Breast discharge before menstruation: causes, nature of discharge and treatment. Is this the norm or pathology?

Is discharge from the breast before menstruation - normal or pathological? After labor, girls from mammary glands appear colostrum, which feed babies. And if the fluid from the breast appeared in nulliparous women, or long ago stopped feeding, this indicates that a pathological process is developing or a hormonal malfunction has occurred in the body. Rarely, but sometimes it signals cancer. Self-medication is not recommended. This will only aggravate the course of the disease.

Varieties of fluid

Specialist consultation

Discharge from the chest before menstruation can be of different colors. There are transparent, yellow, green. The consistency is liquid or mucous. It is necessary to highlight the following cases:

  1. With mastitis, greenish discharge is often observed. In addition, additional symptoms appear, which manifests itself in the form of breast enlargement and pain.
  2. With ductectasia, colorless discharge from the mammary glands in women after 35 years is observed. Doctors say that if they appeared before critical days, this is a normal physiological process.
  3. During the bearing of the baby and feeding it with milk, a yellowish liquid often appears.
  4. Often there is a discharge from the chest before menstruation after an accidental injury to the mammary gland. First, oozing water is yellowish - this indicates that damaged tissue is being restored.
  5. With fibrocystic mastopathy, a yellowish liquid comes out of the nipple and tenderness in the chest is felt. If there are liquid discharge from the mammary glands, you need to contact a mammologist. Since this may indicate that cancer is developing. If during pressing the nipples there is severe pain, then this should be cause for concern. In this case, it is important to undergo a thorough medical examination immediately.
  6. If the vessels are damaged, then dark discharge from the mammary gland appears. They often arise due to the development of cancer or cystic mastopathy.
  7. During the development of the tumor process, bloody fluid is released from the chest. Malignant neoplasms damage blood vessels. Under such conditions, timely treatment should be carried out.
  8. Hemorrhage is a disease that requires timely treatment. With this disease, the regularity of the menstrual cycle is disrupted. In addition, a white fluid oozes in the form of colostrum.
  9. Dark discharge from the breast before menstruation is a sign of the development of cancer. In this case, it is important to consult a doctor and determine the nature of the tumor (benign or malignant).

Natural causes of discharge

There are several more reasons why discharge from the nipples may appear before menstruation. After all, this symptom does not always indicate that a serious disease is developing. But still it is better to visit a medical professional and undergo a thorough medical examination. Due to which it is possible to detect the presence or absence of pathologies. The physiological processes of discharge from the chest include:

  1. During the gestation of the baby, fluid from the mammary glands appears - the body prepares for lactation. Most often, the symptom appears in the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy. Under such conditions, the tone of the uterus often increases. The liquid has a white or yellowish tint - this process does not affect the general well-being of a woman.
  2. Lactation after a miscarriage. Colostrum can be secreted from the mammary glands 7-30 days after abortion. If you feel much worse, you should visit a doctor - this may indicate that complications arose.
  3. Treatment with birth control pills stimulates lactation. Under such conditions, you may notice yellowish discharge from the nipples before menstruation.

Common diseases

Mastopathy pain

As medical practice shows, there are several basic diseases that provoke the appearance of fluid from the mammary glands. These include:

  1. Ductectasia. With such a disease, the glands become clogged, which becomes the cause of the development of a strong inflammatory process. In special cases, the disease occurs in women after 35 years.
  2. Mastopathy is a benign change in the mammary glands. With this ailment, white discharge from the chest appears before menstruation or after. Also in the process of developing the disease, a greenish liquid often appears. This indicates that harmful microorganisms multiply in the mammary glands, which provoke the inflammatory process and suppuration. If oozing a light liquid that is odorless is a symptom of galactorrhea, which often causes an excess of the hormone prolactin.
  3. Mastitis - most often the disease occurs in women after labor. In the process of developing the ailment, a strong inflammatory process occurs. Under such conditions, the patient develops pain in the mammary glands and discomfort during lactation.
  4. Cancer is a malignant neoplasm that occurs as a result of uncontrolled cell division.
  5. Intraductal papilloma - with such a disease, blood is present in the composition of the fluid from the mammary glands.

There are many factors under the influence of which discharge from the hood can suddenly appear. Only the doctor can identify the main cause of their occurrence after a thorough examination of the patient.

What factors provoke the development of diseases?

