Fractional nutrition or how to lose weight for those who always want to eat

One of the interesting and effective ways to lose weight is fractional nutrition. The main principle is to eat in small quantities at a specific time. This system allows you to normalize the metabolism in the body, which is accompanied by weight loss.

For best results, it is necessary to divide the daily ration into small portions so that meals are taken every 3 hours. The maximum interval should not exceed 4.5 hours, with the exception of sleep.

This diet has a significant effect on metabolism, that is, chemical transformations that occur in the body from the moment food arrives before the final products are released from the body into the environment. Fractional nutrition speeds up these chemical processes. This leads to more intensive absorption of nutrients. The body gets used to the fact that food is supplied constantly and on time, and ceases to make supplies - to put off fat. At the same time, the accelerated metabolic process makes the body use up old reserves - weight is reduced.

Modern research suggests that fractional nutrition allows one of the basic and ancient human instincts to develop: found and immediately eaten until it is taken away. The habit of young children is something between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, in fact, the right one. Now often instead of fractional nutrition, the concept of grazing is used from the English graze - graze. This means: eat when I want, in small portions, in full accordance with my desires.

There are two fundamentally different approaches to the meal schedule for this type of diet.

  • Eat when you want. There is no time limit, and as soon as a person has a desire to have a bite, it is immediately realized, but as soon as saturation occurs, the meal ceases. Do not eat up an apple, cookies or a sandwich, you can do this at the next meal. The main task is to satisfy hunger, and not indulge in gluttony. The diet itself is selected in accordance with what results need to be achieved.
  • Eat a little 6 times a day. This principle is more suitable for those who work, because it is impossible to constantly chew in the workplace. Meals are divided in the following way: 3 times - good nutrition, and 3 snacks. In addition to coffee and tea, you need to drink from 2 liters of still water per day. Flour and sweets are reduced to a minimum. Weight loss in this case is more significant.

Particular attention should be paid to grazing for those for whom restrictions on food are the most difficult task in the process of losing weight. There is no time limit for eating, it does not matter how many times you have lunch, breakfast or dinner. You divide, I write for the whole day - you use fractional nutrition, the results appear on their own.

It is known that the occurrence of feelings of hunger depends on the increase of a special hormone - ghrelin. The stronger this sensation, the more food a person eats at one time. After saturation, the ghrelin level drops. Fractional nutrition eliminates this hormonal surge.

Due to this mechanism, the total calorie content of dishes is reduced. A small interval between meals does not allow hunger to develop, as a result of which there is no need to take high-calorie and fatty foods. And the lack of a large number of such “heavy” dishes in the diet allows you to lower cholesterol, the pressure remains normal, and the load on the digestive tract decreases. The body stays young longer.

Here is a small example of how to make fractional nutrition. Menu for the week:

  1. Breakfast. Toasts, fried eggs, cheese sandwich. Porridge or granola. Apple, pear or banana. Tea or coffee.
  2. A little snack. An apple, yogurt or kefir, along with a slice of wholemeal bread.
  3. Dinner. Soup, meat, vegetables.
  4. A little snack. Fruit or vegetable salad, marshmallows with a cup of your favorite drink.
  5. Dinner. Macaroni and cheese, all kinds of casseroles, fish and vegetables.
  6. Fermented baked milk, kefir or yogurt.

This diet is largely reminiscent of the principle of nutrition for babies. This is the simplicity and affordability of fractional nutrition for everyone.


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