Vaginal balls: exercises, rules of use, result

Surely many of you have heard that strong intimate muscles are the key to good health of a woman, contribute to the improvement of sexual life and increase self-esteem. These muscles can be trained independently. And to simplify training, there are vaginal balls. Doing special exercises with their help, you can achieve incredible results. About how to perform exercises with vaginal balls, read in our article.

What muscles will we train?

Hearing the phrase "intimate muscles", many do not immediately understand which ones are in question. We explain. We are talking about the very muscles of the pelvic floor with which you hold back urine when you are not able to go to the toilet. About those that contract during orgasm. It is these muscles weaken over time and lose their tone. Particularly often, women after childbirth, as well as mature ladies, suffer from weakness in the intimate muscles. However, regardless of age, pelvic floor muscle exercises are useful for absolutely all women and girls. The first they will help strengthen them and solve the problems of female gynecology and sexual dissatisfaction, and the second will prevent undesirable consequences and facilitate future childbirth.

Simple Kegel Exercises

These exercises have known for schoolgirls of junior classes. The secret is simple and ingenious at the same time! And beginner and experienced ladies can do exercises with vaginal balls absolutely anywhere, whether it’s a job or a queue in a store. All you need is to slowly squeeze the muscles of the perineum, hold them in this position for 5-10 seconds and release, exhale. To achieve the first results, do 200-300 squeeze every day. After a couple of weeks of training, you and your partner will notice the change. After the result becomes obvious, do not stop, because if you quit classes, you can return everything that you got rid of.

Ball Exercises

Once you have learned to perform simple tasks, you can proceed to Kegel exercises with vaginal balls. This simulator is sold in sex shops, sometimes in pharmacies. The price depends on many factors and can vary from 500 to 8000 rubles.

vaginal balls

Which balls to choose?

Since a beginner in exercises with vaginal balls is unlikely to be able to independently understand which ones he needs, we will tell you. Here are some suggestions to help you make the right choice:

  1. Material. Balls are best chosen from latex and silicone. Such a simulator is easier to care for, and it is also quite durable.
  2. Choose the size of the balls depending on the state of the intimate muscles. With their obvious weakness, choose large and not too heavy vaginal balls for exercise, since it will be difficult to keep small weighty devices in you.
  3. It is desirable that the bonding beads to each other also be silicone. Often manufacturers produce vaginal balls for exercises, fastened with a thread. Such material is not very suitable for this simulator due to the fact that the thread collects many bacteria and is therefore difficult to maintain.
  4. An excellent choice would be silicone trainers transformers.
kegel balls

Their essence is that 4-6 balls of different weights come immediately. Depending on your capabilities and muscle training, you can change and combine products by weight.

Metal, jade, glass ...

In the manufacture of balls using various materials. Experienced women in this matter know from what material it is best to choose a vaginal simulator.

Metal balls are a pretty good product, however, because of their severity, they are suitable only for trained people. Also, when buying, it is extremely important not to purchase a fake. Check whether the metal is present in front of you, you can use a magnet. If the ball is magnetized - then real.

Glass vaginal balls, like metal ones, are quite difficult for beginners. However, they are easy to care for, and bacteria that can harm the female microflora do not breed on them.

glass balls

A favorite simulator for experienced ladies are balls or eggs from jade. Their weight, as you might guess, is quite large. And they love them because jade stone is famous for its strong antibacterial abilities, cures erosion, prolapse of the uterus, and the most amazing thing is that it heals infertility and frigidity.

jade egg

However, the price of such an egg or ball is quite high - from 2,000 to 10,000 thousand rubles. Many private stores offer to buy jade eggs at a much lower cost, but you can not expect purity from such a stone. Cheap jade beads are just jade chips mixed with other ingredients.

How to use the simulator?

Once you have purchased a simulator, it is important to understand how to use Kegel balls. First, rinse the balls well using an intimate hygiene gel. Then, without wiping them with a towel, let them dry.

After drying, apply a lubricant to the simulator and insert it into the vagina. About how exactly to enter the balls, no tips. It’s more convenient for someone to do this while lying down, bending their knees. Someone standing, crouching slightly. Try both and determine which method is more convenient for you.

kegel balls in a bag

Having entered the balls, you can try to do some Kegel exercises, squeezing and unclenching the muscles, and then try to mix the balls together. Pull in and out. Alternate different tempos and compressive strengths. As soon as you feel that you own balls, you can relax and rest.

Carrying Balls in Yourself

The next stage, after you have mastered Kegel exercises with balls a little, is to carry them in yourself. This is especially true for those women who can not allocate time for individual classes. So, the essence of this exercise is that, introducing the balls into the vagina, do your usual things, only sometimes pulling them up.

Thus, the muscles in any case will remain slightly compressed and will hold the ball inside you. Most importantly, do not try to choose heavier products, otherwise such a training will be hard labor, and you will not be able to think about anything else, who is how to pull them up. Choose a lightweight option, even if it seems to you that it is too easy. Believe me, holding even a light ball, your muscles will work. Vaginal balls with a diameter of 36 mm are best suited for this exercise. This is an average size that is optimal for girls and women.

different vaginal balls

How many balloons to carry? The first day is limited to one hour. You and your body need to get used to a new kind of training. Starting the next day, add an hour a day. As a result, by the tenth day you will be able to carry the simulator for about 9-10 hours. This is actually all the time awake.

Kegel Exercises for Beginners

After simple exercises, we will move on to a special program that all women can perform. Here are some exercises with Kegel balls.

Exercise 1. Insert the balls inside you. Lie on the bed or on the floor and slightly pull the rope from the balls, as if pulling them out. At the same time, hold the balls in yourself with the muscles of the vagina. Pull for a few seconds, relax for a few. Repeat 10-15 times.

Exercise 2. Balls inside. Push them out with muscle power. Then try to pull them back. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 3. Retract the treadmill as deep as possible, and then relax. Repeat again. Do this exercise 15 times.

Exercise 4. If you have already sufficiently trained your intimate muscles, try to weight the balls. To do this, hang a small weight (sold in sex shops) to the ball loop and try to carry out exercises already with it. Women who have been engaged in such exercises for a long time are able to hold the balls inside themselves with a two-liter bottle suspended from them.

Exercise 5. Lie on the floor, stretch your arms along the torso. The legs are bent at the knees, standing firmly on the floor. Lift the pelvis up, squeeze the muscles of the vagina, then lower the pelvis. Repeat 30 times.

kegel exercises

It is recommended that beginners perform each manipulation of vaginal balls by alternating with simple Kegel exercises. No need to strive to do as much as possible at a time. If you feel that your muscles are very weak, then halve the number of times, gradually adding them day after day. The optimal number of workouts is 3 times a week, if desired, more. Remember to perform simple retracts daily, wherever you are.

If the vaginal balls do not move inside

This is one of the most common questions about how to use Kegel balls for beginners. The answer is simple. This most often happens in women who have not given birth. If this is your case, do the following:

  1. Lie on the bed and relax completely. Try to relax the buttocks and lower abdomen, even if you do not immediately notice their tension.
  2. Pull the balls up to the maximum limit, then release.
  3. If even after these procedures the vaginal balls do not move, weight them with a small load.

If the balls are not felt inside

Often it happens that, when doing exercises with vaginal balls, a woman does not feel them inside. This is normal and you should not stop training immediately. This happens because the sensitivity of the vagina is quite low. But literally after 3-4 weeks of training, you will begin to feel the balls in yourself, you can "play" them inside and roll them around.


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