Is it possible to pea soup while breastfeeding: diet features, effect on the baby

If a woman is breast-feeding her baby, then she needs to follow all the recommendations of the attending physician and follow a diet. This will prevent stomach problems in the newborn and the possible occurrence of allergies. Despite this, the nutrition of a nursing mother should be varied and tasty in order to continue lactation longer. It is important that the necessary vitamins and minerals enter her diet. Experts recommend constantly including first courses in the menu, but are they all suitable for the mother and child during this period? Is it possible to pea soup while breastfeeding?

The benefits of green peas

The main ingredient in pea soup is green peas. It has a useful composition.

Peas are rich in the following substances:

  1. It has a lot of lysine. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. It boosts immunity. Thanks to lysine, the normal absorption of calcium occurs, which is especially important for the organisms of women and children.
  2. Cystine. It has a positive effect on lactation, stimulating the production of oxytocin.
  3. Vitamin B 6 . He takes part in the exchange of amino acids. A lack of vitamin B 6 is manifested in the form of dry skin, dermatitis, jamming on the lips and bruises under the eyes.
  4. Selenium. It strengthens the immune system and overall human health.
  5. Protein. Pea, like other legumes, contains a lot of protein. By the amount of protein, it is close to meat.
Pea soup when breastfeeding when possible

In addition, peas are rich in vitamins A, C, H, as well as minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sulfur, etc.).

Regular use of the product improves the condition of hair and skin, and also reduces the risk of heart and vascular diseases.

So is it possible to pea soup while breastfeeding? By the way, canned peas can also be found on store shelves. However, such a product is undesirable for nursing mothers. It is best to eat fresh peas, preparing soups and other dishes from it.

The truth and fiction about peas

Despite the positive composition of legumes, they are ambiguously perceived by the country's population. Many are afraid to eat peas because of a possible upset stomach and increased gas formation. Women are also afraid of this during lactation.

Is it possible with pea soup with HS

Is it possible to pea soup while breastfeeding? It can and should be consumed, so the myths about the main product will be dispelled below:

  • Peas are very high in calories. This is not true. 100 g of peas contain only 60 kcal, so you can eat dishes from it without harming the figure.
  • Pea enhances increased gas production. This statement is true, because the product contains plant proteins that are not completely broken down by the body. This leads to pain and cramping in the stomach.
  • Are boiled peas and breastfeeding incompatible? Such a statement is fundamentally false. After all, cystine is present in peas, which contributes to the production of milk.

Therefore, not all statements regarding green peas are true. After all, there are many useful substances in it that act positively on the organisms of the mother and child.

When can peas be added to the diet?

Peas rarely cause allergic reactions. Therefore, its main drawback is the following: flatulence and bloating. In babies, this leads to intestinal colic.

Therefore, pea soup during breastfeeding is not recommended immediately after birth. This can be done after the child is 3 months old.

Is it possible to pea soup while breastfeeding

If the baby responds normally to pea soup, then it can be introduced into the diet on an ongoing basis.

When can pea soup for HS? Some women ate a meal when their baby was only 2–3 months old, and no negative symptoms were found. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the child's body.

Moms of a newborn who is constantly suffering from colic should not eat pea soup for up to 4 months. Better yet, put off this dish until six months.

And if the baby is completely healthy, then you can try pea soup for a nursing mother in 2-3 months.

The rules of eating pea soup

With HS there are the following subtleties:

  1. For the first time, a woman can try 1 teaspoon of cooked peas.
  2. Within two days, you must monitor the behavior of the baby. Does his stomach hurt, does he have constipation. Any of these symptoms will indicate the need for a complete rejection of peas before the 6-month-old baby. If there is no negative reaction, then you can eat boiled peas for a week, gradually increasing the portion. Then you can go to the soup.
  3. A dish is best prepared from dry peas, since fresh is much worse digested by the stomach.
  4. The first time the concentration of the product should not be large.
  5. In no case should you add smoked meats to the soup.
  6. If the baby feels normal, then with GV, the dish can be consumed 1-2 times a week.
Pea soup

After the baby is 6 months old, fresh peas are allowed to be introduced, and after 7-8 months - canned peas.

How to cook pea soup

All dishes that a woman consumes during lactation should be dietary, light, and consist entirely of healthy foods.

When can I pea soup while breastfeeding? A dish can be prepared if the child's body tolerates it normally.

When preparing pea soup, it is necessary to avoid frying in vegetable oil, and for broth it is best to take turkey, chicken or beef. It is strictly forbidden to add seasonings and spices to the dish, with the exception of salt and herbs.

GW Soup Recipe

If the baby is 3 months old, then it is time for the nursing mother to try pea soup. There are tons of affordable and healthy recipes.

Is it possible with pea soup with HB? Only after the child is 3 months old or more can a woman try this dish. To do this, you need to take the following components: dry peas (200 g), 500 g chicken breast, 4-5 potatoes, 1 carrot and 1 onion, 3 liters of water, salt, bay leaf.

Features of the preparation of pea soup

Soak peas overnight. In the morning, drain the liquid, put on fire and pour a liter of water. Cook the peas until cooked - 40-60 minutes.

At this time, cook the broth in 2 liters of water. Remove and chop meat. Diced peeled potatoes, chop onion and carrots. Add all vegetables with peas to the broth. Salt and cook until tender. At the end, the dish can be turned into a soup using a blender.

When you can’t eat soup

Pea soup is able to increase the level of uric acid, so experts do not recommend using it for kidney diseases and stones in them.

Pea soup with HS when you can

Do not eat with gout and bowel disease. Nursing mother is forbidden to take soup if the baby suffers from individual intolerance to the components of the dish.


Is it possible to pea soup while breastfeeding? This is a healthy and tasty dish. Lactation is a period when it is necessary to consume many products with caution. Pea soup should also be included in the diet with caution. Due to the ability to cause increased gas formation, the dish is not recommended for mothers to eat until the child is 3 months old.

When breastfeeding, it is best to cook soup with the addition of dry peas and in a lower concentration than usual. It is best to cook the dish without frying.

Nursing mother can introduce pea puree into her diet after the child is six months old. It is imperative to monitor the condition of the baby and immediately abandon the pea dishes in the event of individual intolerance and negative symptoms.


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