What is useful sunflower honey? Sunflower honey: properties, price, benefits

Sunflower is a surprisingly beautiful, bright and extremely healthy plant, from which many valuable products are obtained, such as seeds, oil and, of course, honey. About it and will be discussed in today's article. It is produced practically all over the world, and more precisely in France, Russia, the USA, Spain and Bulgaria.

Experienced beekeepers argue that the sweet delicacy in useful properties is not inferior to other varieties, and even surpasses it in some moments. So why is not sunflower honey popular among our compatriots? To dispel the myth of the futility of this product, let's look at all its features.

Key features

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Undeservedly, sunflower honey, whose properties are due to the high content of valuable substances, has received a low reputation. Many people even consider it an artificially created beekeeping product. The reason for the unflattering reviews was a non-specific biochemical composition, due to which honey crystallizes quickly. It's all about the abundant content of natural glucose, leading to accelerated solidification.

Uninformed users perceive this fact as confirmation of the presence of chemical components. To distinguish a real product from a falsified one is quite simple. In liquid form, honey has a bright yellow or amber hue, with a possible admixture of greenish color. It has a dense and very delicate crystalline structure and a characteristic fruity aroma with light notes of green tomatoes, flower pollen and apricots.

Unlike other varieties, sunflower honey has a lower stickiness. After thickening, taste and appearance change dramatically. The smell becomes weaker and the taste more tart. This scares away potential buyers. Although fears are in vain. It should be remembered and aware that only a natural beekeeping product is subject to crystallization. When sugar syrup is added, sharp acidification and an unpleasant aftertaste are observed.

Sunflower honey: useful properties and chemical composition

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In the process of crystallization, a hard crust of a whitish hue forms on its surface - this is pure glucose. The substance has a wide medicinal range. Glucose has antimicrobial, sedative, disinfectant and diuretic effects.

The composition is dominated by a large number of amino acids responsible for the synthesis of proteins. At the same time, a low sugar content (only 3%) and a rich set of vitamins of groups A, E and PP are noted. Sunflower honey is also enriched with lecithin, its role is in immune defense. Deficiency of this substance leads to dysfunction of all important internal organs (heart, kidney, liver).

Pharmacological properties

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There is a scientific evidence base confirming the high therapeutic efficacy of sunflower honey. Clinical trials indicate that a sweet treat prevents oncological pathologies and arthrosis. These facts have long been known outside the Russian Federation. For example, in Japan, China and Korea, beekeeping products are provided in all child care facilities. Valuable dessert improves well-being and prolongs life.

Regular use allows you to completely normalize blood pressure, strengthen blood vessels and heart muscle. In addition, the beekeeping product helps cell renewal and improves blood flow. Doctors consider it the best natural remedy for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and flu, especially during the epidemic.

Sunflower honey, the beneficial properties of which are highly appreciated by traditional healers, exhibits a psychotherapeutic effect. It has long been credited with antidepressant qualities. People who use a dessert spoon daily per day are much more energetic, less prone to stress and nervous excitability.

It is used as a diuretic and to improve the digestive tract. It has a bactericidal effect, therefore it is indicated for diarrhea, respiratory diseases and malaria. Using it, you can prevent the development of atherosclerosis and osteoporosis, especially in old age. The treat perfectly tones, soothes and cleanses of toxins.


what is the use of sunflower honey

What is the use of sunflower honey, we were able to find out, and how to use it correctly so as not to harm the body and get the most benefit? To prevent an allergic reaction, one should not lean on the product, it is necessary to observe the measure - a few dessert spoons per day will be enough. If a skin rash, itching, or burning appears, stop taking it. For children under the age of one, it is better not to give it or add a little to porridge, drinks or fruit puree.

In this form, it is better and faster to digest. The daily norm for an adult is not more than 50 gr. in a day. To stimulate the immune system, it is recommended to mix it with apple cider vinegar: dissolve a large spoonful of vinegar and honey in a glass of warm water. Drink a healthy immunomodulatory drink in the morning on an empty stomach. The course lasts 60 days, after which a two-week break is made.

Clinical studies have shown that a combination of cinnamon and honey from sunflower gives an excellent therapeutic result. The medicinal mixture of the components is the best natural prevention in the fight against oncology and arthrosis. To do this, consume 25-30 grams of seasoning and a sweet dessert daily.

Recommendations for use

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- The following recipe will help speed up recovery with ARI: combine one hundred grams of natural honey with lemon juice (one citrus).

- Mucolytic agent (to improve sputum discharge): stir a dessert spoon of plantain leaves in a glass of water. Put the liquid on the stove, boil for 7-10 minutes, then let the broth cool and put the sunflower honey (two large spoons). Eat ten grams - three times a day.

- In the pathological process of the lungs: prepare a mixture of two hundred grams of carrot juice (red), a glass of honey, ten grams of beet and horseradish juice, a glass of vodka (30 ml). Drink the resulting product daily in a tablespoon - half an hour before a meal.

Calorie value and storage conditions

Sunflower honey has a sufficiently large energy value. The price for a liter jar ranges from 300 rubles (depending on the region). You should know that in 100 grams of the product contains 328 kcal. Therefore, it is not recommended to lean on a sweet dessert. It is better to store in a tightly closed glass container in a dark place for about two years and not expose to heat. Crystallization is observed after a month.

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