even a small amount of juice causes discomfort in patients. Moreover, you can not drink wine. But you can eat raisins, dried grapes in moderation.

Olives in the diet

What are olives useful for? Olives have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire system - on the intestines, stomach, pancreas. Olive oil is recommended every day to drink 1 tbsp. spoon before breakfast, lunch and dinner. About 20-30 minutes before meals.

the benefits of olives

This product, like apples, contains pectin. This substance removes toxins from the body.

Are dried fruits allowed

Dried fruits are in many ways dangerous for ulcer patients. When you adhere to a strict diet, do not risk deviating from the dietary rules that the gastroenterologist gave you.

But during the period of remission, you can eat a couple of dried slices of your favorite fruit. From a very small amount of dried apricots there will be no harm. As well as from several grapes, your ulcer will not grow instantly in size. If you really like, for example, dried apricots, raisins, dried figs, then twice a month (if your stomach does not hurt) you can afford to feast on yourself. In any case, it is much more useful than cigarettes or sweet rolls. Dried fruits retain useful elements, unlike those fruits that have undergone heat treatment.

dried fruits. is it possible with an ulcer

It is recommended to make dried fruit compotes. Their benefits can hardly be overestimated for patients with low acidity. But to overdo it with the consumption of compotes or jelly from dried fruits is also not necessary.

Sample menu

As stated above, a day with pain in the stomach you need to eat 5 times. What is included in the daily diet? What fruits can I eat with a stomach ulcer? At first checked or grated on mashed potatoes.

So here is an example.

  • In the morning. Cottage cheese with honey. Tea with herbs. And bread with quince jam.
  • Then mashed soup with ground ingredients.
  • For lunch mashed potatoes and steamed fish. Compote or fruit drink from berries.
  • Kissel from apples and pears.
  • For evening. Sour milk or ryazhenka with rye bread.

The menu for the week is best agreed with a professional nutritionist. If you have a stomach ulcer, fruits can be added to yoghurts.


To maintain health and vitality, you need to eat measured and correct. Each person needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and many other nutrients. Therefore, fruits and vegetables with ulcers or gastritis should be consumed in large quantities, but in grated form. Fruits and vegetables with stomach ulcers are not only possible, but also necessary to eat in sufficient quantities. But be sure to consult a doctor. Find out which fruits in your case are undesirable.

If you are interested in the question of which fruits will be useful for gastric ulcers, the answer is simple - these are all fruits that have a sweet taste and do not contain destructive acids for the mucous membrane.

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