What is useful fig peach: calorie fruit and recipes for delicious dishes

Fig peaches appeared in Russia relatively recently. Rumors instantly appeared in the media about this outlandish fruit - a hybrid of peach and fig. In fact, there is nothing fig in this exotic white fruit , of course, except for an interesting shape. Only stone fruit (plum, almond, cherry plum, apricot) can influence its features, but not figs.

The taste and aroma of this hybrid has not changed at all, maybe only the fluff has become smaller than that of the usual variety, and the bone surprised by its small size. The main features of this species are: fibrous and cartilaginous consistency of pulp and color (white, yellow and yellow meat species). In general, an unusual fruit is the same tasty and juicy peach. Calorie content is not more than 30 kcal per 100 g of product. The retail price of these sweet fruits is quite high compared to the regular variety (the price reaches 120 rubles per kilogram).

Despite the rather unusual shape and high cost, fig peaches contain the same amount of beneficial organic acids and minerals as the usual types of these fruits. Nutritionists around the world recommend eating fresh fruits, as they have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, and also improve the condition of hair and skin. In the season of these fruits, you can sit on a peach diet for a couple of weeks - this is ideal for weight loss.

What is rich in peach?

Its calorific value is insignificant, even if you eat 10 fruits, this will not affect the weight in any way. Therefore, as a lunch or snack, you can freely eat three peaches. In addition to low calorie content, they will give odds to any fruit in the content of a whole complex of micro and macro elements (these are magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, potassium, etc.). This is a whole storehouse of vitamins and organic compounds vital for the body. In particular, they are rich in quinic, tartaric, malic and citric acid.

According to scientists, the pulp of these fruits contains a lot of iron, as much as half a kilogram of meat. Along with these elements are vitamins C, A, E, B, K, PP. In addition, these fruits stimulate growth in young children, increase immunity, strengthen the heart muscle and help in the fight against urolithiasis.

The most interesting thing is that the aroma of these fruits helps to increase mood and improve the emotional background. If you have impaired concentration and memory loss, be sure to include fig peach in the diet . Calorie content, as described above, he has a small, because sucrose in these hybrids is less. But the largest number of calories is in nectarine, also in these fruits there are almost twice as many vitamins of group A.

An interesting fact: peaches, unlike most other fruits, do not lose their beneficial properties when cooking. Therefore, drinking a glass of compote, you supply your body with the necessary amount of vitamins (most importantly, add less sugar).

How many calories in a peach - you now know, and what dishes can be prepared from this juicy fruit, we will describe below. The first thing that comes to mind is jam and compote. We will not describe the recipe for these banal dishes, but rather tell you how to cook healthy mashed potatoes that your children will like.

To prepare it, you need only a ripe peach. The calorie content of this dessert will depend on the amount of added granulated sugar. The fruit must be washed and peeled (blanch a minute in boiling water). Next, beat in a blender. Bring the resulting mass to a boil and pour into paper-wrapped bottles.

Close containers with mashed potatoes tightly with lids, turn them over and hold until cool. Serving the dish is recommended as a dessert seasoned with walnuts - this treat can be consumed by young children. Such mashed potatoes are often added to muffin, jelly, pies and jelly.

Peach jam

Prepare a kilogram of ripened fruit. We cut well-washed and peeled fruits into two halves, remove the stone and send it to cook for 15 minutes. Grind boiled fruits in a blender or meat grinder, then add sugar (500 grams of sugar will be required per 1 kg) and boil again for half an hour, put citric acid (3 grams) at the end of cooking.

Ready jam fill sterilized jars and leave to cool. This jam remains thick for a long time and does not ferment. It makes delicious cakes, pastries and various desserts.

To make fruit pancakes, use chopped peach. Calorie content will be low if you add dried fruits or berry syrup instead of granulated sugar.

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