Maya Plisetskaya diet - details

Recently, you can often find personalized diets or diets from celebrities. This is understandable - we know how these people look, so the diet works. Let's talk today about the diet of Maya Plisetskaya. How does this amazing woman manage to remain graceful and fit? Let's try to figure it out.

Of course, for dancers, there are strict diets designed specifically. But the diet of Maya Plisetskaya is different from them. Of course, there are strict prohibitions in the diet - for example, for sweet and starchy foods, as well as for fatty ones. If you decide to follow the example of the famous ballerina, then know that diets should be followed for 15 days, during which you will have to give up some products. For a while, a rude joke was very popular that Maya Plisetskaya’s diet was “not to eat”. Of course, this is not so and there is a real diet. The list of products that we will not eat:

- Eggs.

- Meat products.

- Dairy products.

- Spices - they increase appetite, it is better to avoid them in any diet.

- Tomatoes.

- Potatoes.

- Chocolate.

- Coffee.

- Sugar and salt.

I agree, the diet looks strict. But sometimes you can diversify the menu with fish - better cooked in a double boiler or grilled.

The list of products that are allowed with a diet is small:

- Barley and oats - perfectly clean the body, in addition to saturation.

- Fruits - if they are unsweetened.

- Vegetables - if they are not starchy (for example, broccoli).

- Lentils - you can cook lentil soup or make a decoction.

A very important aspect of the diet is reducing portions. If you reduce the portion of food eaten, the diet of Maya Plisetskaya promises us a loss of about 8-10 kilograms per half month. Interestingly, after a couple of months, the diet can be repeated, but not earlier - otherwise it can harm the body. Many who adhered to the diet also recommend repeating it to consolidate the result of losing weight.

In between meals, you can have a snack. But only permitted fruits or vegetables that should be raw.

From the main rules of the diet, one can say one more thing - there should be strictly three meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner, in turn, should be no later than 18-00. Of course, if you go to bed very late, you can move it. But still - look at the situation, try to ensure that the latest meal is 4-5 hours before bedtime.

Maya Plisetskaya - a diet in specific dishes.

For breakfast, we are recommended porridge - nutritious, healthy and filling us with energy. Oatmeal is ideal - with or without fruit. But the main thing is without sugar and salt.

But at lunch and dinner, it is better to eat soup. Usually these are light vegetable soups: lentil soup or lean vegetable soup. The body is saturated, impaired metabolic processes are restored, and we feel better and better. With the soup you can eat a salad of vegetables, seasoning it with olive oil. You can drink food with herbal tea, juice or water. For dinner, you can stew vegetables, bake them in the oven.

By the way, now the ballerina is in the same excellent shape as before, but does not adhere to a strict diet. Over the years, the developed habit of eating in small portions has become a way of life.

And, of course, without which no diet will give the desired result - physical activity. It can be jogging, a gym or a pool - most importantly, it should be and should be regular. Do not be lazy, devote at least 10-20 minutes a day to sports.

If you have not given up drinking alcohol and smoking - do it now, the body will be cleansed more efficiently and excellent health will not take long.

The ballerina believes that daily diet planning is the key to success - in the evening it is better to think about what you will eat tomorrow, so that in the morning you would not be tempted to have a bite to eat something else, and Maya Plisetskaya’s diet would not be violated.


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