How to sprout wheat for food is easy?

Sprouted wheat is the true wealth of nature. It is hard to imagine that 50 g of such seeds contain the daily norm of all vitamins and nutrients needed by modern man. It would seem, picked up and eaten, but not so simple. How to sprout wheat for food? The answer to this question should be known to everyone who uses this miracle product. Incorrectly sprouted seeds not only do not improve health, but can also harm the human body.

how to sprout wheat for food

How to germinate wheat for food

There are various technologies for this process. The first one I will describe in detail the usual way to me, it is also the most common. Sort a portion of grains (depending on the norm of each - zhmenka or 50-100 g on a kitchen scale): clean from broken pieces and specimens with black spots, then thoroughly rinse the seeds with running water through a sieve or in any other bowl. Pure pure wheat grains to the bottom of porcelain, glass or enameled dishes, pour running, preferably spring water (layer no more than 2 cm). Roomy dishes should be chosen so that the grains in it do not choke. You can cover the seed layer with wet gauze, I personally do not cover anything.

An ideal place to store a container with grains - free from direct sunlight with a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. In such conditions, they will need about a day.

How to sprout wheat for food? Seeds swell, fill with nutritious juices, sprouts are hatching. Grain with sprouts of no more than 3 mm in length should be eaten. It happens that not all grains are pecked. There is nothing to worry about, just swollen specimens can also be eaten.

how to sprout wheat
It is advisable to re-examine the grains for the presence of unripe (green), moldy or broken. Whole ones should be washed well first with warm, then cold water, until it is completely transparent. In the process of germination (per day), the liquid must be changed about 2 times. This is done to get rid of fungal microorganisms.

There is another way to sprout wheat for food. A portion of cereals must be poured into a liter jar and pour water, mix. Remove pop-up grains, as they will not germinate. Pour potassium permanganate on the tip of the knife, mix and change the water. Then mix again and change the water again. Soak the grains in the morning or afternoon. Toward evening, the liquid must be drained, and the grains washed well and returned back to the jar. The next morning, you need to rinse the grains again with running water and leave in a jar for a couple of hours.

How to germinate seeds yet? To do this, you need to collect a glass of clean water, and on top of it put a tea sieve, inside which there will be a few grains of wheat. Seeds should barely touch water. Water from a glass also needs to be changed at least once a day.

What if there is too much wheat? The rest of the grains can be placed in the refrigerator for a period of not more than 3 days or grind them and make incredibly tasty and healthy buns from the obtained wheat flour.

how to germinate seeds
It should be noted that heat treatment is very harmful to the beneficial composition of this healing product.

I hope I answered you in detail on the question of how to properly sprout wheat. The daily rate should be determined depending on the characteristics of the body and the purpose of taking this product - prevention or treatment.


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