Mackerel: calorie content

Everyone probably dreams that his silhouette would look slim and graceful, but you don’t always want to kill precious watches in the gym or at the stadium ... Therefore, you need to pay closer attention to your diet, namely, the choice of products in the diet. Let's dwell on the fish.

All nutritionists agree on one thing: fish is much more beneficial to the body than meat. Naturally, the public gives preference to marine fish. So, today we will talk about the leader of "people's love" in the food fishing industry. As you may have guessed, this is a mackerel. The calorie content of this product has always been of interest to many people who are on a strict diet, but cannot deny themselves the pleasure of a delicious fish. However, much of the harm to the figure that a mackerel can cause depends on how this sea fish is cooked.

Naturally, most often people are inclined to such a product as smoked mackerel. The calorie content of this treat is about 221 calories. By the way, fish cooked in this way contain 15.5 grams of fat and 20.7 protein. Oddly enough, there are no carbohydrates in this dish. And water in smoked mackerel contains about 63.5 milliliters.

But we did not give a complete answer to the question: how many calories are in mackerel. The fact is that this kind of fish can be smoked, or it can be boiled. Mackerel can be baked, or you can fry. The method of processing a meat product is often very important.

So, if your table has cold-smoked mackerel, its calorie content will be 150 kilocalories. It is worth recognizing that this is the lowest indicator of the amount of substances harmful to the figure. If you are on a diet, then cold smoked mackerel is perfect for you.

The fattest option is a mackerel smoked on hot coals, the calorie content of which is as much as 221 kilocalories. And in a mackerel, steamed - 171 calories.

By the way, if you are madly attracted by fried mackerel, the calorie content of the product can distort you a little - it is 175 kilocalories. And in the baked fish of this variety contains 177 kilocalories.

If you like mackerel, its calorie content should not inspire you with concern. After all, you should know that in addition to a large number of calories, this fish has a lot of useful things. For example, vital macronutrients and micronutrients. Of the macronutrients that are found in mackerel, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, and sulfur are especially useful. The trace elements that are present in mackerel are striking in their diversity. This is iron and zinc, and iodine, copper, manganese, fluorine, nickel, etc., useful for the thyroid gland.

Boiled mackerel fans are many people, especially middle-aged ones - in the USSR it was a wonderful delicacy. By the way, mackerel still retained the title of valuable commercial fish. Indeed, despite the fact that this fish has a high fat content, many people simply adore its meat, and mackerel is especially tender and tasty meat if it is boiled without exposing the fish to any more heat treatments. It is only a pity that boiled mackerel is excluded from diet food.

And finally, some interesting facts about such a dish as mackerel. This fish belongs to the order of perciform, the mackerel family. This is not a cheap variety of fish, which is why it, cooked in the kitchen, is a very noble decoration of the table. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to resist the desire to try a delicious piece. Mackerel speaks of your wealth, of your taste. Therefore, if you are confused and do not know what dish to serve, prepare the mackerel in any of its variations and you will not lose. And then you can shake the extra pounds in the gym, which is also very good for your health.


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