Can there be a delay in menstruation with a cold?

In the article, we consider whether there is a delay in menstruation with a cold. When a woman does not have her menstruation on time, it causes considerable excitement, unless it is associated with a planned pregnancy. The girl begins to sort out the possible causes of cycle disruption. In such situations, recent colds are not always taken into account. Meanwhile, doctors claim that there is such a connection. Let's see why there is a delay in menstruation with a cold.

Menstrual cycle and health

A woman’s menstrual cycle begins and ends in the same amount of time, provided that she has a healthy body. For most, the period lasts 28 calendar days, there are cases of 21 or 30 days. The cyclic period lasts for a healthy woman from three days to a week. If at this time there is an alternation of spotting and copious discharge, they are inconsistent, often delayed, this all indicates that a certain malfunction appears in the body, which may well provoke a cold. Why does it happen that delayed menstruation with a cold occurs?

can a cold affect the delay of menstruation

Everything is interconnected

During the menstrual cycle, a large number of transformations under the influence of hormones occur in the reproductive system of women. The main part is produced by the ovaries; they function together with various internal organs. Sex hormones are influenced by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. During the menstrual cycle, the uterine epithelium is rejected, this is preceded by many biological and chemical changes in the woman's body. If a failure occurs in one of the links in the chain, then a general process violation is observed. Both internal and external factors can negatively affect such a phenomenon.

Can a cold affect the delay of menstruation? In some circumstances, the disease can significantly affect the cycle and nature of the discharge. After the virus enters the body of a woman, pathogens begin to multiply rapidly, while leaving toxins in the tissues of the internal organs. All this interferes with the normal functioning of many body systems, leading to a breakdown in hormonal balance. It is difficult to predict the result of such an impact. Can a cold affect the delay of menstruation, it is important to find out in advance.

can there be a delay in menstruation due to colds

ARVI and the menstrual cycle

Any viral infection entering the body of a woman leads to a hormonal failure. The hypothalamus is very susceptible to such infections. Therefore, failures with the menstrual cycle begin. Hormones can delay the arrival of critical days or accelerate them. The presence of the disease does not mean that the organs of the genital system can rest and that menstruation does not occur in the current cycle, because the effect of toxins and the stress they create are not so strong. Is there a delay in menstruation with a cold?

Late ovulation

If the hypothalamus fails, a hormone deficiency occurs. In this case, the ovulation process will be delayed up to 7 days. At about the same time, the next menstruation will be delayed. A shift can occur in the opposite direction. If ovulation occurs faster or is absent, then menstruation will begin earlier than the due date. The situation is complicated by a decrease in the protective functions of the immune system for colds, which naturally affects the work of the organs of the reproductive system and the hormonal background.

Can a delay in menstruation occur due to colds, the doctor will tell.

The course of menstruation with the disease

A cold can affect the delay of menstruation, many are interested. Critical days during acute respiratory viral infections and viral infections depend on the severity of the disease. In the case of minor weakness, with a slight sore throat, a slight runny nose and cough, the changes will be small. Probably, menstruation will come only two or three days later than expected. In the case of the presence of high temperature, a strong load on the internal organs, the nature of menstruation will change significantly.

delayed menstruation during the common cold

In women, this manifests itself in the form of:

  • Lingering spotting. Malfunctioning hormones affect the formation of the endometrium on the walls of the uterus and subsequent rejection. The event is uneven. Discharges in the form of a daub are present before menstruation or several days after.
  • Duration of critical days. During a cold or SARS, menstruation can last longer than usual - up to 7 days. Abundant discharge is rare. Most often, during a viral infection, menstruation is scarce.
  • The presence of blood clots. This situation is understandable and is not a pathology from a physiological point of view. In the case of an increase in body temperature, a change in blood viscosity occurs, its coagulation process increases. The discharge becomes brown before leaving the vagina. In this case, a woman notices dark red clots on sanitary napkins.
  • Painful sensations. This change is inconsistent. It would seem that an increase in the amount of toxins in the woman’s body during acute respiratory viral infections should exacerbate PMS, since intoxication affects the nerve endings, and lead to severe pain. But in clinical practice, there have been cases when, along with weakness, headache, fever, pain from PMS against the general background was invisible. But always all these processes take place individually.

