Plant proteins and animals ... Why do the body need them?

Beauty begins, first of all, with health. And the basis of well-being is a balanced diet and reasonable physical activity. The daily menu should contain those products that saturate our body with energy and provide the substances necessary for the proper functioning (vitamins, minerals, acids, etc.). Proteins, fats and carbohydrates form the basis of all life. We could not do without them.

vegetable proteins

The most significant for humans are products that contain protein. Moreover, this is not only meat and fish, but also other foods rich in such a useful substance. Why do we need it? The fact is that this is the main part of any cell of our body, metabolic processes constantly occur in the body (we get animal and plant proteins from food, which are involved in the synthesis of the protein of our tissues and organs, constantly updated). Simply put, these are the “organic bricks” of our body, without which the aging process of organs would accelerate. They are necessary for the proper development of children, therefore, they must be present in the children's diet daily (up to 35 grams). For adults, vegetable or animal proteins should be included in the menu in an amount of 50-60 grams.

animal and vegetable proteins

Animal proteins are considered complete proteins, that is, they contain a complete set of essential amino acids that are absorbed by the body. This kind of protein is found in meat, poultry, eggs and fish, dairy and sour-milk products. Plant proteins are incomplete proteins, because they do not contain any one or more amino acids. For the full development of the body, you should consume either both varieties of protein food, or combine different variants of plant foods rich in this substance. It is especially important to create a daily menu for vegetarians. To find out which type of food contains certain amino acids, you must either look through the encyclopedia, or consult a specialist.

Vegetable proteins are found in legumes (such as soy and soy milk, beans, peas, lentils), some cereals, vegetables and fruits, in sunflower and pumpkin seeds, in nuts and tofu cheese. The advantage of eating vegetable proteins (provided the correct combination of all amino acids) is the ability to avoid health problems such as cardiovascular disease, kidney and gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

foods that contain protein
Doctors explain this by the low rate of absorption and breakdown of proteins.

Using food sources containing vegetable proteins, it is quite possible to refuse the use of animal products if a person adheres to the principles of vegetarianism or simply doubts the quality of a particular food product. It is not recommended to do this only for pregnant women and children under the age of 14, when the body needs all kinds of amino acids. However, everything should be in moderation, the abuse of such food can have negative consequences (just like fatty or carbohydrate).


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