Complex carbohydrates - the main energy provider

One of the main sources of energy is carbohydrates, which, under the action of enzymes located in the gastrointestinal tract, are broken down into sucrose and glucose, the main consumer of which is the brain. In the daily diet of a person, the main energy providers should contain more than fifty percent. They have different chemical composition and form two large classes: simple - monosaccharides, as well as disaccharides and complex carbohydrates - polysaccharides.

The conversion of monosaccharides to glucose occurs quickly, so they are also called fast, and complex - slow.

At first glance, it might seem that you need to consume more foods that do not contain complex carbohydrates, but only simple ones, which are found in large quantities, for example, in sugar and white flour. However, everyone knows that brown bread is healthier than white, and sugar in large quantities is generally harmful. What is the matter here?

And the reason is that if a person receives energy from fast carbohydrates, then he also quickly loses it. A sharp decrease in blood glucose level occurs, and this is very harmful for the body, as a person experiences a sharp decline in strength, attention concentration decreases, short-term memory worsens , and a feeling of hunger very quickly arises.

This does not happen when eating foods containing complex carbohydrates, since when they are broken down, a slow increase in blood glucose level occurs, which allows the body and brain to work at an optimal level for a long time, that is, a person focuses and remembers information better and does not experience hunger for a long time .

It is noted that those schoolchildren or students who receive complex carbohydrates in foods for breakfast or lunch remember the material better than those who eat foods containing monosaccharides. In addition, with a low blood sugar, a person may develop a disease such as hypoglycemia. Many people suffering from this disease do not even know about it. Hypoglycemia manifests itself first in the form of a strong feeling of hunger, which does not go away even after a hearty meal. Signs of this disease are also fatigue and drowsiness occurring after eating, and increased emotionality. And these are not all the symptoms.

Doctors prescribe a high protein diet for such a patient. But for a long time such a painful diet a person cannot sustain, since turning a protein into glucose, the human body spends a huge amount of energy. As a result, the patient abandons her, and wants more sweets than before such treatment.

It is much more effective for patients with hypoglycogenics to receive energy in the form of polysaccharides, that is, a person simply needs to consume foods that contain a variety of complex carbohydrates, for the simple reason that they are much more useful than refined ones.

What foods contain polysaccharides? These are, first of all, those natural products in which there is a lot of starch. These are potatoes, corn, crops from which cereals, flour and pasta are made, as well as various legumes - soy, lentils, peas and beans.

However, people, afraid of getting better, try to consume foods containing complex carbohydrates as little as possible. But it is with starch that up to eighty percent of carbohydrates enter the human body.

The process of starch degradation is long and begins in the mouth under the influence of saliva, and then continues in the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, the beneficial substances obtained after the breakdown of polysaccharides are not only easier to digest, but also leave less toxins after decay, because this forms carbon dioxide, which is removed during breathing, and water.

Thus, in an effort to lose weight and limiting the amount of carbohydrates, a person increases the load on the kidneys and can disrupt salt metabolism in the body. And with prolonged deficiency in the liver cells, fat deposition begins. Hence the conclusion - in order to maintain health and a good figure, a stable sugar level must be maintained in the blood, which means that you need to use only natural products with a high content of complex carbohydrates.


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