Laserson Principles: Cooking Rules

There are tons of cooking programs on television. Some specialize in the intricacies of cooking, others are devoted to dietary nutrition, and others - to fashion trends in the chef's business. The program “Laserson Principles”, in which the view on gastronomy is quite different from the traditional generally accepted one, is somewhat out of the general row. This is probably why the program is watched by both its supporters and ardent opponents. The latter, probably, in order to argue reasonably with the proposed theory.

principles of preparation of laserson

Key Points

The main principles of Lazerson (the author of the aforementioned program) with which so many actively disagree, are to deny the exact adherence to recipes. He believes that it is not worth measuring out liquids up to a milliliter and weighing the products used up to a gram. The dish you are preparing should be felt by you. This is not to say that this point of view has no right to exist. Many people consider cooking to be more creative than science. A common example, confirming that the principles of Lazerson are not so wrong: to invite two extra-class cooks to cook the same dish. And compare the results. Despite the fact that they follow the same recipe, they will get different food. Lazerson’s principles in action: for some of the culinary specialists, the dish turned out to be closer, he felt better, showed a little creative approach - and got a tastier dish.

However, the taste preferences of all people are different. It may happen that the dish, considered a culinary masterpiece by one person, will cause complete rejection by his neighbor at the table.

Curious are the individual principles of Lazerson, which apply to certain foods and dishes. Consider them on everyday and popular dishes.

laserson principles


It would seem that the simplest dish that anyone can cook who does not shy from standing at the stove. However, each mistress has her own cutlet secrets and recipes. Lazerson’s principles, of course, do not indicate the ratio of products - they only advise how to achieve better taste sensations. There are only four “rules” regarding cutlets.

  1. Minimize stiffer meat. Fillet and tenderloin are not suitable for him. Perhaps, no one will argue with this: these parts are too expensive in procurement to be transferred in a meat grinder.
  2. Minced bread should be about forty percent. One can agree with this, one can - no, here personal preferences come into play.
  3. Measured bread is already soaked and wrung out. And you need to soak it in ordinary water: the program "Principles of Lazerson" assures that milk or cream does not bring any special subtlety to the cutlets.
  4. Advice to knock out the minced meat before sculpting the cutlets is not a novelty - all the housewives at least slap them in the palm of their hand to knock out excess air, and also so that they do not fall apart when frying. But few people add water to it: the minced meat becomes wet, and the patties will begin to fall apart. However, maybe Lazerson Principles knows more about this than ordinary cooks?

In general, the author did not say anything new with this dish.

laserson recipes principles

Marinating meat

Another process that has always been of interest to any amateur chef. The Lazerson Principles program, dedicated to preparing meat for barbecue, offered just two rules and its own set of spices to be marinated. Seasonings are an intimate affair, so leave them to the discretion of the cooks. And we state the principles.

  1. No acid. No acid is allowed in the marinade - not only vinegar, but also lemon juice. The cooking guru advises soaking the meat in onion puree made with a blender, seasoned and diluted with water.
  2. Whatever spices were planned for the marinade, mustard and vegetable oil should be added to them: the first for softening, the second for better distribution of pork flavors.
  3. It is necessary to salt the meat already during baking, otherwise it will let the juice out without waiting for the skewers.

In all other respects, the principles of the preparation of Lazerson are similar to those of ordinary cooks: meat should be pickled for several hours, ideally, night.

laserson food principles

Tobacco Chicken

Georgian dish is popular everywhere. The culinary teacher suggested such principles for its preparation.

  1. A chicken, not a broiler: a carcass should weigh a pound, maybe a little more. Everyone will probably agree with this.
  2. All joints are beaten off so that the chicken becomes almost flat. There also seems to be nothing to argue with.
  3. Chicken marinated in vegetable oil with lemon juice for at least two hours.
  4. Fry the bird grated with garlic with chili in butter mixed with vegetable oil.
    principles of preparation of laserson

Mashed potatoes

With respect to this simple dish, the principles of Lazerson are no different from the nationwide:

  1. Tubers are filled only with cold water.
  2. Salt is added only after boiling.
  3. When mashed, the milk is preheated.
  4. A crush is needed only with a crush, without any combines and blenders.
    laserson pizza principles

Laserson Principles: Pizza

They are more diverse and solid than those that made recommendations for previous dishes. And apply to the test, and to the filling, and to cooking.

  1. The dough should consist only of water, flour, yeast, salt and oil - only olive, can not be replaced with another. Water is taken in one volume, flour - three, the rest is optional.
  2. The base must be spread with sauce, not drenched.
  3. So many fillings are put so that the dough shines through. Cheese is poured in such an amount that the filling is visible.
  4. It is baked for five minutes at a maximum temperature. In relation to this dish, the basic principles of Lazerson: pizza and bake, and eaten quickly - otherwise you already have some other dish.


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