Diet "Flower-semitsvetik" or "6 petals": options, an approximate menu, reviews and results

It is believed that the ideal time for weight loss is early spring, in order to look perfect on the eve of the new beach season. In fact, seasonality does not play a major role here. Beautiful ladies want to be beautiful all year round so that men admire and give flowers. By the way, we will talk about flowers today. The “Flower-Semitsvetik” diet is a real gift for lovely ladies, as it helps to keep fit and quickly return to its previous size without too much effort.

6 petal diet menu

A bit of history

This system did not arise by itself. It was developed in detail by a Swedish nutritionist. From the very first day and until now, the number of people who said goodbye to extra pounds thanks to the “Flower-Semitsvetik” diet is only growing. The system assumes that weight loss will occur in 7 days. Each of them is a separate mono-diet.

At this point, you need to dwell in more detail. Of course, every specialist in the field of nutrition will say that limiting the diet to one product is harmful. But later it was experimentally proved that you can spend one day on a mono-diet. That is why fasting days began to be widely used.

The “Flower-Semitsvetik” diet is based on the same principle, because every day you have a new product on your table. Therefore, it is psychologically easier for a person to observe restrictions. You must admit that even if you do not like kefir or fish, you can still withstand one day of eating this product. But a one-week mono-diet would be torture.

Interesting Facts

Initially, this system was called "five ...", and then "six petals." Therefore, the "Flower-Semitsvetik" diet belonged to the short-term section. Later it was supplemented with another fasting day. You can’t eat at this time, only drink water. It is worth noting that this day was added to the diet later, when they established the great effectiveness of such a scheme. We will consider the menu of the 6-petal diet in detail, and a drinking day is limited to three liters of clean water. He is considered the hardest, but what can’t be done to achieve a dream.

Psychological aspect

Flowers for every woman are associated with youth, spring, joy. Therefore, the name of the diet appeals to such an image in order to create the right attitude. You will not torment yourself, on the contrary, every day will be an amazing discovery. And as a result, the numbers on the scales will show how effective the whole system was.

At the same time, the author of the technique suggests additionally motivating yourself to reduce weight. To do this, just cut out a flower with seven petals from paper.

  • Use a magnet to secure it to the refrigerator door.
  • On each petal, write the product that is allowed.
  • Every evening, tear off the lived petal, and in the morning weigh yourself and proceed to the next.

This simple technique allows you to stop you when you try to find something tasty in the refrigerator. In the morning you will get up in a good mood, knowing that you will live one more day for the benefit of your figure.

diet of 6 petals menu for each

Basic Rules

The diet menu “Flower-Semitsvetik” is very simple. For every day you need to cook just one product. At the same time, the course lasts only a week, and you do not have to count calories and weigh portions. But the most difficult thing is not to break loose and not to eat the product that is not put on the menu today. The main principles of the diet are as follows:

  • It is imperative to follow the sequence of days. You can’t skip from one to another or choose the ones you like best. It is this approach that allows us to maintain a balance of carbohydrates and protein.
  • You need to eat when you want. And it doesn’t matter whether it is morning or late evening. This greatly simplifies the task.
  • When you have to eat one product, a real disgust is developed for it, so overeating will not work.
  • Sugar is completely excluded from the menu. If it’s really hard, you can drink green tea with a spoonful of honey.
  • Drink water every morning.
  • Black coffee allowed.

Separate recommendation from losing weight. The results of the 6-petal diet are best evaluated after the course is over, as weight loss is uneven. Therefore, we remove the scales in the far corner and calmly go to the intended target. If you do everything right, the result will definitely be. Moreover, according to reviews, it is often much more effective than achieving losing weight on other diets.

The choice is yours

This is one of the greatest advantages of this system. The 6-petal diet menu can be adjusted to your liking. It all depends on your taste preferences. An individual menu will also meet financial possibilities. For example, there is a fish day in the system. You can buy yourself pollock or delicious chum salmon. And it can be eaten in boiled or baked form, stewed or rolled into rolls and stuffed with greens. So you can cook dozens of different dishes. And if the time for culinary delights is sorely lacking, you can just use the allowed foods in fresh (applies to vegetables and cereals), boiled or baked.

