Junkies are “junk” in a healthy diet

In modern times, people increasingly consume junk food , which has a high calorie content due to its high amount of fat and sugar and low biological value. Such foods include snacks, fast food and sugary soft drinks. Recently, the expression "junk food" (junki), the meaning of which few know, is increasingly found.

And translated from English, this expression means "garbage food", that is, one that is unhealthy. Many companies produce such food and constantly advertise it, so it is very popular among consumers, because it does not need to be cooked and can be consumed almost everywhere.

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Junks (junki) is the word that came to us from America. The term "junk foods" has appeared recently with us, and it indicates that food that does not require cooking, but contains a lot of harmful substances. This includes, for example, chips, sandwiches, salted nuts, chocolate bars and more. A huge number of carcinogens, dyes, spices, flavorings and fat that are contained in such food negatively affect the functioning of the internal organs of a person. Such food can provoke the development of gastritis, metabolic and hormonal disorders.

Junk food addiction

Junkie is rubbish (translated from English). Many people like weed food because of its cheapness, accessibility, and rich taste; many scientists claim that this causes psychological dependence in people.

Usually such food is consumed by children, students, adolescents and busy people. In 2015, WHO published studies that show that more than two billion adults are overweight, and seven hundred million people are obese due to the use of low-quality foods.

Currently, the so-called junkies are enemies of human health, as people increasingly prefer foods high in fat and sugar and low in nutrients, and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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Since junkies are bad food, it is recommended not to eat them. As a snack, you can use fruits, pies or fresh homemade cakes. Instead of sweet sparkling water and beer, you need to drink mineral water and kefir. In general, doctors recommend choosing healthy foods, especially for families with small children. It is also connected with the fact that to develop the child's food preferences in the future, to instill a nutritional culture and the foundations of a proper lifestyle. Healthy food is the key to longevity and well-being.

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What do we eat today

Recently, our people eat low-quality food, which the Americans call junki. This is not only junk food, but also extra pounds. In this case, chips and french fries are especially popular.

Also in our country they like to drink beer with salted nuts. Of course, nuts are a useful product, but those that are in packages and are on the shelves of our stores contain carcinogens, as well as mold, which cannot be determined due to the rich taste of the product.

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