Is a postpartum diet really necessary

Waiting for a baby for almost every woman is an important period that carries a wide variety of emotions. For nine months of expectation of the baby, the body undergoes significant changes. The figure of the future mother does not stand aside. The best tool that, according to many representatives of the fair sex, is able to return to its former forms is an effective diet after childbirth, which should also be as healthy as possible.

Over the entire period of pregnancy, and especially in recent months, a woman gains at least ten kilograms of weight. In addition to the weight of the baby, it is also the weight of the placenta, the additional amount of blood necessary to maintain the body during this period, amniotic fluid, as well as a certain reserve of fat cells provided by nature so that mom and baby do not remain hungry. Almost all of these "appendages" gradually go away by themselves after childbirth. Only fat reserves remain and, moreover, they begin to accumulate even more.

As a rule, this state of affairs does not suit young and active mothers, and is also aggravated by public opinions and the images of ideal, successful mothers. You should know that physical activity in the early postpartum period is not desirable, because it can entail problems with the restoration of the body and lactation. To avoid such consequences, you should first of all consult with specialists. So that the diet after childbirth does not harm, you must withstand at least a month and a half.

According to some studies, about 600 calories are burned during one day during breastfeeding. That is why pediatricians are advised to increase the amount of food in the diet by just as much. Thus, having correctly adjusted the nutrition, a special diet after childbirth may not be required by a breast-feeding woman.

But if the discontent caused by their forms still does not let go, you should approach the solution of this problem with all responsibility. Weight gain lasted quite a long time, so do not think that the previous figure will return quickly. As a rule, with rapid weight loss, the harm done to the body is quite high, while very often lost weight quickly returns. Therefore, you should deal with the correction of the figure gradually and, even better, in combination. A postpartum diet should be supported by an active and healthy lifestyle. In fact, after the birth of a baby, this is not so difficult, because the baby constantly needs attention, and homework has to be done between meals and games. Also, an excellent method for achieving prenatal forms will be regular walks in the fresh air, which are so necessary for the baby. You should not sit out the allotted time on the bench, it is best to constantly be in motion, gradually increasing time and loads. For example, you can periodically take your baby in your arms. Observing this regime, the metabolism will improve, and in combination with proper nutrition, the results will not be long in coming and will remain for a long time.

Some women after giving birth to quickly return to their former weight refuse to breastfeed, preferring various mixtures for the baby and a radical diet for themselves. Of course, this is a personal matter for everyone, but in this case one should think about what such a mother and her child will be deprived of. There is a lot of information about the benefits of mother's milk for crumbs, but the psychological factor should also be taken into account. Nothing brings a baby and his mother closer to each other than sticking to a breast. In this way, the baby feels all the love and tenderness of its parent. Therefore, the rejection of natural feeding in the direction of appearance is at least a manifestation of egoism.


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