Unhealthy Lifestyle
  1. If colostrum is excreted from the breast at an early stage of pregnancy, this may indicate that a chronic disease has been exacerbated, which was identified before the conception of the baby.
  2. In the process of developing thyroid disease and the pituitary gland, discharge from the breast appears before menstruation, since these organs regulate and stabilize the hormonal background.
  3. Discharge from the chest also occurs due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Due to smoking and alcohol abuse, problems with the reproductive system often begin.
  4. Systematic fatigue and long-term medication treatment.
  5. Colds.

Signs of swelling

Breast pain

With the appearance of a malignant neoplasm in women, the following symptoms occur:

  • the presence of blood in the fluid that is released from the chest;
  • severe soreness in the mammary glands;
  • the shape of the breast and the color of the nipples change.

Many are interested in brown discharge from the mammary glands before menstruation - is it normal or not? Most likely, this is a sign of tumor disease.

Causes of the disease

What are the causes of the disease? Fibroadenoma and cancerous tumors most often develop as a result of smoking and alcohol abuse. An unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, systematic fatigue can become the causes of the development of many ailments. Many ignore the need to cleanse the body of helminths, fungi and toxins.

As medical practice shows, most often cancer is diagnosed in women with a hereditary predisposition to the disease. If there are strange discharge from the mammary glands, you do not need to self-medicate. You should visit a mammologist - the doctor will prescribe an individual therapy regimen.

Essence of treatment

Doctor and patient

There were discharge from the mammary glands before menstruation - what should I do? At home, it is impossible to carry out therapy, it is necessary to undergo a thorough medical examination in order for the doctor to identify the factor that provoked the development of the pathological condition. Depending on the identified ailment, the doctor will prescribe appropriate therapy. Given the severity of the disease, the individual and physiological characteristics of the patient’s body, the specialist will recommend effective medications.

If the mammary glands hurt before menstruation and the discharge causes discomfort due to hormonal failure, then the therapy is carried out with the help of Bromocriptine. The dosage of the drug is 2-4 mg per day. The dose is determined by a strictly treating specialist. Thanks to treatment with pills, hormonal levels can be stabilized. It is recommended to use folk remedies only after consulting a doctor.

How to prevent the development of diseases?

Proper nutrition

To prevent the appearance of secretions from the nipples, it is necessary to follow the advice of the attending physician, which will help maintain healthy breasts. These include:

  1. Do not be nervous about trifles, avoid stressful situations. Nervous stress is a common cause of hormonal failure. Under such conditions, many female diseases develop.
  2. You should eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle - do not abuse alcohol, have a good rest. Thanks to such recommendations, it is possible to increase the protective function of the human body.
  3. Due to obesity, changes in the mammary gland can occur, so it is important to control your weight.
  4. It is not recommended to drink contraceptives for a long time. It is necessary to select the drug strictly on the recommendation of the attending physician. If you experience pain in the mammary gland, you must undergo a thorough medical examination.

Women after 49 years need to visit a mammologist every 6 months.

Women's reviews

Many women had discharge from the breast before menstruation - patient reviews confirm this fact. It can be concluded that such a sign indicates that prolactin is elevated. Many patients have been diagnosed with euthyroidism, since thyroid diseases affect the hormonal background of a woman. Thanks to "Mastodinon" and "Eutiroks" you can eliminate an unpleasant sign of a pathological condition.

Normalizes the gland and dietary supplement "Alba". Most often, colostrum from the breast is secreted with increased prolactin, less often - indicates a successful conception. According to the girls, it is necessary to visit a mammologist, since the development of an unpleasant symptom may indicate that a strong inflammatory process has occurred or a malignant tumor is developing.

Note to patient

Doctor and patient

If fluid is released from the breast before menstruation, then you need to visit a mammologist. It is better not to risk your health and be safe. In some cases, the appearance of such a symptom indicates that an oncological disease is developing. To preserve the reproductive system, women are advised to undergo regular medical examinations. In the process of development of many diseases, discharge from the mammary glands appears. Thanks to ultrasound diagnostics and other types of studies, the presence or absence of pathologies can be detected.


It is not recommended to take hormonal drugs on your own in order to improve well-being - self-medication only provokes the development of serious complications. Folk remedies are not harmless methods of treatment. Many medicinal herbs contain plant hormones, so they can harm the whole body. At the initial stage of the onset of the disease, therapy is carried out medically. With a running illness, the problem can only be solved surgically.


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