Day One - Fish

Not necessarily this will be the beginning of the week. If you want, the first day can fall on Sunday or Wednesday. But it is imperative to comply with the order that the author of the technique came up with. This is exactly what the 6-petal diet is all about. We will now consider the menu for every day with you so that everyone can clearly imagine what he will eat.

The main thing is to follow the general principle of diet. Six days - six products, and the last day is the most difficult, since it involves exclusively a drinking regime. Simple, monocomponent dishes are very easy to prepare even by a novice hostess.

So, fish day. You can cook absolutely any fish that is allowed to salt and season with a little seasoning. Rosemary, basil and Provencal herbs go well with fish. You can cook a monosup with herbs. But semi-finished products and crab sticks are strictly prohibited. That is, you need exclusively natural fish.

diet flower seven colors menu reviews

Sample menu

For a day you will need from 0.3 to 0.5 kg of fresh fish or seafood. What can be prepared so as not to feel discomfort all day:

  • For breakfast, 100 g perch or other low-fat fish.
  • For a snack, bake 100 g of fish, seasoning it with herbs.
  • For lunch, soup.
  • For an afternoon snack, 100 g of hake for a couple.
  • For dinner, 100 g of pike perch with herbs.

Of course, you need to have free time in order to cook several dishes. But if it is not enough, then it is perfectly acceptable to cook or bake the daily portion immediately in the morning.

Day Two: Vegetable Abundance

If you study the reviews, you can understand that usually at that moment a person begins to feel the first difficulties associated with the 6-petal diet. The menu for every day is best painted in advance, so that it is easier to stick to the plan later. Why exactly the second day becomes a turning point? Because you are not yet accustomed to a new variant of nutrition and restrictions are difficult. If on the first day there was protein on the menu, today are vegetables that do not give a full feeling of satiety.

On this day, the body is cleansed. Starchy plant carbohydrates provide satiety. Up to 1.5 kg of raw vegetables can be eaten per day. They can be steamed, stewed or baked. You can use a minimum amount of salt.

6 petal diet: vegetables

You can make vegetable juices, such as tomato or celery. But you need to drink them with caution. For example, fresh beetroot juice needs to be drunk, having previously defended it for several hours.

  • For breakfast, you can grated carrots or turnips.
  • For a snack, an eggplant and zucchini stew is suitable.
  • Lunch - stewed cabbage.
  • Snack - carrots.
  • Dinner is a salad.

Minimal effort - and the menu is bright, elegant and mouth-watering.

Chicken Day

Each housewife knows a large number of options for recipes for chicken. The only condition is not to fry meat and remove fat. Cook steam cakes, soup, meatballs.

chicken breast with herbs

Believe me, with such a diet you can very easily achieve results. Reviews of the 6-petal diet emphasize that it is this day that gives strength to continue the course and reach the very end.

  • For breakfast, 100 g of chicken breast.
  • For a snack, baked fillet with dill.
  • The main meal is chicken stock with pieces of greenery.
  • Snack - grilled fillet.
  • Dinner - boiled breast.

Cereal day

For someone, this day is the easiest. For others, on the contrary, it is very difficult, since few are accustomed to eating cereal foods as an independent dish. And variety is hard to come up with here. But hunger certainly does not threaten you. Porridge itself is very satisfying. However, it is forbidden to sprinkle them with butter, sugar and other additives. A small amount of salt, spices and aromatic herbs will correct the picture. Do not forget that you have to spend on such a diet for just one day.

cereal day

You can diversify the menu with sprouted wheat grains and bran bread. You can drink real kvass, but not in store. Up to 300 g of cereals can be consumed per day. For each meal, you can choose a separate type of porridge.

