Diet for allergies: beat the disease, stop eating!

Allergy is a dangerous disease that plagues a huge number of people. It not only deprives freedom of action, worsens life with minor troubles in the form of a runny nose, redness on the skin and other low-risk, but unpleasant manifestations, but can also lead to death.

You should pay great attention to your health, especially if you are prone to allergic reactions.

Causes of Allergies

Allergy primarily occurs due to a hereditary factor: if any of your close relatives have an allergy, then with a high probability, an allergic reaction may also occur in you. Another cause of allergies is an immune reaction in which antibodies to a specific type of protein are produced in the body. Most often, this type of allergy is due to heredity.

Another significant factor that stimulates allergic reactions is stress. Are you surprised? - Yes, stress and nervous tension can cause an allergic reaction due to the fact that the body, reacting sharply to occurring events at a psychological level, begins to react sharply to the physical environment of a person. In this case, they will cause an acute reaction, or food, or household items, but the reaction itself arises and progresses further, if you do not resort to treatment. Most often, allergies on the nervous system manifest themselves in the form of urticaria and other skin rashes.

Diet for allergies as a way to deal with the disease

How to deal with this ailment? First of all, you should remember the phrase: "we are what we eat." Food saturates all the "bricks" of our body with useful substances, but it happens that beneficial substances become real pests for the body if they become allergens.

To reduce an allergic reaction, and then completely reduce it to zero, certain nutritional rules must be observed.

The diet for allergies at the initial stage should be very strict. Most often in clinics, even with the help of modern equipment, they can not determine the exact allergen. Data is provided in a limited list, where not all food products are contained, and the result of the examination looks like "product -%", where the percentage of your body’s reaction is indicated. Most often, the results are far from the truth, and will not help you in determining the allergen. Therefore, in order to find out for himself which product is allergic, a diet for allergy sufferers is indicated.

Allergy Black List

First of all, you should reduce the products that most often cause allergic reactions. Of the meat products, this is pork and lamb, duck, goose and chicken. Avoid consuming these foods until allergies have completely disappeared. Fish is also an allergy-causing aggressive product. We are talking about all seafood, including canned fish and caviar. Also, a diet for allergies involves the rejection of eggs, spicy foods and sauces: mayonnaise and ketchup. The list of “bad” foods that can cause an allergic reaction also includes vegetables: give up tomatoes, radishes, radishes and pickles. A diet for allergies prohibits the use of citrus fruits, as well as red fruits and berries: strawberries, raspberries, cherries are on the black list of products. From drinks it is necessary to refuse coffee and cocoa, as well as any carbonated drinks.

Allergy White List

Despite all the hardships, nutrition for allergies can be balanced and complete. Eat beef, rabbit and turkey meat, they are practically not able to cause allergies, as well as cereals: oat, corn and rice. Fruits can only be consumed in green and white, as well as berries: apples, gooseberries and light cherries.

Watch your diet to stay healthy and eat according to the rules to get well! Allergies can be cured if you reduce the amount of allergens in your body: follow a diet and you will succeed!


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