Carrot juice - a storehouse of vitamins

Carrot juice is a sunny drink, sparkling with saturated color in a glass, with an amazing taste, familiar to us from childhood. A true pantry of vitamins and minerals. A favorite drink is able to activate our immunity, maintain youth and bring the necessary balance to the work of all body systems.

Using carrot juice, you bring great benefits to your body. Its main advantage is the high content of beta-carotene and vitamin A. It contains nicotinic and pantothenic acids, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, cobalt, copper, calcium and potassium, vitamins C, E, PP, K and B. Carrot juice is multivitamin, well-absorbed by the human body at any age. No wonder it is prescribed to restore vision and increase immunity.

It is recommended to be taken during pregnancy and the first to be introduced to the baby's lure. Drinking half a liter of carrot juice per day, the young mother not only improves the quality composition of breast milk, but also supplies the baby with a complete set of vitamins necessary for him to fully develop. Carrot juice will help get rid of toxicosis in the first trimester of pregnancy and will be an excellent prevention from birth sepsis in the last months before childbirth.

The drink will also be invaluable to the baby in infancy. Indeed, juice from fresh carrots becomes an excellent laxative of mild action. It will help with thrush or infectious diseases of the oral cavity. And it will be invaluable in anemia.

The possibilities of juice from bright carrots are practically unlimited. With its help, purulent wounds, burns and frostbite are treated. Carrot juice is used to heal ulcers and is able to reduce a cancerous tumor. Compresses and lotions from freshly squeezed carrot juice become an excellent tool in the treatment of various skin diseases.

But if everyone knows what carrot juice is useful for , then few people know about contraindications. Although they are few, but they are. Before using this miraculous drink, you should get the advice of your treating therapist. Carrot juice can cause exacerbation in gastritis, gastric ulcer, high acidity and diabetes. A large amount of the drink drunk can provoke an attack of headache, vomiting and lethargy. The skin becomes yellow, and with a large dosage - orange. In this case, stop drinking juice for a while.

The recipe for carrot juice is very simple. It is enough to take fresh carrots, rinse it well and peel and tops. We grind root vegetables in any convenient way. You can use a blender, grater or food processor. Now you need to squeeze the resulting carrot puree through cheesecloth or sieve. The pulp of carrots is laid out in bags and frozen for later use in the preparation of first and second courses. Add a little citric acid and 10% sugar syrup to the juice. Drink the drink immediately. The longer it interacts with oxygen, the less beneficial properties will remain in it.

There is a great opportunity to prepare carrot juice in the autumn. For this we use two options.

  • Pour the finished drink into tight bags and freeze in the freezer. Thaw before use.
  • Pour the finished drink into pre-prepared cans, sterilize with the lids closed and roll up. Banks with a drink are stored in a dark, warm place until consumed.

Any of the options will save all the useful properties of carrot juice for the required period of time.

If you want to have a drink to cleanse the body, then prepare carrot and beetroot juice. One third of beets and three carrots is all you need. Squeeze the juice from vegetables separately and mix in a glass. We use freshly prepared.


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