Factors that affect the delay in menstruation during the common cold

First of all, the nature of menstruation during the period of the disease depends on the woman's attitude to her health. Most often, the ladies carry the disease on their feet, in which case a malfunction of the menstrual cycle will be significant. The administration of drugs also affects. During SARS, there is not always a temperature, in which case treatment can be limited to a throat spray, drops in the nose. If the disease is associated with a viral infection, then you need to take antiviral medications, drugs to relieve heat and immunostimulants. In case of worsening, antibiotics are prescribed.

All this, of course, can negatively affect the monthly and the nature of their discharge. The virus can greatly aggravate the situation with the menstrual cycle, there have been cases when menstruation had to be called with special drugs. But such appointments can only be done by a gynecologist.

can a cold cause a delay in menstruation

Possible pregnancy

Doctors also note that pregnancy can be manifested by symptoms of a common cold: sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, fever up to 37.2 degrees. In this case, a woman can confuse her with the onset of a cold. If the symptoms do not go away, and the delay in menstruation continues, it is better to do a pregnancy test.

Menstruation after illness

How many days is the delay in menstruation for colds normally normal?

SARS, colds take the vitality of the female body, affect immunity, weaken the protective function. In such a favorable environment for harmful microorganisms, the accumulation of toxins occurs, the number of pathological microorganisms increases. Infection can also cause hormonal imbalance in the reproductive system. After a mild form of a common cold, menstruation comes later by 7 days, and the cycle is extended to 35 days. If the delay is longer, then the period will have to be called. Since there is an infection in the body, this can provoke inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs. The consequences of the disease often include pathologies of the ovaries, appendages, uterus, cystitis. In this case, the absence of menstruation is understandable. Other symptoms join the discharge changes:

  • pain below, in the center of the abdomen or on the sides;
  • the appearance of nausea;
  • fever.

Symptoms are completely dependent on the cause of the disease. To aggravate the situation with a violation of the cycle, stress disorders or daily problems can:

  • difficulties of the material plane;
  • conflicts at work;
  • home dysfunction;
  • adherence to a strict diet.
may a cold affect the delay of menstruation

Since the immunity of a woman is weakened, it allows infections, fungi, and bacteria to enter the body. If additional symptoms are noticed, you are increasingly experiencing discomfort, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

So, there is a delay in menstruation due to the common cold, what should I do?

When to see a doctor?

As we have already figured out, a delay in menstruation can be caused by several reasons, including a cold. If it lasts more than a week, then a gynecologist should be consulted. In this case, the doctor prescribes the studies:

  • general analysis of blood and urine;
  • thyroid hormones, and sometimes ultrasound of this organ;
  • examination of the kidneys and bladder;
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs;
  • smear from the vagina, bacterial inoculation of secretions.
the delay in menstruation with a cold how many days

Immunity strengthening

If, after examination by a doctor, pathology is not revealed, then the patient is recommended drugs to strengthen immunity. Initially, it is recommended to take a course of the vitamin complex, which will help restore the cycle without the use of hormonal drugs. If the delay is provoked by a cold, a woman is recommended first of all to strengthen treatment, bed rest, rest more, not to allow hypothermia. At this time, physical activity is not recommended, it is worth abandoning the use of alcoholic beverages. It is often necessary to ventilate the room and control the level of humidity. Any woman should remember: no matter what factors provoke a delay in menstruation, this cannot be overlooked. Changing the cycle can occur not only from the common cold, but also from quite serious illnesses.

We found out if a cold can cause a delay in menstruation. What are the implications?

Possible consequences

If the delay in menstruation lasts more than a week, then this may be a symptom:

  • abnormalities in the work of the endocrine system and thyroid gland;
  • gynecological disorders including endometriosis, inflammation of the ovaries;
  • disorders of the genitourinary system, i.e., cystitis and so on;
  • fungal disease;
  • herpes
  • viral and bacterial infections.

In time, the patient who comes to the doctor will prevent the development of complications and get rid of assumptions and feelings.

Is there a delay in menstruation with a cold

So, the menstrual cycle during a cold changes, the discharge does not begin at a certain time, and they do not look as usual. It is important not to ignore the symptoms and treat yourself with great attention. Be sure to direct your forces to maintain the immune system, strengthening the body's defenses. Be sure to include in your diet foods rich in vitamins and beneficial minerals. At the first serious symptoms in violation of the reproductive system, you need to seek help from a specialist. Then the next cycle will come on time and pass as usual.

We examined whether there is a delay in menstruation with a cold.


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