Henri Chenot, dietitian from France: secrets of healing

The name of the French nutritionist Henri Chenot has become a legend for those who monitor their health and diet. For more than forty years, the doctor - the creator of a new direction in the SPA industry - bioontology, has been solving problems such as overweight, organic toxins, fatigue, stress and aging.


Henry was born in 1943 in Toulouse into a Catalan peasant family. During the war, many of the relatives died, and the boy was raised by his grandfather, who believed that after school the guy is better off working in the field. However, the future nutritionist became interested in anthropology, biology, and after elementary school went to college. After school, Henry went to serve in Algeria, where he began to study in depth marine biology and bioenergy psychology. After returning from the army, the guy went to university.

Henri Chenot

Once, Henri attended a lecture on bioesthetics. After the lecturer's speech, he got up and criticized. The next day, the organizer called him and offered to give lectures himself. This was a turning point for the great nutritionist. So the work of the future doctor began, which was interesting, but took a lot of strength and energy.

In the early seventies, Henry established the production of phytocosmetics and herbal medicine. Later he opened a clinic in Cannes, the main specialization of which is preventive medicine. Hard work made itself felt, and the body malfunctioned. Once he just fainted. The doctor advised to rest, and the future nutritionist was in Sardinia, where he rethought his priorities in life. As soon as he died of overwork, he realized that preventive health care is the main purpose of life, and you need to start with the quality of nutrition. So the Palace Merano Clinic and the Espace Henri Chenot Wellness Program appeared.

Henry has a doctorate in psychology. In 1999, Henri Chenot created bioontology, the basis of which is a holistic vision of the human body. In 2004, the Academy of Bioontology was founded, and in 2008 - the Laboratory of Bioontology. Doctor - President and founder of the International Association of Phytocosmetics. With his technique, he traveled all over Europe, spreading through conferences the idea of ​​disease prevention, using proper nutrition, Chinese medicine and a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritionist family

During a stay in Italy, Henri Chenot met his future wife Dominic. Wife - support and support of the doctor. It is Dominic who follows the menu at Palace Merano. The famous nutritionist has two children. The son lives in America, in San Francisco, and is engaged in cosmetics and dietary supplements. He runs a network of SPA salons. Daughter Carolyn is an artist.

Henri Chenot - writer

The first book, The Energy Diet, was written in 1984 thanks to a dietitian patient, well-known director of Rizzoli Publishing House. It was he who suggested writing books for his publishing house.

Henri Chenot books

Henri Chenot's books have been published useful for those who monitor their health.



1984 year

"Energy Diet"


"Natural equilibrium - Ecology of the body"

1998 year

Sources of Health

2005 year

Secret Health Code

2008 year

"Every minute of life"

2010 year

Cure de santé

2011 year

“Detox: healthier, younger, slimmer”

The writer and nutritionist writes books and scientific publications not only related to professional activities, but also about his family. Henri Chenot publishes books on his innovative method, nutrition and integrated detox therapy.

Clinic at Palace Merano: Health and Beauty Laboratory

The wellness center is located in a picturesque mountain town in Italy. The main goal of the proposed programs is to restore vitality through the harmony of body and soul. Body cleansing, weight loss and individually selected cosmetic care slow down the aging process. A team of qualified doctors uses the basic principles of a dietitian based on bioontology.

doctor nutritionist

Integral Detox Therapy

Over time, harmful substances accumulate in the body along with food and drink, the so-called toxins. Metabolism and metabolism are impaired, and toxins accumulate in the body, tissues and joints. The doctor has compiled a detox program that cleanses the body of toxins and improves the functioning of all vital human systems. The healing system is based on an individually selected diet, special drinks with herbs that remove toxins, drainage and anti-aging procedures. In the book of Henri Chenot, “The Secret Code of Health”, is told about the author’s method of cleansing and healing.

detox juices

Detox rules

The French nutritionist compiled the basic detox rules to help prepare the body for cleansing of toxins and toxins:

  • Pay attention to the dream: to restore strength, additional rest is essential.
  • Do not use laxatives to cleanse, but drink a glass of hot water. Detox juices can be used for normal bowel activity. Recipe from a French nutritionist: Take 30 grams of fresh flaxseed, bran, molasses and oats. Stir, add a glass of water, raisins and figs. You can add honey and drink it warm or cold.
  • Balance your diet for easy absorption of nutrients and the fight against infections. The diet should contain fish oil, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and probiotics, which will restore the intestinal microflora.
  • Follow the detox menu. The diet should contain cereals and fiber-rich vegetables, onions and garlic. On an empty stomach, drink a glass of water with lemon in the morning and evening. In winter, you can add honey. Often walk in the fresh air, reading and listening to music.
  • Tune in to detox, as a good mood is the basis of cleansing the body. Relax, enjoy life and try to find harmony with the world around you.
  • Enjoy spa treatments. Before starting a wellness program, make a mixture of sesame oil and scrub from sea salt. Rub the mixture into the body and wash it off with soap and olive oil.
  • Drink detox juices: this helps cleanse the intestines of toxins and toxins.
  • Every day, pay attention to physical activity: not to exhausting workouts three times a week, but to light workouts for half an hour. Train your brain - read books and develop.
  • Use a three-day detox diet once a month. It contributes to a surge of strength and energy, inspiration and the desire to eat right.
  • Do not overdo it: during the cleaning process, the main principle is moderation.

Menu for the French nutritionist's health system

  • 6: 00-6: 30 - first breakfast: some fruit and herbal tea;
  • 10:00 - second breakfast: fruit, strong coffee (in limited quantities, washed down with water);
  • 13: 00-13: 30 - lunch: vegetable salad and carbohydrate dishes (for example, rice);
  • 17:00 - fruit;
  • 19: 00-19: 30 - dinner: vegetable soup, salad with protein products (fish, chicken or veal).

Protein can be eaten for lunch, and carbohydrates for dinner.

In Henri Chenot’s book Detox: Healthier, Younger, Slimmer, you can find other recommendations from the French nutritionist.

Useful foods for proper nutrition.

The dietitian recommends eating fish - salmon, sardines, tuna, anchovies. Oysters and snails are a source of protein and trace elements, therefore, beneficial for the body. It is better to eat white meat (chicken) than red, pork, veal. The food should contain a minimum amount of salt - replace with natural spices.

Completely exclude flour products, alcohol, fatty meat from the diet, and add soy, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Henri Chenot Secret Health Code

Start your day with green and sour juices. It is not recommended to drink them on an empty stomach, you can drink water with honey or lemon for some time. Alternate juices with herbal infusions or teas throughout the day, but do not drink black tea or abuse coffee. Drink freshly prepared juice, otherwise vitamins, especially vitamin C, will not be preserved.

Henri Chenot Detox Healthier Younger Slimmer

Henri Chenot made a great contribution to the spread of preventive medicine, the purpose of which is proper nutrition and the use of natural products, the balance between the mind and the human body.

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