Diet for blood group 3 (positive). Blood type diet 3rd positive: table

third positive blood type diet

The constant race of life does not always provide us with the opportunity to eat, sleep, and engage in our health on time. We strive to catch up with time, completely forgetting about ourselves. But much depends on proper nutrition, you can even say almost everything! But who knows how to eat right? Experts do not give a clear answer to this question. Some argue that you do not need to eat after five in the evening, others say that it is useful to sit on buckwheat or rice for a week, and still others do not suffer from food at all.

There are many types of diet food, but in this article we will consider how the diet for 3 blood groups is applied (positive).

A little bit about the history of the emergence of 3 blood groups

When medical scientists began to classify people according to blood groups, they identified four main types and an estimated zero. In addition, all people are divided by the presence of antigen (Rhesus) in red blood cells. Everyone who has this antigen is called Rh-positive, who does not have it - Rh-negative.

The third group is quite common, in about a fifth of the total population. It appeared in the human body from the time when active migrations to different parts of the planet began. During this period, people tamed animals suitable for living with them, and also mastered new products for eating that they received from these same animals. Meat and vegetable dishes (as they continued to farm) are ideal for people with a third blood group.

What is the diet for 3 blood groups (positive)

positive blood group 3 diet

Some consider people with such a group lucky. After all, they can eat almost everything, without any special restrictions. It should be noted that with such a diet it is important to pay special attention to physical exercises. The diet for the 3rd blood group includes many products that contain protein, and the obtained proteins (building material for the body) need to be spent somewhere, which is why constant physical training is needed. Swimming (active and calm), fast running, training on simulators, moderate long walking is good.

What foods should be consumed by this group of people?

3 blood group diet

Like any other diet, a diet of the 3rd blood group (positive) has a list of foods that can and should be consumed. Their number is large enough, which allows people with this type of blood to eat varied and tasty. Such products are divided by type, which allows them to be conveniently classified.

What is allowed to eat for people who have 3 blood groups? Diet (table) is presented below.

Product typesUseful Product Names
Meat, eggsRabbit meat, lamb, chicken and quail eggs
SeafoodFlounder, cod, pike perch, trout, hake, mackerel, almost all river and sea fish
DairyYogurt, goat milk, kefir, low-fat cow milk, sour cream, homemade cottage cheese, cheese
Seeds, nutsGround poppy seeds (e.g. in buns)
LegumesBeans, soy in all kinds
CerealsRice, oatmeal, cereal, cookies, bread
SpiceParsley and horseradish are especially useful.
VegetablesRutabaga, various varieties of cabbage, carrots, pepper in all kinds, celery
Fruits, berriesPineapple, cherry plum, banana, grape, plum, coconut, apple
JuicesJuices of all admissible fruits, cranberry and cabbage
Herbal teas, drinksInfusions of ginseng, raspberries, rose hips, green tea

Products that are neutral for these people

blood type diet menu

A diet for blood group 3 (positive) implies the presence of such products that a person can eat, and they will not have a negative effect on his health. These include the following:

  • beef (in all possible forms), lard, liver;
  • almost all seafood is allowed except caviar, seaweed and crayfish;
  • cream, processed cheese, cow's milk with a high percentage of fat content, whey;
  • butter;
  • walnuts, almonds;
  • peas, soybeans, beans;
  • flour (not soft wheat), pasta, semolina, freshly baked buns, bread;
  • all kinds of spices and additives are neutral, except for ketchup and mayonnaise;
  • You can eat almost all kinds of vegetables.

What foods can not be used for people with 3 positive blood types?

There are almost no restrictions for people in the use of many products if they have a third positive blood type. The diet is designed so that an ordinary person who does not need overseas extravagant dishes does not feel hurt, chronically hungry and tired. For such people, there is only a small list of what they should not eat. This is the following set of products:

  • Fruits: avocado, pomegranate, persimmon.
  • Pork and duck meat dishes.
  • Many seafood that are not listed in previous listings.
  • Tomatoes and everything that is prepared from them (ketchup, juice, pasta).
  • Buckwheat, corn.
  • Carbonated drinks.

Since it is impossible to eat some cereals, the lack of trace elements must be replaced with vitamins, as well as herbs. It must be added to all dishes, without exception.

Approximate Menu

3 blood type diet table

With all the variety of acceptable products, one should not relax and adhere to all recommendations. There is another caveat: after eating, you should slightly feel hunger. You can not overeat, otherwise the walls of the stomach will stretch, and a feeling of hunger will constantly haunt you. The following is an approximate blood type diet menu for two days.


  1. Boiled egg, 150 grams of boiled rabbit or turkey, milk or kefir, acceptable vegetables.
  2. Vegetable salad, boiled fish or pickled herring.


  1. Beef or other meat broth , porridge with boiled mackerel and vegetables, green tea with rice waffles.
  2. Rice soup on chicken stock, a piece of chicken weighing up to 200 grams, herbal tea with wheat bread and butter.


  1. Fruit salad seasoned with yogurt.
  2. Oatmeal with fruits and walnuts, dried fruit compote.


  1. Skim milk with a bun.
  2. Yogurt with waffle.


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