Protein day, sour milk

Probably every woman at least once in her life arranged fasting days on kefir. One of these is included in the 6-petal diet. The menu for the day involves the use of exclusively dairy products.

sour milk day

Treat yourself to delicious yogurt. Unfortunately, berries and fruits are excluded on this day, so you have to do without additives. An excellent solution will be the preparation of yogurt and kefir at home. Even if you don’t have a yogurt maker, you can easily make a delicious product yourself, according to the recipe of our grandmothers. To do this, you just need to buy special bacteria and mix them with warm milk.

  • For breakfast, a mixture of cottage cheese and yogurt.
  • For a snack, 1% cottage cheese.
  • Cottage cheese with herbs.
  • Cottage cheese with kefir.
  • Skim cheese.

Last day - fruit

This day completes the 6-petal diet cycle. The menu for each day that we reviewed today will allow you to prepare the necessary products in advance, and remove all unnecessary items from your diet. Fruit day will be a joyful event for lovers of sweets. Of course, fruits will not replace cakes and sweets, but after a monotonous menu they will become a pleasant variety.

fruit day

Any fruits are allowed, even sweet bananas and figs. Of course, it is best to give preference to seasonal garden gifts. You can use cinnamon and peppermint. You can bake apples, make smoothies and fresh. It is recommended to eat up to 1.5 kg of vegetables and fruits per day.

  • For breakfast, 2 green apples.
  • For a banana snack.
  • For lunch, grapefruit.
  • For a snack 3 kiwi.
  • Dinner - 2 red apples.

Seventh day - drinking

In principle, this can already be stopped. Time spent not in vain and your favorite outfits are becoming much freer. But this day is recommended to consolidate the result. The 6-petal diet is also a cleansing system. To complete the program and achieve maximum results, it is recommended not to eat the last day at all. You will need 2.5 liters of still water.

fasting day on the water


And now about that, for the sake of which they adhere to the 6-day-petal diet. As you can see, the system is striped. The first, third and fifth are exclusively protein, the rest are carbohydrate. The result is a swing, which helps to quickly lose weight. In fact, you are deceiving the body, and it begins to spend its own fat reserve. Of the advantages, many ladies note the lack of weakness and decreased performance, since on carbohydrate days you have time to stock up on energy.

Surely many will have a question: what about fats? After all, they are also necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Do not worry, reviews about the “Flower-Semitsvetik” diet emphasize that it is tolerated very easily. And all due to the fact that chicken meat, fish and cottage cheese contain a certain amount of fat. They are important for a balanced diet, so you do not need to take exclusively skim milk products.

But still, everyone is interested in the results. Judging by the reviews, subject to all requirements, it will go from 600 to 900 a day. That is, in a week you can completely get rid of 5-6 kg. This is a good result. If you want to improve it, you can repeat the course. Some people, in pursuit of an ideal figure, go on a 3-4 round diet. Nutritionists recommend not to get carried away and take a break between the next approach.

6 petal diet results

Exit Diet Rules

This is the most important point. To save the result for a long time, you need to eat right after the diet. There are certain recommendations of nutritionists, which must be studied in advance:

  • The first week, eat foods from the diet, but you can no longer observe the daily limit.
  • Gradually, the calorie content of the diet will need to be increased to 1800 kcal.
  • Completely refuse fatty, sweet, smoked and salty. Carbonated drinks, convenience foods and fast food should also be excluded from your menu.
  • The daily diet should have more protein and less carbohydrates.
  • You should limit yourself to sweets.
6 petals every day diet menu

Judging by the reviews, the menu “Tsvetik-Semitsvetik” diet is rather boring and monotonous. You can withstand it, but you have to show willpower. It is especially difficult for those who are forced to cook for the whole family, and he adheres to a diet. But beauty requires sacrifice, so think first of all about the results that you want to achieve.

Instead of a conclusion

Many women note that against the background of most modern diets, “Flower-Semitsvetik" looks very attractive. This is a series of mono-diets that do not have time to get bored. As follows from the reviews, the frequency of disruptions in this mode will be less than if a person was offered to eat only one product for a week. At the same time, the body does not suffer from a lack of necessary substances, which means that the condition of the skin and hair will remain good. This is an occasion to try this system and find a dream figure for the upcoming solemn event.


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