How long can I drink tea after eating: recommendations and features

Each person becomes a hostage to his habits, even when they harm his health and well-being. But realizing one’s mistakes is the first step to correcting them. Many of us are so used to drinking food that we don’t even think about whether it is possible to drink water, tea, compote after eating? In this publication, we will briefly talk about the sources of the tea drinking tradition. We’ll also try to find out how many minutes after a meal you can drink tea, why is it better not to indulge in tea while eating?

A Brief History of the Tea Party Tradition

The homeland of tea is considered to be eastern countries. Humanity discovered this drink in the process of searching for healing herbs in about 3 thousand BC. e. He came to the Russian lands somewhere in the XVII century. AD and did not immediately like our ancestors. However, after some time he was nevertheless appreciated.

how much tea can you drink after eating

At first, extremely noble people had the opportunity to enjoy tea (a drink made from tea tree leaves). This ritual was aimed not so much at pragmatic quenching of thirst as at spiritual rapprochement and location of the interlocutor.

When do we drink tea?

There is no unanimous opinion on how best to drink liquid, how much tea can be consumed after a meal, how to drink drinks without harm to the body. Consider the full list of arguments in each of the possible cases.

Tea before meals: features of consumption

The basis of proper nutrition is the proper use of fluids. Recently, this diet has become very fashionable, and all his followers unanimously say that every morning after waking up, you need to drink about 200 ml of water. However, note: not tea, coffee or stewed fruit, namely water. Let’s try to find an explanation of why you should not drink tea before eating.

how much after eating can you drink tea

Arguments that show why you should refuse from tea to food:

  • drinking a drink on an empty stomach provokes profuse secretion of enzymes, dilution of saliva, respectively, can even lead to gastritis or an ulcer;
  • Tea drunk before meals slows down the absorption of food by the gastrointestinal mucosa, as a result of which the human body cannot get the most out of food;
  • the drink has a direct effect on the taste buds, therefore, after drinking tea before eating, a person will not be able to properly feel the taste of food;
  • tea drunk on an empty stomach, although it can quickly quench your thirst, however, it will help slow down the processes of weight loss.

We drink tea after a meal: drinking

how many minutes after eating can I drink tea

As for whether there is a point in drinking tea after a meal, there are no less opinions. The opinions of people in this case are very contradictory.

Some believe that completing a meal with tea can cause significant harm to the body. First of all, it can badly affect the digestive system: the liquid reduces the concentration of enzymes and juice of the stomach, which worsens and significantly slows down the process of splitting food. Also, drunk tea reduces the absorption of nutrients from eaten. Accordingly, after this, the body is forced to re-strain, and this is an additional burden for the stomach, pancreas, duodenum and other digestive organs.

Drinking food with tea threatens a person with increased gas formation and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. If you don’t think about how much tea you can drink after a meal, then its constant use can lead to the development of chronic stomach problems such as low acidity, indigestion, gastritis, and other diseases.

According to another version, the use of tea in any case has a positive effect on both the digestive system and the human body as a whole. It helps to break down the food eaten, it does not erode the enzymes of the stomach, but easily passes through the esophagus, helping to push and digest large pieces of food.

However, you don’t have to make big sacrifices and leave yourself without a favorite habit - you only need to find out how many minutes after eating you can drink tea. Then it is permissible to safely drink your favorite drink.

How long can I drink tea after a meal: the opinion of doctors

Tea is a tonic drink, which, according to experts, is best consumed separately from food, and without the usual bite. Possession of information on how much you can drink tea after eating will not only help you enjoy the taste of the drink without unnecessary interference, but also save you from unpleasant consequences.

Experts do not have a unique solution to the dilemma. So still, how many minutes after eating can you drink tea? This time period depends on the type of products that were consumed before. After all, tea drinking should not continue the meal, but be an independent food intake.

Doctors determine the time period after how much you can drink tea after a meal, as follows. If fruits were eaten before this, then at least half an hour must pass, an hour is given for digesting vegetables, and protein and carbohydrate (meat, sweets, flour products) food are needed for more than two hours.

How to drink your favorite tea so that it is beneficial for the body?

How long can I drink tea after food, we already found out. And now we will figure out what other rules you must adhere to, so that ordinary tea drinking will not only bring pleasure, but also be useful for the body.

how many minutes after eating can I drink tea why

  1. Drinking tea is best without sugar, since a sweet drink is a source of unnecessary carbohydrates and excess calories.
  2. Do not brew the same tea several times, since the drink loses all its usefulness.
  3. Tea must be kept warm, but not cold or hot. A cold drink speeds up the process of food intake in the intestine, which contributes to the subsequent fermentation of carbohydrates and decay of proteins. If you drink cold fatty foods, then this threatens with an attack of pancreatitis. Boiling tea reduces the tone of the intestine, its ability to digest food and reduces the secretion of gastric juices.
  4. Drinking tea to satisfy hunger is a bad habit, as it can harm the stomach.
  5. Among the huge variety of teas, it is recommended to give preference to custard leaf varieties, since they are more useful and natural compared to packaged ones.

Is it possible to drink water tea compote after eating

As you can see, tea is not as simple and harmless a drink as it might seem at first glance, and its improper use can cause irreparable harm to health. However, you should not deprive yourself of such pleasure as a cup of fragrant tea. After reading this article, you will probably find out how much tea you can drink after eating.


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